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  1. You have some good tips here the only thing i would like to add is when it comes to 6# leave that for last and sell all your other fields that way you only get missions for the small fields and if you bought all big farm equipment you can do each field in 1-3 pass taking way less time then the big fields would and dont bother with transport mission in less you really want to as they take up way to much time,
  2. Been a few years since I have played it bu one thing i can tell you is make back up saves once in a while in case the inevitable happens.
  3. They sure surprised us with this list dint't think they would go and do this. Any way I play this game a lot and if any one wants help with this or just someone to play it with just add me on psn. I also might have a few guns you can use if you need one. Any way happy trophy hunting and i will see you in the wasteland.
  4. Minecraft creative mode is probably one of the best games on the playstation for young kids it allows them to,explore,build and learn without any penalties. It is a great game to introduce to young kids as it is one of the few games on playstation that is kid friendly, allows creativity, easy to learn and best of all has up to 4 player split screen.
  5. I did the same thing ended up taking me twice as long to do it wish i would of re watched the video guide.
  6. Im not very knowledgeable when it comes to this kind of thing but did you try rebuilding your database?
  7. I think i messed this post up and dont know how to fix it so here I am posting this. sorry for it
  8. I did it a few months back and just got lucky finding matches. The only thing i can say is try to match make every now and then and you might find matches. The time of day might make a difference to.
  9. Yes and no. Your probably going to have create a boosting session for it
  10. I got my guns back and i'm ready to help out anyone again
  11. Thats what i thought to. Although im working on doing UN2 on brutal with the tweek glitch which works similar to what the post is saying
  12. I just finished uncharted 1 and 3 to 100% without any problems is there a advantage to doing the speed run that way
  13. why dont you just start a new save file on speed run mode
  14. That's the next game i plan on buying but I have to finish my backlog of like 15 games first before i buy it
  15. Can you be more specific on this