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  1. I'm glad I still got a PAL copy of that game. I really liked that game, definitely creepy!
  2. What? I went to look a few hours ago, it's like 100 euros or something! The cheaper versions seems to be the JP ones I think, but Pal are I think the most expensive. And yeah I know, It's the same with how Nintendo closed the virtual console, but I was never a big fan of Nintendo so it didn't affect me much. This time it does.
  3. My ps2 still runs as well, it's my game that is dead (we didn't have a game stop-like store to buy our games, so piracy was common), although I have to be careful with my ps2 since I have 2, one being modified and the other legit. It just fucking sucked to be an EU jrpg lover when half of your games didn't get a release. Although at this point, I might be thinking of emulation for real. I hate emulation, but I know that it's important when games get suddenly removed so easily...and yeah I still prefer physical over digital for this very reason!
  4. Oh surely, dlc is a pain: i have a copy of Cross X Edge but it's US so I can't use the dlc, but most of the games I wanted on ps3 are either released here or I already have. Frankly the ps3 is the least of my problems: I'm more concerned on getting the games for ps1 and 2. Having a chance to replay legend of dragoon again is just too good since my ps1 is dead and my copy is also dead (it was pirated). It just bothers me that LoD isn't in EU store considering an european version does exist (including dubbing and translation).
  5. I would probably only use the psn now for playing the old games like Legend of Dragoon or Xenogears and etc: that's why im trying to focus on making an US account, to get those old classics for ps1 and 2 that never came to europe. Everything from ps3 onward doesn't really bother me because it's region free and ebay can help.
  6. True but there are still games that don't exist in some areas, so if they actually ported all the games on psn now, as much as it's a shitty deal, I would at least give it some thought.
  7. I'll be doing some research first but considering that the US store has some games that we EU players never got (mostly jrpgs really) I REALLY need to do this now. I was hoping they would get ported or something but nope, so stuff like Legend of Dragoon (which we have but not on the store) Legend of Mana (yeah it's coming NOW after 20 years), apparently even Xenogears (which wasn't released because of censorship) or the Raidou Kazunoha games are simply too hard to ignore for me who love jrpgs. And there's probably more!
  8. Right, hopefully it should be easy. I heard paying for the games might be problematic cause it needs a registered card, but me and my sister will have to find a way around. There's just too much jrpg gold in the US store to pass up.
  9. Right, considering now it's gonna be closing, i should make an US psn account to get some of those games now (especially the JRPGs, since we Euros weren't blessed enough to grab the classics like Xenogears)...which begs the question: does it give you problems if you make an US account if you're EU? Don't wanna risk getting banned or anything. Last thing I need is that!
  10. #99 Master of Rez (Rez Infinite) Difficulty: It honestly felt very easy on me. It was one step for becoming super hard though! Time to Complete: 15-20 hours Recommended: Absolutely! Total Score: /10 I really liked this game on ps2 and I remember enjoying it quite a lot despite being very short (It's only 5 levels, but the last is the longest) and having score attack. This version has however a ne area called AreaX, which is very impressive and I love the music in it. I don't know what else is there and my memory is foggy so bear with me if I miss some crucial details! Beyond that, I think the game is very subjective: I love music based game - and the creators were the same of space channel 5, another classic I loved from the Dreamcast and ps2 era - so I'm very biased. As for the trophies, they didn't feel hard in all honesty and mostly require you to play the modes, get enough shot %, do the boss rush and etc. If anything the hardest part was probably the boss rush because doing that with a high score could be problematic. The one trophy that was almost hard as nail was "The Rezident", which requires you to have 100% shotdown and Support items taken...or simply play 10 hours of the game. And considering I never managed to get 100% back in the original, and it being pretty tough and easy to miss, I could see this one trophy being the hardblock if it wasn't for the second requirement...which is much faster! But i had no real issue really...but it could be because I played this game a lot so I almost knew everything, however grinding 30 score attacks and finishing assault mode 6+ times was boring but thankfully i had infinite overdrives to do it or I would've gone insane. It's not really a hard game but doing all 5 levels in a row it's still an hour+ long! Anyway, I was very glad this was into the play at home promotion so I highly recommend giving it a shot!
  11. #98 From the Ashes (Remnant: from the ashes) Difficulty: The game itself can be frustrating, but the trophies are very rng based Time to Complete: 60 hours (30 hours with survival) Recommended: Hmm....yes but with caution Total Score: 6/10 I still needed something to satiate my "souls" hunger and this game caught my curiosity since it was essentially explained as a "dark souls with guns", so now that it was with the psn update I thought to give it a try....and I thought it was pretty good, but there are some really...really...REALLY big problems here. My main issues are mainly two: balancing and technical but if you want to just get to the trophy stuff, go down to the part in bold but there isn't much to say unfortunately... For the balancing part, the game can be incredibly hard at the start due to the rng factor in it: starting the game and having to deal with the rng of the game itself is daunting, especially when you can get some of the hardest bosses at the start (I had gorefist which is a big blade boss with adds, but you can get Shroud, which is a long-ranged fight with adds or possibly riphide, the hardest, which is a boss who splits multiple times which counts are both bosses and adds) and you lack the means to fight them. Weapons are very rare, having to use a small guide to get the smg at the start to get myself a jumpstart, and even then the game could be brutal...but as soon as you get some better weapons though, the game becomes a breeze and you can get past most of the hard section without much trouble. In a way, it's like playing diablo and its randomized maze, but you can't get weapons from enemies (or armor) unless you do specific quests. I think they should've gone with a more diablo-esque way and allow us to get more weapons as random drops because that's my only issue there and once I had myself some strong weapons I hardly ever died. The game also has some bad balancing with some enemies and bosses though, mainly with one big issue: every fight has adds....and adds aren't difficult, but they can make the fight harder as you have to deal with more targets now. Adds are just artificial difficulty, they are a band-aid in what is possibly an easy fight, which means that if bosses didn't have adds they would be too easy. In fact, some bosses are pretty good because of the lack of adds: Iskal Queen, Barbed Terror, Brudvaak and Vagr (great fight and a very nice homage to Ornstein and Smoug, including the cutscene!), Obryk, and probably some I missed, but my point is that these fights lack adds and solely rely on pattern knowledge, and I legitimately enjoyed these a lot! They're still hard as nails and 1-2 hits can essentially kill you, but at the very least there are no adds! Also the game has some real issue with enemy positioning: I swear they never make a single noise to me, or if they do it's too hard to hear since you're basically using, well, GUNS THAT MAKE NOISES! I died so many times because enemies just ambush me from literally nowhere (Elites make a sort of sound but you don't know where they are) and I have legitimately got startled because I get jumped from 3-4 enemies from behind and die (and when this happens in survival I die a little inside). There's even a minimap but it's so useless as it doesn't even show items or enemies it might as well not exist. I didn't play a lot of multiplayer, but all I know is that difficult scales up to higher like diablo does. As for the technical issue, this is my biggest concern of all: game chugs a lot of frames, despite being stuck at 30 fps, and it lags at times, sometimes the sound gets crushed (it can be grating on the ears) and the textures are often low poly during cutscenes...this is my "with caution" from above because, in all honesty, I think you should play this on pc: I saw a lot of video guides for this game, most of them from pc, and it runs a lot more smoothly, the POV is also better (allowing you to see behind since enemies are ultra-quiet) and the menu and everything is more readable (on ps4 the letters are so tiny I need to get up and read!). Now obviously this game was """"Free"""" with psn plus, we can't really complain about it much, however, if you plan to play this game again with friends or something I would highly recommend getting the pc version. With that said, trophies are mostly rng based, with the only hard one being Untouchable, so at the very least there's nothing too difficult, so as much as I could go into detail there isn't much to say: if you miss something for your trophy you can just go adventure mode and grab it, which I did. I guess I talked too much of the game itself but that's because there isn't much to say: the only ones that can take you a while are the 10 armor sets and the 200k scraps and even then you can have ways to grab that easy. I'm sorry but the trophy is really nothing special, it's the game itself that is kind of special x) I really had fun but I also hated this game and how unbalanced it can be and survival is the test of that: survival is beyond unbalanced, especially if you plan to go solo, since you really rely on GODLY rng to get the right stuff (I try to pray I get the doggo mod + a good rifle, but I'm lucky that I get the hunting rifle) to the point that to have any chance I needed to turn off the second DLC, which adds the icy area because the game not only constantly gave me that one area several times in a row (no joke, I had Reisum 4 times in a row, I bet I would've gotten a fifth time too), but they're also some of the toughest bosses in the entire game and it shows, as they require some better tuned gear, the proper resistance items and consumables (which are ultra limited) and good weapons. So, of course, I'm getting Obryk as my first boss with no armor, a hunting rifle and a pistol...it essentially means game over as he can freeze me, 2 shot me with ease (with skull cracker, which essentially staggers you indefinitely), his second phase adds frost which makes it even harder, and has so much HP that I ran out of bullets all over the arena. Much balance! Bottom line, fun game, doable platinum, DLC are a frustrating mess and I was hoping to write this after finishing the DLC but survival mode is tough, I must've spent over 30 in it and it's annoying when the game drops you with an annoying boss that you hardly get....but it's also very damn fun so I highly recommend it if you want some extra challenge. I just wished it was more balanced: solo is tough, in 2 is easier, and in 3 is tough. I think after this I'm gonna go do something easier, this game wasn't tough but oh boy it frustrated me!
  12. I think i remember yes, but seriously, my main issue is how crippling the game is: I'm certain on psp it was limitations that made the game this way, but there's such a lot of stuff that really could've used more polish. I mean even the menus and everything screams "rushed psp port" I'm heavily biased against final fantasy, and I can't lie on that, however I went in this game really hoping it would be good, my mind was very open and after the beginning, I had myself hooked for the possible plot twist, anything really...but nothing happened, nothing was explained, and it dared to ask me to replay the game again for understanding the plat? Sorry, Nier Gestalt (or automata) this is not! I just hoped they'd improve upon the psp version but it seems the only "HD" thing in this port was the graphics (and the english dubbing I guess?) and nothing else. A shame, that's all I can think.
  13. #97 Agito Achieved (Final Fantasy Type-0 HD) Difficulty: The trophies are easy...but the game is not. Time to Complete: About 30 hours Recommended: Well yes but actually no Total Score: 2/10 My expectations were low but holy fuck, this game completely destroyed it so badly it sunk deeper down. I haven't played anything so legitimately unfun for such a long time (last one I recall was FF13, but even that game had something!) and I have almost given up on the game itself...I mean they really had to work out of their way to make this game unfun, because you just can't make an fast paced action jrpg unfun on purpose! There's so much wrong with this game I would take forever, but let me say this: the game had a lot of potential and I could see it, the story was pretty grim and bloody but it had something going for it, but it never achieved anything and resulted in forcing me to play a second time in order to do understand it. Infact this game takes the same idea that "homework is fun!" and a lot of the story bits or details are tied to the datalog - ehm crystarium, and you're supposed to read that to know more....yeah isn't that epic?! But seriously, I can't even describe why this is so unfun, so ill mention just the ones i can remember vividly: -14 characters but you cannot change them, equip gear, upgrade their skills, LITERALLY ANYTHING outside of save points. If you're stuck with a group, you're stuck with them until you use a save point. FUN! -14 characters but you cannot train them all at once: only the 3 in battle will gain experience while the rest won't gain jack. Even secret training is annoying because it works for ONLY ONE! - And yes, you need all of them leveled up! -The stupid time limit for each day that really has no purpose but to limit your gameplay, especially later when you get more missions. -You can't resurrect anyone if they die and enemies have the tendency of 1 shotting you due to a system called Killstrike (basically 1 shotting you if you turn red, which works also for them). -Cannot escape battles unless your main team dies, which brings the problem above mentioned. -Boss fights are....just....just no, I cannot describe them how bad they were: constant 1 shotting me, almost never on melee reach and just....just no, NO! -Camera is so bad it legitimately strained my eyes a few times due to how quick and badly positioned it is: I guess on PSP it made sense but this is ps4! -Controls are crippled beyond belief, with dodge and defensive spells sharing the same button, and L2 and R2 being switching targets...again on psp i could understand but this is ps4, there's an analogic stick that works for that, and it DOES work! so why not free those 2 buttons for a dodge-specific button or something? -Large world map to explore, but no fast travel until much later, and chocobos have an unknown timer...and some enemies on the map will one-shot you. Only thing that I could say had something was the story: the setting is truly the thing that got me curious, with l'Cie (AAAARGH!) coming back but for some reason doing stuff I couldn't in 13, like having red eyes or the ability to fly or to live forever (hey did someone actually made a good superhuman?). Jokes aside, the setting was probably the only thing that got me curious, and the idea that memories of someone are erased when they died suddenly made me care more for someone when they died...until I realized that I had no freaking idea who everyone was! Yeah, the game introduces you to Class Zero right away with no explanation: who is Ace? Who is Queen? Who is King? No idea but there's the criterium for that! Other scenes often get cut or just got to points I never understood the connection, assuming something happened before...but the game didn't bother to show! There's even a secret about them but the game never bothered to say it, and I assume it will be on the second playthrough...but thankfully you don't need to do more than one for the platinum, unless you purposedly miss something and, thankfully, you can do everything in one shot: the game is very easy on that and overall it was doable, even though I had to use the secret training to make the game a bit faster because grinding is a chore (again, 14 characters, with only 3 gaining experience at once, while the rest won't). It saving grace was the easy platinum really: if it was more complicated and harder I would've probably given up way before. Still, the game felt so careless about everything, with not enough emphasis on what matters (cool, it's a war setting, but I still don't know anyone!) that when I heard that replaying will unlock more backstory and such I just passed. After all, if the game itself doesn't care to tell me their story, why should I?
  14. #96 The Surge 2 (The Surge 2...yep, shocking isn't it?) Difficulty: Surprisingly easy, with the occasional spike in difficulty Time to Complete: Around 30 hours (DLC included) Recommended: Yes Total Score: 6.5/10 Not going to lie, I was expecting way worse: the first Surge was a very frustrating "soulsborn" game that really made me question why I was even trying. It was so unbalanced, so frustrating, so annoying and hard to follow (literally and metaphorically) that I was postponing this game for a long time. And then I played and I got immediately hooked. I'll try to be short because there isn't a lot of improvements over the first game, but they are the ones that count: leveling now is actually meaningful and you are able to allocate points to health, stamina and battery (previously Energy), leaving the slots for your passives or active abilities - in the original, you could only get extra hp by having the implants, which were found around the level and required an insane amount of core level to equip them. And you were also limited to 8 slots at the start. Secondly, exploration is much better...it's still a maze and you'll get lost a LOT, but gone are the huge amounts of tunnels of the first game: now you have a city to explore, with hubs you can visit (only 3 but hey) and plenty of quests to follow, which aren't all necessary either (and thankfully for that!). The city itself isn't huge or anything but at the very least you have more places to explore, and each area is quite huge. I really enjoyed the Krakow ship, such a shame that it's very, VERY small... Third, the combat was slightly improved but in ways that feels at least more fun and enjoyable: your heals are now tied to your battery stacks, which are recharged in battle (just like energy in the first game), however you can store your heals if you don't use the battery charges and if your are able to recharge quickly you can potentially have infinite heals (in the first game it was much more complicated even if it was identical, and required a lot more energy to proc it) Also armors are better: now they have 2 effects on equip, one at 3 and one at full armor, and this allows you to mix and match your armor for better specialization: having 2 armors that increase a type of elemental damage, or one that increases defense while also allowing you to dodge more often, and so on. Weapons have been slightly improved, adding a couple more types like, from 5 of the original (one handed, staves, heavy duty, single rigged and twin rigged) up to 9 (all of the previous plus punching gloves, hammers, spears and double duty), which is a blessing as first game really lacked variety in weapons and you would be using few weapons throughout the entire game. It's still a shame you can't "infuse" your weapons with elements, a benefit allowed only for some weapons with definite elemental effects. Oh well, at least they removed the proficiencies! But the most important change to combat is the parry system: in the original game parrying wasn't often reliable, if at all really, but in this game, parry has a new twist and it's probably the best (and also most broken) feature of the game: after you press L1 you're in a parry stance, in which you have to move the right analog stick toward the direction of the attack in order to parry, which is provided thanks to an implant. Thanks to this parry system, you can easily break guards, get buffed, and even kill bosses with ease by doing ENORMOUS damage back. With the exception of bosses, who require multiple parries to be staggered, and certain moves which cannot be parried at all, you can parry pretty much anything and since there are buffs that trigger with parrying, you can see this being an easy win. And it's not hard at all, believe me: I couldn't parry almost anything in dark souls or Bloodborne, barely any better in Sekiro, but in this game parrying is a joke so if you're some sort of parry god or ascended, you can pretty much break most fights. And at last, but not least, trophies...honestly they're not too bad but do require a guide, because a lot of stuff can be easily missed and while I'm not a fan of using guides and preferring to play blind, this time I had to do an exception but I think it was worth it: everything can be done on your first playthrough and the game is already fairly short (took me only 30 hours as above mentioned, less if you don't count the DLC, and that's without rushing by the way!) so it's definitely a good idea to use a guide to have an idea what to do, especially since ng+ in this game can be brutal due to how you don't get a lot of health out of leveling and armor caps at MK XX. Overall, I really enjoyed this sequel, not perfect by any means but it's the kind of game that I like: a game that improves on the basis and gets better. I hope for a third but I'm not sure there will be, and the ending didn't really have much of sequel baits either (which is good imo, fewer expectations) I could mention also some occasional glitches here and there and how it's easy to do some heavy skipping thanks to the jumping but since i had no crashes I would say it's fine. I would recommend it on sale for the most part, but most importantly, don't expect this game to be another Dark Souls, because it's not. It's a game that takes inspiration but it's totally and definitely different and unlike the first it's actually fun to play. PS: I said I'd TRY to be short, not that I was going to! Sorry for the wall of text!
  15. #95 The Dark Soul (Dark Souls III) Difficulty: The game itself can be very frustrating, but the grind is what really bothered me... Time to Complete: Around 85 hours (DLC included) Recommended: Yes and no (more information at the end) Total Score: 8.5/10 Ah, Dark Souls, a game that I never expected to love but it became one of my favorites of all time...at least that's what DS1 did. Then came DS2 and I noticed how "meh" it was, and how despite some improvements it also had this idea that "more is better, and also harder", which often lead me to frustrating times. That's until I played ds3, which I'm almost inclined to say was just as frustrating as ds2, if not more at times. But I want to reiterate something before I continue: DS3 is a good game and unlike DS2, which often felt uninspired and very lacking in many areas, DS3 felt like it had a consistent theme going and the exploration was once again great. Not as good as DS1 but MUCH better than ds2. With that said, DS3 felt like they took a lot of "inspiration" by ds2, especially how the game constantly gets you through ambushes...seriously, ambushes aren't hard, they're only frustrating. It's only hard the first time but once you know what's going on, the difficulty won't be an issue. I must've died SO MANY TIMES, because there was an ambush, and that's not hard. Even the stat distribution, while not as bad as Ds2, still forces you to level up vitality to increase your carry weight (in ds1 it was endurance, which also increased stamina). At the very least no need to increase adaptability for having better dodging! Secondly, and most obviously, this game took heavy inspiration from a famous other from software game that maybe some of you might know, called Bloodborne, which came a year before DS3...and it shows: the game felt extremely dark and gritty, just like Bloodborne, the theme of the game is about speed thanks to a better dodge, just like Bloodborne, and there's a lot of emphasis on giving weapons unique effects, just like bloodborne. But they seem to have forgotten the most important thing from BB...which is the actual combat! Don't get me wrong, DS3 is WAY faster than ds1 and 2, enemies are incredibly quick and can easily kill you with their barrage of attacks. But that's the problem: you are still slow like in dark souls! Ok, you're slowER than your enemies, you attack a lot quicker than before and you generally have more stamina than ds1 and 2, which gives you a lot of swings and always able to dodge, but it didn't feel like I was fast enough! I always go for a heavy melee hitter with 2handed weapons but I legitimately never felt able to take on enemies because of how quickly (and overall faster) they could attack me! In the end, I had to go for a 1handed sword FROM THE START OF THE GAME and basically have it carry me: suddenly I could get past through most parts, and bosses were dying much easy too. It doesn't even help that a lot of 2handed weapons are really bad until you hit very high levels or upgrade them to +10, at that point I could finally kill enemies in maybe 2 hits... and even then I could still kill most enemies in 2-3 hits with my Lothric Knight Sword. I mean, my LKS (with sharp) could do 250-300 damage per swing, while my Exile Greatsword (with Refined) was doing 300-350. I used it mostly for my PVP sessions because of the longer reach and staggering (which a lot of enemies don't seem to be affected either). And let's not ignore how there are still so many weapons but more than half of them are worthless, and how weight is still a thing despite that now you only have one stat that increases it (Vitality) which increases nothing else...they should've gone for BB system of "Fashion souls" instead, at least for this game! I'm sorry though, I don't mean to be negative about this game, because like I said above the game is good and once I managed to get through it I could finally enjoy it: exploration is much better than ds2, even if it lacks the connectivity of the first game, and there's a lot of areas to explore (Ashes of Ariendel was pretty meh, but the Ringed City was probably the best one, it's on par with DS2 DLC). They weren't easy by any means (especially at the start of Ashes of Ariendel: getting ambushed right away, just a normal thing!) but once you knew what to do, the game really picked up and I had a lot of fun. Boss fights are, for the most part, brilliantly made and I enjoyed them a lot, even the hardest ones. The few exceptions were Nameless King and Darkeater Midir but only because the camera was always a mess, but fights like Slave Knight Gael, Friede and Father Ariendel, Champion Gundyr or the Abyss Watchers were fantastic to do and even if they kicked my butt a few times I really, REALLY felt how majestic they were, with phases, with music, everything was top-notch here. Sure you had stuff like Ancient Wyvern, High Lord Wolnir, and Crystal Sage who were mostly easy cakes but unlike DS2, which had so many weak bosses, this game has a ton of great boss fights so I could easily say they went for quality than quantity this time. And again, the game is very big, there are so many areas to explore, none of them were that bad either, maybe the only exception is Farron Keep with its poisonous swamp, or the Catacombs of Carthus. I appreciate them trying to remake Ash Lake but it feels smaller and cramped. So what else...oh right trophies, I mean this is a trophy hunting site, we're all hunters! Well, the thing is that, besides the difficulty of the game, there aren't many issues with the trophies themselves...however, considering you need to get all spells and rings, this leads to the grinding part of this game and, without a doubt, it's the worst offender of the 3 games. DS3 has fewer covenants I think but they all need tokens taken from invasions or other matters (excluding sunlight warriors), but since this is a game from 5 years ago you might not find enough people to do them all, which results in you grinding for HOURS for a piece of shackle, concord, wolfsblood or tongue for your covenant. And it SUCKS, we're talking of an abysmal 3 to 5% dropping rate at nearly 400 item discovery and it was frustrating. DS1 and 2 had similar grinding requirements but the drop rate was surprisingly good, not taking me more than a few hours to grind, but taking all 30 concords took me a whopping 10 to complete! The thing is, I'm a shitty PVP player so even though I tried to invade I always most likely lost every single invasion, which resulted in me taking forever. The sunlight covenant was the easiest as I grinded Friede and maybe soul of Cinder: at least I was doing something helpful! At any rate, sorry for the wall of text, but overall the platinum is doable, but the grind is abysmally bad and it's the only thing stopping anyone because everything else is surprisingly easy and only require a guide to know where to go, but there's nothing legitimately hard. It's just the grind that will grind you to a screeching alt, which is my only reason as to why I'm leaning toward a no. BUT, if you can find people to help you with the grind (My good friend @SoRandom040 helped me with the Vertebrae Shackles, thank you very much!) and enjoy PVP and are good with it, this might not be such a pain and you might even have a better time than I did. It still won't change that you'll have to grind though, so if you plan to do this be ready for a long and excruciating grind!