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  1. any follow up on this? my digital preorder that pre-downloaded to my ps4, is v1.00 how do you even have v1.02 or v1.03 already
  2. i got the plat today, thanks for the help
  3. Like the title says, is kinda stupid IMO why not both be on the same trophy list like some vita games share trophies with his ps4 counterpart Looks like a good way to farm plats but i just don't like it
  4. found this video on youtube credit to the author of the video
  5. hey man, thanks for the video. it was of great help i have unlocked Aromatic, Pretty Paddy, Mass Production just by recreating that rice the only trophy I have is trying to unlock this trophy, Glutinous Any guides for that? Also, what do you do to unlock Home Run Royalty and Demolition Deity for the love of god, i dont know how to
  6. any clue how to obtain Demolition Deity
  7. looks easy IMO, save scum for bonding trophies probably is going to be 2 playthroughs, nightmare being the bottleneck
  8. download a translate addon to your chrome or firefox browser that translates the whole page from jap to english. pretty easy
  9. I beat it in 2hours 36 mins on my second playthrough. you have to collect 15 meow pictures for the ticket. i didn't even went out of my way to get them. the hardest is going to be the S rank all songs
  10. Holy F shit I did Rhythm Expert after countless hours of grinding, testing what rhythm calibration would suit me better and getting a comfortable position, I did it I am not really good with rhythm games but after getting the hang of it, stuck it out and did it One thing I could recommend is getting headphones for when you are doing the rhythm games, that way you can concentrate better on the rhythm only left is the speedrun and the idle position For sure the biggest hurdle is getting Rhythm Expert, the game is like 2/10 difficulty but that trophy makes it like a 5 or 6 /10
  11. that is for all of them if you want to get a S on hard. If u get hit or drop the combo you arent getting it. get 5 ok, nop. get a lot of great, nop one thing i could say is to mess with the syncro to find the one you like more On the picture i posted, on the last attempt i did before the screenshot, i did 5 ok without miss and got an A, and that is only on the 1st game, i don't want to imagine the last map
  12. This is madness
  13. Any tips for getting s rank in hard? Is fucking insane
  14. valkyria revolution
  15. Like any other shantae game, looks easy, the difficult ones are gonna be the speedruns. Shouldnt be that bad imo