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  1. Oh wow! this could actually be a 9/10 difficulty if correct
  2. I've got to the penultimate mission on chapter 4 and none of these fetch quests are spawning! I need one more!! I have tried everything to make someone ask me but its just not happening. Does anyone know if this trophy can be achieved if I started a new game and did one fetch quest in camp 2? would the trophy pop or do you have to complete 5 fetch quests in one playthrough? Thanks
  3. Hi all, just want to add an update to this now that I have completed the game with patch 1.05 on the PS Vita for anyone considering. I played with the PSN plus free version of the game. - I had a total of two crashes during the playthrough. They didn't corrupt my save file and I didn't lose any progress. Annoying sure, but it seems the game has been patched well since launch - I am on 73% trophy completion and so far the only two trophies that have glitched are the Letters T & D. I have tried to obtain both with WiFi on and off and neither pop either way. I am going to attempt "Sorted For E's And..." & "Zax On, Zax Off" to finish off, but will let you know if these are glitched too. - If you wanted to go for the Duck Hunt trophy, don't play on the Vita - unless you are incredibly skilled at isometric platformers and are really lucky. This really isn't worth the time and stress. it still looks hard on the PS4 but the hitbox area on the ducks is horrendous on Vita. - You can collect all the coins. Follow the method in the above is hard work but with a bit of practice it works I have reached out to the developers of the Vita version with the glitched trophy summary but yet to hear back. You can probably assume this wont be fixed. Play on PS4 if going for 100% completion, but if you are happy with a score of 70-80% enjoy playing this delight on the go and get it on Vita. If you don't care about trophies get it on Switch Vita lives
  4. Hi all, it would be very interesting to hear thoughts about tjoes post above. I heard that you need at least 8 other players online for a race to start? As this game didn't sell well I can see this being a frustrating issue.
  5. Hi Isaac, no I did one weekly event two weeks ago and one weekly event last week. When I got my position results this Monday It popped. and it was a great pop. good luck
  6. Hi, I got it last night! it was one of the sweetest pops I've ever heard.
  7. Another person has got this trophy so its looking even more promising! However, I thought you get the trophy on the Monday after the event has finished? why would it pop last night etc?
  8. Thanks for messaging him AlvarezPT, great advice too. Going to try a weekly event tomorrow, then spread it over two days too rather than in one sitting. Plenty of chances for the server to register my times. Good luck
  9. no update as far as I know. cant wait to go home and check, do a weekly event and it still not pop!
  10. ...although I have just checked and someone earned the trophy yesterday? First time since last year? anyone know how, why etc??
  11. Hi all, for those who still cant get this trophy, please continue to contact/tweet the devs about it. There are still a lot of people playing this game so the more the better chance they will listen. Just worried that if they think its fixed when its not then they will just continue turn a blind eye. It will take you less than 2 minutes.