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  1. Not a good photo, sorry. This is a pretty new stand; I like that it has more room for the systems and a lot more ventilation, but the bad part is that it has no shelf space for games. Almost all of the games are on another shelf to the right that you can't really see much of in this-
  2. I bought Jeopardy off the PS store, as I think it is something my dad and stepmom, who also have a PS3, as well as my non-gamer husband might be able to enjoy too. If nothing else, looks like some easy trophies.
  3. I'm a fairly new PS3 owner, but got Plus-- very well worth it, love the benefits! I've been a Xbox Live Gold member for years now, and while I don't want to start a console war (I have no brand loyalty and love my PS3, 360, and Wii; each has things it is better for me than the others on) I definitely prefer the PS3's premium membership system to the 360's.
  4. Awesome choice, really a hidden gem IMO. Replaying it on the PS3 now, but played it to death on the 360. Very fun gameplay, awesome lead character, neat setting.
  5. Just bought Borderlands 2 on PSN this morning.
  6. Dragon Quest VIII Xenosaga III Final Fantasy X GTA:SA Dark Cloud 2
  7. Skyrim Oblivion Dragon Quest VIII Lunar: SSSC Phantasy Star IV
  8. Great to put faces to names! Here I am; first in sort of my natural habitat (out fishing), the second just sort of a silly shot from this summer -
  9. I really like some of the premium dynamic "nature" type themes. Bought a handful, currently using the Fireflies at Night one. Also really like A Tranquil Stream (Yosemite) and the dynamic Green Stream themes.
  10. Though basically a lifelong gamer, new PS3 owner, have only had it a few months.
  11. Yep, when I got my PS3 not too long back, ended up getting some of my favorites on the 360 again: Oblivion, Fallout: New Vegas, The Saboteur, Two Worlds 2, Just Cause 2, Saints Row 2.
  12. First part of mine is because I'm a Bucs fan, and Paka was the name of my cat. Translates to cat in Swahili, and I use it in some form in most places online.
  13. Just ordered off Amazon. Didn't even realize this game was also on the PS3! -
  14. As said already, nothing about being female that interferes with gaming, though I do think in some cases boys are more socialized to it by family and friends than girls are when young. In my case, I grew up with them, the hobby was never discouraged (encouraged at least passively, since it kept me out of my parents' hair) and I was more into them than my brother. My family started out with the Intellivision, then we got the Sega Master System and NES, and so on. I'm 32 now, and the only one in my family who is serious about it. In my marriage, sort of a role reversal, as my husband doesn't play; although, he will use consoles for other stuff like shows and movies, and sometimes enjoys watching me play. I got several friends into gaming over the years, and know others who love gaming, like some of my friends' daughters. My 360 friends list is about 25% female I think (haven't had my PS3 long so no friends here yet). On one active 360 board I post on, quite a few female gamers, some with very impressive gamerscores.
  15. Quite a few I love- The Image Theme and Fatal Fight - Xenosaga 2 Fighting of the Spirit - Tales series To Zanarkand - FF X Leliana's Song - Dragon Age: Origins Lunar: SSSC - mentioning the game first on this one since I love pretty much all the music in it. The Decisive Battle - FF VI Gerudo Valley - Zelda: TOoT Dark World Overworld - Zelda: ALttP Her Last Breath - Phantasy Star IV Death Place - Phantasy Star II