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  1. Oh I know that, but I have to enjoy the game first or else I don't bother completing: my rule of thumb is to enjoy the game first and completing last and when I played the first time I wasn't really all excited about it, but it's been 2 years or something so I probably plan to try the game again at one point and have my mind changed. I might buy a trophy if I happen to be exhausted and just want to be done with it (the joke endings one is kinda painful).
  2. #58: The Final Verse (Nier) Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: varies (hard is told to increase drop rate) Time to complete: 64h (completion) + 6h (speedrun trophy) = 70 hours Recommended platinum? Urgh, no, just play for the story. This was truly a tiring trophy to get: it wasn't particularly difficult or annoying but it required me a lot of time to get the weapons upgraded and some of the drops were really low, forcing me to kill enemies for hours. The Forging Master alone took me 30 hours to complete because of how grindy it was, while the rest is overall straightforward. Still, knowing that Ending D would delete my save files and since I really enjoyed the story and characters I felt I had to do it. Yes I know I could've saved the files on an USB or online but damn it I wanted to make it memorable! Overall, it's a nice game but it's not aged well: graphically looks like early-mid ps2, combat is sloppy, weapon variety is overall lacking (only 2handed swords, 1handed swords, and spear), magic is useful but I only ever used lance and blast, and the world itself is very small with not much else to do. However for someone like me who is a fan of Drakengard this game was very enjoyable and it does give some insight for the future, which is Nier automata, although it's completely unrelated so you lose nothing. Definitely worth a check if you're curious, especially after Automata, but apparently copies are rare nowadays so good luck with that, or wait for a possible remaster which includes also Replicant. This was tiring, but I feel very proud on this one...maybe I should get back and complete Automata someday, but for now it's time for a break and play some other jrpg. Possibly with less grind!
  3. To be honest, I was thinking about Drakengard 3 - which is a fun game but DAMN the frame rate sucks, and the Branch D boss is a pain - but then I forgot I gained this through a session since the last trophy I needed was the infamous Last Man Standing and It's so rare to do it that not even my pc account has it! Still, I love the game, didn't initially plan to platinum it but I managed to get every trophy by myself at one point and LMS was the final one...now I got it and I can finally enjoy the game without focusing on trophies! Too bad that the last update kinda made it really hard to enjoy it...maybe next time!
  4. For the time being, should I hide the trophies until the issue is resolved?
  5. No I'm sure it was synched before I uploaded: I remember it was at about 57% when I finished the game since I didn't have all of the trophies back then but I remember I wanted to sync it: my first trophy after the ps4 switch is the monster guide one because like I mentioned the first boss was the one I actually missed. In addition, if you see Milium's trophy and the final chapter's trophies, you can see those are my very last ones because I originally went with Millium.
  6. Yes it's cross play, as I actually took the ps3 NG+ data after finishing the first time, uploaded the save, then downloaded it on my ps4 to restart the game - my sister did the same, uploading from the VITA and downloaded on the ps4, so she can play again on it instead of the vita which is much slower (she attended university and switch wasn't even a thing yet): ironically when I finished the first dungeon, the school house, I got the monster achievements because I missed the first one! However as I showed in the imgur pictures, the date of my first trophy is set to 28th of January 2016, while the site shows the achievement on the 9th of January 2017, almost a year later, and i have no idea why.
  7. Got it, then I'm not sure why the site says another date. Besides my sister played the game after I finished it, if I'm remembering correctly, so there wasn't any chance she could mess up somehow. And even then it was 2 years ago! Should I post every chapter based trophy in order via imgur perhaps? Could help fix the issue? PS: if necessary let me know if I have to put the console in my language: I generally play all of my games in english despite me being italian.
  8. I'm not sure, I did that on a NG+ on VH (my 3rd playthrough) so I basically had everyone's bond maximized, and after doing the final dungeon I just reloaded the save over and over until I had everyone, and then I did with the one I wanted to finish the game, and get the VH trophy.
  9. Darghel The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel As I was warned for this flag, I'm sincerely unsure why this has happened: I initially played the game on the ps3, finished it on the ps3, but after purchasing the ps4 version I decided to complete it and that's also why the huge gap. However I just went and picked up my ps3 and digged the trophies, and it seems there's a problem because it shows the date 28/1/2016. However I wonder if it's related to the fact that I had another copy for the ps vita: you see my sister purchased that game on the Vita and it could have messed up the dates, especially since my vita tended to reset its calendar. I am sending you a couple of images from my own ps3, the original where I played the game, and my ps4 as well. If there's something I must do to prove that I'm not cheating let me know. I just wanted to clear the game before going to part 2, that's all. https://imgur.com/aevbxcm (PS3) https://imgur.com/a/KrD8XIL (PS4) https://imgur.com/3oyJUGF https://imgur.com/3oyJUGF I also wanted to add my vita trophy, which shows the same date, although it seems it's set one our later (it's probably the Vita or something about the time change during the year, I'm not sure)hhttps://imgur.com/a/ZpiWvSuvttps:// I can onlyimgur.com/bIREqs5