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  1. you use yin and yang one of the character you are controlling and the other on the character you want to combo change to you weapons with the lowest damage you have and go to upper forest spring place and go hunt the giant plants over there use 4 squares and a triangle pattern of attacks, stay close to the one you want to proc the combo with kill a couple of them, teleport back to the begging, repeat not comfirm but i think there are 6 combos
  2. it was weird seeing only the ps5 trophy up is this something on the site or what?
  3. - at least bullfighter and bring justice are missable - for the card game you have to defeat all 12, 2 times then the 3 in mingshu sect 2 times also for the trophy - summoning the wine god trophy is thru a accessory bracelet that you got to equip "gourd" then summon as usual - for summoning all gods, summon the gods from every character and the wine god to get it - grindiest trophy so far is the all combos one for sure - everything else is really easy, you can play it on easy also
  4. Looking to see it but nothing appears on google, can someone post a pic or link here?
  5. as the title says...
  6. would you rather get 2 trophies like tiny tina or any borderlands? because i rather not
  7. After playing the game and getting plat you need to do at least 2 playthroughs, preferably 3 playthroughs because you can't level all characters to 50 in one or two clears for Expert Team and also Shared Destiny there is a new game + that you can start with everything from the first clear including exp, upgrades, etc every trophy looks simple enough but there is only one missable trophy (kinda) and that is A Real Friend basically (for what i read) you need Blisk to reach level 2 affections with everyone before the middle of chapter 10
  8. what the titles say liking how this game looks, looking to buy
  9. thanks to the input man
  10. what the titles say
  11. kind of a shame that this game is $5 now but I would rather stay clear of it because of that trophy I did my part
  12. GET. IT.
  13. Just found this map picture with all the mark locations from a steam guide it help me along the way