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  1. Update: I tried the physical copy and it worked! (US region) Episodes 1-5 were already there and Episode 6 downloaded from store with no issues
  2. I tried PS store, looks like it’s been removed. In the in-game store, it takes you to a ps store link but an error comes up when you try to purchase it. Gamelord-2007, if you have a chance could you try the disc out and let us know?
  3. Just downloaded the game yesterday, is there any way to purchase the season pass? Tried to buy it but says unavailable in the store. Episodes are still there but it says I need the season pass. Can’t get the other trophies haha. Would buying the physical copy work instead?
  4. This happened to me too, I just manually saved where I was, loaded the autosave from when I completed the story, and collected all the pidgeons again and the trophy popped. It happened to me when I ran into a prisoner camp right when I got the last pigeon so the quest never finished.
  5. Same situation as the above comment, I tried fast traveling through all of them and flying to them all one by one, nothing worked. Is the only option now to just start over?