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  1. Also is it me or some boss do get out of synch during in the recent patch? I swear I could do parry mode just fine, I even got almost perfect score at DJSS, but now I can't even parry his first attacks! And some bosses still bug out to me, like Yinu and Tatiana. So far my only problem is Perfect Parry, because some boss do work okay (I can't get 1010's third phase, the timing on those bloody missiles are way off) and some others don't seem to work well enough (the above mentioned Yinu and DJSS). I haven't tried many others because im not sure i can handle them right now, and im afraid of more bugs... I mean I even uninstalled the game and went back to version 1.00 to see if it was me, and I could suddenly parry just fine! Please tell me I'm not crazy
  2. Oh neat, I'll check it out right away, thanks!
  3. #82 A New Story of Swords and Souls (Soul Calibur VI) Difficulty: can be hard for some, but it's mostly boring Time to Complete: I would say 40-50 hours total Recommended: it's not too hard so it's doable, but you'll need online too Total Score: 6/10 Needed a few days off because this one game took me a while to get, and not because it was hard or anything, but because Libra of souls was an extremely boring campaign that had a lot of potentials but was ultimately a slog: it was too long for one (took me 17 hours to finish) and a lot of trophies are about finishing libra souls, in particular, it annoyed me to have the bad ending so I just rushed for that last one. But overall Libra of Souls was at least easy and the story mode was ok, but I truly miss some fun story mode like before: Arcade mode was okay but no story was in it, while story mode was great but you barely fight other characters! It's often CaS characters! Once in awhile it's fine but almost all fights in that are CaS! But I give them credit: it's vastly superior than SC5 and 4, but I think nothing beats SC3 story mode to this day (and Chronicles of the sword was much better too) In the end, the only real issue could be the online: I SUCK at fighting game but the requisites for the online trophies are actually pretty easy, with winning 5 casual matches and ranked matches maybe your hardest ones, while doing 50 matches online is just a matter of time. I was lucky to have found a few people to play with who were somewhat on my level, so this was surprisingly more enjoyable than I thought. And I even managed to make some fun characters too! Overall, it's fairly easy as a platinum, even with online stuff, but I would say it was also pretty boring and I legitimately struggled to get Libra of souls done, since there was a LOT of stuff there and some fights are annoying too (each fight has some specific effect, and of course the enemy always have the best ones). I do recommend it, but be ready for some boring story in the Libra of souls and a somewhat underwhelming story mode, but I think it's a solid game and fairly reasonable platinum. Just take your time and if you can find some online friends to play with, go ahead and this will be even more enjoyable! PS: Not exactly a shout out or anything, but big thanks to MagnaVolt for giving me the incitement to give this game a try again. Not much really but if I didn't ask him how hard it was to get this game done I would've probably given up earlier.
  4. Well that's annoying, even if the game is short i don't feel like restarting right now. I guess I'll wait for a patch or wait a little longer.
  5. Is it me or unlocking perfect parry is bugged? I've been trying to unlock it, which it says it did, but it wouldn't let me play and instead it's a "???????" and can't play it. It's a shame because I wanted to try for the boss trophies and such - the game is short anyway, so why not? - but now I'm scared that I have to replay it again, especially when I unlocked so much now. Is there a way to make it work or restarting is my only option?
  6. #81 The Dark Soul (Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin) Difficulty: can be very frustrating at times. Time to Complete: about 80 hours (80:46 was my time) Recommended: Uhhh...trophies aren't the problem to be honest. Total Score: 7/10 So, after playing DS1, I had intentions to play this one despite hearing all the negativity surrounding but i also wanted to play this one because I really liked DS1 and I even if I knew this game wasn't going to be like the first one it HAD to do something good, right? Well...kinda: for every step forward it would also make two-step backwards, and in the end all I can say about DS2 is that "it's decent, but not great". One of the biggest problems I noticed with this game is its inconsistency in everything: some parts were REALLY good, like Eleum Loyce or Iron Keep, Shulva and Brume Tower, but then it had some legitimately awful places that really begs the question as to why it exists (Gutter, Black Gulk, Harvest Valley, Shaded Woods, Shrine of Amana, etc) and those were the times I legitimately disliked the game a lot: these places weren't challenging but just frustrating and I must've died a lot because of how inconsistent the game felt. I think this is the keyword for this game: Inconsistency. Bosses can be either good (Fume Knight, Lost Sinner, Sir Alonne), really bad (Covetous Demon, The Rotten, Royal Rat Vanguard) or just Meh (too many to count) and in the end I really can't say I enjoyed the boss fights or not. Levelling is also very inconsistent: you have more stats but they only compensate older status, like how vitality is now used for your total carry weight instead of being tied to Endurance or how Agility is required in order to have optimal dodging ability - and even then hitboxes are so fucked again it's not uncommon to get hit when i'm not even close to them (Najka, in particular, got me too many times even when not in front of her). And the amounts of red phantoms invading you this time was WAAAAAY too high and I lost count of how many forlorns I have killed, plus they always appear in the worst possible moment ever (and in ng+ there are some red phantoms in really bad places). Also the amount of enemies...dear lord the enemies in this game are too many! Iron Keep was one of the worst about this: I had to wait at least 10 minutes to get every enemy out because there were just too many following me, especially in ng+! This game feels like a checklist: they took DS1, they tried to see how to make the game harder, and then said "do more of the same!" so they made more bosses, more enemies, more stats to track, more places to go that aren't all good, more covenants, more, more, MORE! They basically went with quantity over quality and it really shows, because there's a lot but not everything is just as good. Overall, if I had to compare this game to DS1, it's definitely not as good and I could see the people saying why it's bad...HOWEVER, as a game on itself, I think it's fine and the trophies aren't even all that difficult either (infact I find these much easier than ds1, even if I had to do ng+ and ng++). The hard part is actually getting into the game and trying to enjoy it, as there's just so much to handle it's frustrating. Bottom line, I enjoyed it, but not as much as DS1. Hoping DS3 will be better. I'm surely not going to play this again in a while!
  7. #80 A Flash of Light (The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III) Difficulty: A lot of missables and frustrating boss fights (especially on nightmare) Time to Complete: about 3-4 weeks for a total of 109 hours (Guide used) Recommended: Yes, but takes time Total Score: 8/10 I'm not going to mention anything about the story for obvious reasons: all I'll talk about is the game itself, how the game played, and how difficult it was to get the platinum. So with that out, this is the third game in the Cold Steel series (or the Erebonian arc) and unlike the first 2 games this one uses the ps4 to its (sorta) full potential, giving some better and updated graphics and a little more content to explore than before...although to be really honest it really doesn't look all that better than 1 and 2 but falcom isn't known to be a graphical machine so I'll let that skip. At any rate, the game did improve on a lot of stuff and added new things, but also combat saw a few tweaks and now you got stuff like Brave Orders and Break Gauges to give more tactical advantage to your team...yeah about that, I want to say that I definitely didn't enjoy the combat in this game but I'll say that in a minute. As for trophies, it's a "missable" galore here: more than 30 trophies are totally missables and if you skip something you'll be forced to replay the game from start. Bear in mind that this game is huge and just like CS1 and 2 it will take from 60 to 80 hours to complete (First time took me 86) so a guide is highly recommended to avoid spending 30 hours in a single section of the game. They did improve a little though and now hidden quests are actually shown on the map as well as books for the book section...wish they did that for the notes because those are still highly missable and can be only taken in very specific and short time frames! At the very least it shows you when it's updated but come on, couldn't they just tell me that I can update a specific character instead of having to literally talk to everyone? Thank God for the guides, it will save you a headache and a complete replay of the game...which you'll probably have to do anyway if you plan to do nightmare on the second run. And here's what I meant about not enjoying combat: on my first playthrough I played on normal and it wasn't exactly easy, especially at the beginning when your options are limited and enemies hit like trucks (Altina was dying after 3 hits from normal enemies and she was geared up with the best armor I could give her!). It does get better later, you get stronger and more quartz and mores lots open, until you realize that most (if not all) bosses have this bad habit of go "Super Saiyan mode" and heal for a good chunk of their hp, get stronger and usually 1 shot you with their S-Craft of something...therefore your best and only option to kill bosses is to stununlock them to death, with Sledgehammer and Wind Blade being the most used orders in my playthrough (only Sara's Lightspeed Flash was better as it overwrites more turns for you). In the end all I did was breaking the enemies and then delaying them until they died, occasionally having to reapply a break and trying not to die from the boss Super Saiyan mode, and this is even more important in a nightmare where bosses can even wipe your team on their first turn (Some bosses can put debuffs on their first turn or just flat out kill if they're lucky, which is very often, and forcing you to restart the fight). It was really frustrating though and not very fun because it felt that there wasn't any real good and reliable options to beat them, especially when they can heal more than once and it heals for a huge chunk of hp (I think about 20-30% of their max hp and on nightmare enemies have 40% more health, so do the math!), and since magic has been heavily nerfed and physical attacks don't really seem any stronger than before (with S-crafts also being much weaker too, at least at first glance) im not surprised if I had to rely on cheap tactics to get rid of the enemies without dying! TL;DR great game, great story, Truckload of missable trophies, gotta wait for chapter 4 now. As for combat and the missable trophies (especially you, treasure chest trophy) this pic sums up my opinion
  8. "Huh...didn't know rest mode did that, mainly because I read it was mostly for letting your ps4 updating itself, but since i don't always play with my console connected to the internet I would just turn it off and not bother. I'll give it a try" "Gonna check on that right now, guess better late than never. I never minded using cable while playing so it wasn't an issue to me, coming from ps1 and ps2 and other consoles"
  9. Let me rephrase that: I know you can recharge outside with a power outlet (im doing that right now using my phone's cable). What I meant is that I can't use the console itself as a recharging station (unless it's turned on) which is weird because my Switch does that with the pro controller: if I connect it to the switch via usb cable it recharges it (even though the pro-controller is a beast and lasts forever, which at least made the 80 euros well spent I guess), but my ps4, despite having the power connected through the console and the official usb cable that came with it, doesn't. But it's really a pet peeve of mine, especially because my controller is an older one so it loses power pretty quick - I have others but im keeping the newer ones in case of emergencies. I'm used to play with the cable for longer periods of time...if anything I wish the cable was a little longer!
  10. I think I got mine back in 2015 and frankly I always had a good time with it: the overall better layout and UI of the console made it easier for me to download games and I really like the jacks on the controller, which allows me to play at night without making too much noise. Infact sometimes it's hard for me to go back to ps3 (or ps2 or 1) because I wish I could use my earpieces! And of course being a huge jrpg lover there are so many games here that I just felt at home, since ps3 lacked a lot of great titles My only issue is that I can't recharge my controller while my ps4 is turned off...I know there has to be another way but I don't really want to buy one of those charging pads or stuff. And I can't directly use the cable on a power outlet to recharge like I do with my mp3 reader. Still, love my ps4: definitely my favorite playstation after 2, if not slightly better because there's no more region lock BS and almost - if not all - jrpgs now come here without problems. Meanwhile on my ps2 I had to pray for a game to be released here in europe....RIP Xenosaga and Xenogears and countless many.
  11. Couldn't say any better: fun first, trophies later. For me trophies are also a way to show my appreciation for the game, because I enjoyed it so much that I want to platinum as a proof of my appreciation. I did something similar with achievements on steam too I've always been a playstation player ever since the very first one. Even before trophies I used to enjoy 100% my game or do most of the content, but having a visible proof of doing it it's always nice to have!
  12. Hmm...usually I still play regardless if I can or not, but a lot of times I don't have the mood to play at all because of the online features and such. In your case is an online-centric game, so if I can't play online that's already half content lost in my opinion, since it was meant to be online. But it doesn't mean I will never play it, but that my interest could be lower, which is why I usually focus on playing single-player games with no multiplayer options, as it's much easier to avoid "being unable to platinum". And it's fun even without online! If anything there is ONE game I regret not finishing, which is Plastaytion All Stars Battle Royale, because I really had fun playing that game, even played some online, but I quit and never came back only to see the servers shut. I could play it again but it's been too long, there are better games now, and without the online it loses its charm. "Sigh" if only online trophies could be removed or obtained other ways, I wouldn't complain honestly...
  13. #79 Borderland Defender (Borderlands) Difficulty: Uhm...kinda easy, but that's because I did the hardest trophies in 2009! Time to Complete: 4 days - overall time 10 years (!) Recommended: Not this version Total Score: 5/10 (ps3 version) While this isn't technically my first game for my old ps3 (It was folklore, but it has no trophies), Borderlands was my very first "big AAA" game for it and my very first trophy on my list, which is "Paid in Fyrestone". The story of how I got this platinum is kinda funny too! For starters, I remember buying this version because I also had an xbox360 BUT no Xbox live, while ps3 had free internet mp...so I bought this one and played it there but immediately I noticed the game is a mess and barely worked: constant slowdowns, fps drops (it was 30 fps back then) constantly pop-ups, bad textures, you name it! So time goes on and eventually I would buy this game again next year...on pc. "PC master race" jokes aside, ps3 version was a complete clusterfuck and this was the time where a lot of ps3 ports were from xbox and worse than ever (like Bayonetta on xbox being great, but on ps3 being subpar at best). After buying it on pc I decided to sell my copy, as I had no intention to replay again. Fast forward to a few days ago, I bought the GOTY version on ps4 and I was talking to my sister about borderlands and how my first trophy was that game (she isn't a trophy hunter but she supports me and helps me out from time to time, as well as teasing me with "are you gonna platinum thiiiiiis?") as well as how that platinum would be difficult to achieve as one trophy is very hard to obtain today (https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/190-borderlands/38-and-theyll-tell-two-friends this one) and I thought to show her which one is it: I boot up my account on my phone, find my borderlands trophies and then I realize "Crap, I actually got this one!". Not just that one, I also did all the co-op trophies back in 2009 (except one, Duelinator) and all I had left was to finish the game and do all quests! For a couple of days, I was pondering what to do, since my copy was sold and only way to play it again was to buy on the psn from ps3 (which sucks in comparison to ps4). Well, the fact you see this trophy here tells you what eventually happened! But the game, unfortunately, didn't age well...no I mean the game itself is great, it's fun just like I remembered, but the ps3 version is still a mess and I don't regret switching to pc back then: it's just a clusterfuck to play, constant glitches and bugs (had several crashes during the Mad Mel fight) and it keeps slowing down is incredible it didn't crash as often as I thought! It's almost unplayable on ps3...but on ps4 is actually great! I played it a little before going back to this and it was amazing, and so many QoL changes such as a minimap showing (which is absent here), better menus, and item pick up on sprint. Bottom line, while I had a lot of fun playing this game, I didn't have fun playing THIS particular version and that is why I highly discourage getting this one: get the ps4 version with all DLC and don't look back. You're not gonna miss anything!
  14. #78 Personal Growth (Gris) Difficulty: Pretty easy, has some great platforming! Time to Complete: About 9 hours Recommended: Yes Total Score: 10/10 I initially had planned to buy this on steam and play it there but I saw the sale on psn first and not on steam... so...yeah I was dumb but oh well. Anyway, since I heard so much good about it and if many speak so well about it, there must be some reason...although I went in carefully just in case since it's not the first time I get disappointed with overly praised games. But in the end, I'm glad I was wrong because Gris is a very, VERY good platformer with a great art style and direction and definitely worth the price. I won't speak much about the story...mainly because the story is very vague and prone to be interpreted by yourself: all I can say is that the game's "plot" is revolved about the 5 stages of grief and Gris, the girl's name, needs to go through all 5 of them to reach the end of the journey, with some very good emotional scenes by the end. With the story out, I can safely say that the game is also very fun too! There are some legitimately good platforming parts and plenty of collectibles to get, and the trophies require you to do some specific things in order to achieve them (like feeding apples to a forest being, or singing to fowls, etc). I honestly expected a shallow, linear platforming game with barely anything in it but I was happily surprised to see so much cure and effort in the platforming sections! So not only this is an artistic game, but also a very good game to boot! At any rate, I had a good time, and while I needed a platinum to reach my 80th soon (I'm keeping that spot for a game I want to plat) this was also a surprisingly good game to play and enjoy. I absolutely recommend it: it's not too long either (I finished the first time in about 4 hours I think, and 9 for the platinum) and it's on sale on both psn and steam!
  15. #77 Fait Accompli (Jak 3...and yes they all use the same platinum icon) Difficulty: MUCH less frustrating...and very fun too! (Orb Glitch used) Time to Complete: About 12 hours Recommended: Yes Total Score: 7/10 Before saying anything, I wanted to say that I did use the Orb Glitch here again, however this time I had an unfortunate bug where at one point my game stopped counting the orbs and I was doing a few challenges before I noticed that happening, and since I didn't have back up saves at that moment and the challenges can't be taken again after completing I only the choice to restart or glitch again...oh well good thing I didn't do the shooting range challenges yet! And that's kinda sad because this time I legitimately enjoyed the game and its challenges: the main story is FAR less frustrating and because of the better checkpoints it only took me 9 hours to beat (it still had some bad checkpoints here and there, but nothing like Jak II). On top of that, the game has more way to help you by letting you heal your hitpoints (which I also don't understand: why giving me 12 hit points but ALL enemies in the game hit for 2? Why not give me 6 hit points then?!), have more weapons variety (from 4 in Jak II to 12 in Jak 3!), better driving with the sand buggy (BETTER but still crappy). In all honesty this was a FAR better game than 2, hands down, as I didn't wanna throw my controller away in rage and I did also enjoy the story and characters a little more! While the game was short, I spent a good amount of time doing challenges (I had about 250 orbs before the bug occurred), and frankly, they're so much better too as they rely more on using tricks and other shortcuts to reach the end of the challenge rather than rushing to the end. If anything my biggest gripe with the challenges was their length: some can take far too long and failing means restarting at least 1 or 2 minutes all the time, in particular, I took a LOT to get the Daxter Missile challenge right and the jetboard challenge. This game was definitely better than 2 (although I still think 1 is the best) and I guess I do regret not purchasing it back in those days...or maybe not, since I love Sly Raccoon/Sly Cooper much more! Even if their games are open they're still platforms to their core, and some of the best in my opinion! Anyway, if you're after the trophies I recommend using the glitch as there are 600 of them and it will take ages! I recommend gathering some on your own before attempting to do this glitch: took me only 2 hours total from starting at halfway and some challenges even give you more than 3 orbs! And remember to make multiple save files or you risk ending up like me!