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  1. I got Dominus as a random reward, I think it was from a driver challenge. So, not paywall-blocked.
  2. I just got the trophy for unlocking 5 items after opening an item box after completing a weekly challenge. I'm certain I have a lot more than just 5 items unlocked though (not counting the ones that were there from the start) because I've completed all of the new driver challenges that reward items... I wonder if only certain types of items count or something? I've never played this game before on any platform btw, so nothing was imported.
  3. double post, sorry
  4. Same thing happened here, I'm sure I've completed more than 5 matches. Edit: So it appears offline matches do not reward items anymore. But even then I'm pretty sure the trophy has to be glitched because I've unlocked a lot more than 5 items by now (by completing driver challenges, mostly) and still no trophy.
  5. I just solved the problem. For some reason the game was hidden in my PS3/PSVita games list and I was just looking at the PS4 list (since it's a PS4 game). Talk about unintuitive menus. Feel free to lock this thread
  6. Sorry if I'm asking this in the wrong place but I couldn't find a more appropriate section. Basically I'm having a weird issue with trophies. The trophies of one game in particular (Injustice: Gods Among Us) are not showing up on my profile for others. I'm just wondering if anyone here has ever had a similar issue and if they know a fix for it. This is how the top of my trophy list looks like when I look at it from my own profile: However if you look at my profile on here (which was recently updated) you will notice that Injustice is nowhere to be seen. And now before anyone asks the obvious question - no, the game is NOT HIDDEN. I am 100% sure of it. The game used to be hidden some days ago, but now it's not hidden anymore. And I have also tried syncing trophies manually after unhiding the game and updated my profile here again - still, nothing shows up. The weird part is that I tried looking at my account as someone else - used my secondary account for that - and the game shows up in my profile, but it says "Trophies unavailable" as if I had never earned a single one. So the game is clearly not hidden because otherwise I wouldn't be able to see it from a different account. See below for proof: So basically the game is showing up in my account but with no trophies, except when I look at the trophy/game list from my own account. Anyone knows why this is happening and how I can fix it? @edit: I just realized that my profile here says I have 17 hidden trophies. But I have unhidden the trophies a while ago, earned a new trophy in a different game (Death Stranding), updated my profile here, still no change. And like I showed above the problem clearly isn't just with the PSNP website but rather with the trophy system as a whole, since they don't even show up if I look at my account from a different account.
  7. Got it while playing solo as well at Level 20. It's a glitch for sure.
  8. Metal Gear Deus Ex Souls(borne) Devil May Cry Fallout I think.
  9. Not entirely true, you have to get the items you need for all endings before defeating the Divine Dragon (which is actually the penultimate boss, not the last one). Not gonna spoil it but both of the "secret" good endings require you to talk to a certain character that will not be able to talk to you anymore after you beat the Divine Dragon. Once you have all the items though, you can just kill the actual final boss and then save, because as long as you have the required items for all endings you can choose to use any of them at the end.
  10. I don't remember tbh, I might have but I'm not sure. Btw I don't even think replaying the "lost" games is working for me. One of the games that disappeared from my profile was Gran Turismo Sport, and even after replaying that game after the glitch it didn't show up again.
  11. Happened to me recently as well, though in my case I've "lost" 8 months of games between August 2018 and April 2019 (a total of 20 games). Nice one, Sony...