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  1. This is one of the best games i have ever played but I can under stand that you dont like it though. As far as weapons go though I can't remember what bows are the best, you might have to look up a guide on youtube for that. Ounce you finish the hunting lodge quest line though you get top tier weapons with a extra coil slot. Some of the other types of weapons work in different situations and play style. As far as leveling goes killing thunderjaws on easy with good weapons works real good.
  2. The MP for battlefield is it's main attraction it would be vary unlikely they would do that
  3. I have a few nuke cards if any one wants to grind out xp from a nuke at white springs dont know when i will be on though fell free to ad me. ps. i'm level 109 with a hole stash of 2-shot explosive weapons so bunkers are problem for me
  4. I have a question about save files for the tweaks glitch for brutal. the video guide says to override your save file but what if you have mutable save files. Also does it mater if your brutal save says that you have played for more hours then you really have on that play through stats included My journal is also full enough i have beaten the game on this save file
  5. Uncharted is a very popular game franchise I don't see why they wouldn't make a new spin off the franchise. possibly with Nate's and Elena's daughter.
  6. With the lunch time revealed for the PS5 I want to know what new games you guys think it will lunch with. Here's my list : Horizon Zero Dawn 2 or a new Uncharted game
  7. did you play the prologue episode ass well. If that don't do it i don't know what else to do, BF4 has a glitch in the campaing with trophies and the only to fix it is to load a specific mission and the trophy would pop so.
  8. I think it will lunch with a new uncharted game whenever it does
  9. I have a few ledgendary 2-shot guns to borrow out.Since this game can be real hard without a good ledgendary gun. The only thing i ask in return is that after you get the platinum i get back my gun and any items that you have found during your gameplay that are of any value.If your interested send me a friend request with a message.
  10. The way i see it is you earn a platinum for a game after earning all the other trophies for a game no mater how big or small the game is. After all XBOX players don't get any thing for completing a game's achievement list so we cant complain to much. That being said i think all games should launch with a plat
  11. It might just be me but I seem to be having trouble finding the base game quests. From what i can find there's no quests tracker list in the quick menu. Also i'm having a hard time finding the quests on the map
  12. from what i remember the support class don't really have any good guns fire rate wise unless you like large clip sizes you will lose a lot of fire fights because of the poor fire rate
  13. It don't look to hard or grindy but i will say that it has very few trophies even for a game without a plat so they will probably add dlc trophies later and those might be hard and grindy
  14. i see you are working on a guide for 7 days to die same as me if you would like we could co-lab on it as i dont realy know what im doing as far as guide righting goes
  15. the next battlefield game,though it is a bit early