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  1. I know what you are saying, but like I said, if you have your save file, just start a private match, invite me, set the map on riot and lets play until round 11, thats all, people are doing it that way even with the patches, its not a big deal, and still getting the trophy, and like i said I know about the glitches and stuff, its just im not eager to play until tier 4, its boring as hell, and doing only 11 rounds on riot would be easy, but, thanks anyway I'll find someone who gonna help Cheers
  2. its the ps3 version I have, because it is long and I'm kinda lazy to do it all by myself, because im at tier 2, it would take me too long to unlock riot, thats why I aked you if you have it on ps3 to invite me and finish it fast
  3. I only need the Riot map trophy, could you possibly help me out with it, Iwould appreciate it, it's the only trophy I need for the platinum
  4. Lol every Metal Gear Solid character ... 1. Solid Snake.. 2.John Marston 3.Vergil 4.Ryu Hayabusa 5.Raiden
  5. something similar happened to me with darksiders..had only one trophy left for the platinum..earned it,got the platin,but at the moment my ps3 just restarted..when i booted it up again..no trophies..damn..lol
  6. We will probably see more on TGS this year....i think there is no need to worry..its in Kojimas hands..so it only can be an awesome game..thats it ))