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  1. #118 Borderlands Defender Round Two (Borderlands 2) Difficulty: Long and occasionally frustrating, but fun and chill otherwise! Time to Complete: about 3 months, with several breaks (100% completion) Recommended: Pretty much yeah! Base game score: 9 Total Score: after the review! WARNING: wall of text incoming! Welp, this was inevitable, after all this is still the best Borderlands game in the franchise and I can see why. For many years I've stuck playing the first, despite its lackings and other issues, so when BL2 came out I wasn't really into it, cause I liked the first so much I grew attached to it. My pc version has only 20 hours in it because I wanted to play more of the first! But at last, after fully finishing bl1 on ps4, as well as getting the platinum on ps3, I thought it was time to get back to BL2 and actually getting to finish it, especially when Bl3 is already out and Tiny tina's wonderland is not too far off. So what to say...it's basically more borderlands here: more loot, bigger areas (which is impressive considering this was a ps3 game) more enemies, more quests (I wish some were fewer), more bosses, more legendaries, just...more really! Bl1 was fun but it had the biggest flaw of just having nothing to do once you were done with it: there's only ONE raid boss, Crawmerax, while the rest of the bosses are hit or misses and usually don't drop anything particular. The 4 hunters were fun but their skills were kinda simplistic in their way, and corrosive damage was probably the biggest element you wanted to go. The 4 DLCs were fine (except Moxxi Underdome) but really I can safely say that while not ALL of BL2 dlcs are great, they're at least all good! Anyway, what I wanna say is that BL2 is great, definitely, a sequel that does the right thing on giving "more of the same", which they do: the 6 hunters are well defined but give quite a lot of variation, relics are different and nice, class mods are definitely stronger here and weapons have unique looks depending on their manufacturer, which is a nice touch! Like I said the areas are HUGE, which is something the first game definitely lacked too, and there's a lot of quests too, some very fun some...not as much, but I liked the variety, and the many areas are also very varied compared to the first, which only had a few - plus the DLC helps it making even more variation And lastly the story...well the first game basically had none so this game wins by default! Plus having an established villain like Handsome Jack definitely helps - can't say that Commander Steele in the first game was a good villain which is a shame because Knoxx was definitely a better villain. So yeah, this game is great, nothing bad to say...well...yeah about that I really need to say this, and I'm going to make some people mad about it, but I have to be honest: as much as I REALLY loved the game, there's just a truckload of problems that made this game a lot more frustrating than it should. I'm trying to say that this game felt like playing Dark Souls 2, where more doesn't always mean better...and it shows because while the first game had fewer weapons and enemies, it felt more streamlined. This game sometimes...actually pretty often...okay almost every time felt very confusing and extremely hard to follow, and not because it's hard but because there's just a lot of stuff that makes the game just more...unnecessary complex. A few examples come to mind, such as: -There are many legendaries this time, but their effects aren't explained AGAIN...why not giving a brief explanation? Especially when some aren't as obvious (it took me a while to know that the Amigo Sincero shoots through shields...I usually take the shields BEFORE I use that one!) -Many more quests, but did we need timed quests? Escort Quests? And EVEN MORE arena quests? -The difficulty spikes between difficulties is insane! Without the right weapon, you're going to die and it's hard when you usually overlevel in normal play and having a bunch of weak guns -Why adding Eridium as the currency to get upgrades when you have money? This makes money trivial in a game where money is basically useless by default! -The overall nerf of all elements (which were ALL viable in bl1) makes the game trickier since now I have to use the right gun for the right enemy. -And don't get me started on slag: I knew from the beginning when I saw it It was going to be trouble! An elemental that triples damage? Yeah, it's basically the FF13 stagger bar all over again. -Also, the overall huge hp and shield numbers, while cool, make small improvements hard to see: smaller numbers are generally easier to balance and easier to see improvements. And lastly, I kinda don't understand the story...I mean don't take me wrong, BL1 story is practically non-existent so this game beats that one, but I did honestly expect more from it. Handsome Jack is definitely a better villain than Steele or Knoxx but I kinda never understood why. The DLCs do a better job at improving on the story after the main game - and tales from the borderlands also help a lot - but I frankly didn't enjoy the BASE story as much as I thought. But the DLCs are fantastic and honestly, it made the whole game a lot better. And speaking of DLC, here's a brief review for each one of them! So bottom line, I did enjoy the game but some choices made me scratch my head. The thing is that it felt like I was playing BL1 all over again, but with more things and more stuff, but more things and more stuff isn't always the good thing because it's easy to get crappy items and weapons that aren't worth it: I had times where I found a GREAT gun but it had a stupid side effect of consuming X more ammo per shot, making it very difficult to use. Or how one of my blue weapons had a weird effect that shoot upwards...forcing me to face down while shooting...and don't get me started on the Bane, a great fire weapon but with stupid downsides. All of this is fun at first but it gets frustrating when you are after good weapons, especially those with the right elements (you don't wanna know how many hours I spent grinding Infinity pistols or hellfire SMGs). And once you do you have to deal with the gunfights, which some can be fun thanks to new enemies...and some not so much. I dunno, maybe I'm just dumb, but I really wished the gunfights were more fun than just "shoot them before they 1 shot you", especially in higher difficulties where they can shoot you with insane accuracy (no really, they could shoot me through the tiniest fo gaps while covered, they're that crazy good). BL1 had flaws but it was the first game, the second game really feels similar but with a lot more stuff around it, and while it's great to have more content to do (lots of raid bosses, OP levels, truckloads of dlcs), I also wished they did some changes to the gunfights overall and make them feel different. But oh well, I'm probably the only one here complaining in this huge wall of text, and overall the trophies are also fine, nothing too hard (except the challenge one), so what I wanna say is that BL2 is THE sequel to the first game, with everything pretty much improved (except when it isn't) with a much better story (when there was none in the original) and also better dlc (there's no Moxxi Underdome, so it wins by default) So the final vote is going to be....ah screw it, this game is fine and I know I'm still gonna play it some more, so whatever: this game is fun, the trophies are doable, and if you have friends to play with it's an amazing experience. So yeah, sorry for the wall of text, but in the end despite all my whining and moaning, I do think this game is great: yes more isn't always better but considering what BL1 had, which was very little in comparison, this game is overall an improvement. Bottom line, I wasted your time, Torgue is awesome, Handsome Jack is funny until he wasn't, and the many DLC, contents and everything makes this game a very big package. I do plan to play BL3 and presequel but so far Borderlands 2 is THE definitive experience and I look forward to trying out new classes soon enough!
  2. That's interesting then, since I'm with the same issue: game is fine, it's pretty much untouched even if second hand, but i have infinite loading screens as well.
  3. Update: Apparently the issue wasn't server-wide or anything, but @Bmercenary wifi wasn't working for him and going with phone data worked. So in case your matching doesn't work and says that the "matching has failed", make sure your connection works and in the doubt use data or another option.
  4. Just a warning, it seems the game has some online issues: me and @Bmercenary have been attempting the online for a couple of days now and we always get errors. I don't think it's a shutdown but more likely a server issue.
  5. I don't know if you can, and I have nobody who can test it with me - and my internet is not working as of now, so I can't even check.
  6. Sure, give me a time and add be to psn. I'll try to help if I can, I've been busy with work lately. I've sent a friend request
  7. #117 Panzer Dragoon (Panzer Dragoon....REMAKE!) Difficulty: Very easy but very....very....very...VERY long Time to Complete: 1 week and 6 days for a total of 100 hours Recommended: It's easy but again, it's looooong Total Score: 700/1000 You know, this game is so short, I'll be short too. - The game is fun but takes 1 hour to complete (about 45 minutes to be realistic) - The trophies are easy and you can do all of them in 2 or 3 playthroughs. - Then there's the 100-hour trophy which you'll need to AFK in the main menu while occasionally banking your hours. There, concluded
  8. #116 The Caligula Effect Overdose (The Caligula Effect Overdose...yeah it's one of those trophies) Difficulty: Very easy but has some big flaws. A guide is recommended. Time to Complete: 54 hours split into 2 playthroughs (50 + 4) Recommended: Yes, very recommended! Total Score: 7/10 Hearing that the second game is not too far from coming in the rest of the world I decided to tackle the first game on the ps4 and attempt to get it done (sadly the Vita version is now delisted from the store). I remember the game being pretty good, the combat was definitely a unique take and allowed a lot of experimentation, plus the idea that you're basically in a simulation makes the game world interesting enough. Unfortunately...there are issues, lots of issues, and this is why I couldn't give it a higher score. I want to start with the positives: the story itself starts pretty well, as you discover you're in a fake world called Mobius, and that you're in a club called "Go-home" where your objective is, well, "to go home"! In here you'll meet your initial cast and while you start to be the first with the catharsis effect, everyone will get theirs eventually. The story itself is not exactly special: your objective is to escape this fake reality and go back to the real world, however, the real question begins when you realize "why" you are all here, as you come to realize that nobody in this world is innocent, and everyone, and everybody, including the villains, have traumas that lead to this place. And this what really makes the game more interesting: the characters, and villains, aren't just characters who want to save the world or just feel cool, they are victims of their traumas that lead to this place because they couldn't fulfill it in the real world, and some of them legitimately surprised me. I wasn't exactly attached to them because they were good characters (they are kinda forgettable, but they could be worse) but because of how they're victims of the circumstances and how their traumas defined them. And they're all fairly relatable too, especially the villains, which this version allows you to play as and you get to discover a lot of hidden stories and you legitimately feel sad for some of them... Too bad though that once the final act begins, the plot turns into a "bad girl wants to destroy the world because baddy bad bad" and makes no sense anymore: even after all you did for the villains, doing their scenes and maximizing their relationships, everything is thrown away and now it's all about destroying the world. It would've made more sense if I took over the bad girl and decided to remain in the fake world while letting everyone out, but nope let's destroy the world, and consequentially the fake world. This is a total waste of potential, and it's even sadder knowing that your big reveal at the end has even an anime scene and more dialogues. But nope, let's destroy the world because baddy bad bad... Oh well, these are only the positives because there's a lot of negatives...a LOT of them! The combat itself is great, it's very interesting to combo skills and doing air juggling, and overall I really liked to experiment with it...until I got tired 2 hours in and went for the spam tactic. No offense but the combat, while fast and enjoyable at first, isn't as rewarding as it should and you don't get a lot of experience from fighting (nor money either), resulting in a huge grind of exp. In addition, the enemies are ALL THE SAME, I am not kidding: all you fight are students, only students, just students. The only difference they have is in their "attachments" on the back and what skills they use, BUT THAT'S IT! The bosses are the only exceptions...even though all of them are recycled from your roster! Except for Kotaro and Wicked, all characters are identical to their counterpart! Well okay, they do have different moves and sometimes have different skills, but the animation is identical: Sweet-P has a bow like Kotono, Mirei has a hammer like Mifue, Naruko and Shone-Doll have "lasers" and Ike-P has dual guns like the MC. It's really annoying to see so much recycling especially when the game roster is so huge (10 characters from each side + yourself as both the MC and the 11th musician, if you play the Ostinato Route). And one more thing about the combat that annoyed me to no end: the accuracy. The game is so easy even at normal (and hard) difficulties, that the real main difference between them isn't as much as the damage they do but rather at the ease of missing them on your hits: this means that the only difficulty spike you get is just how much you can miss and this is more annoying than you think, because one miss can essentially screw your combo! I had so many times where my MC, failing to break a shield, essentially ruined the entire combo of my group, forcing me to waste time. That is so annoying that I just stopped doing that and went full spam... Another big issue is how the quests work: you have to interact with students to get their quests and there are over 524 (!!!) students in the whole game...however where they are is unknown. You can befriend those with a 0 but can't with a lock until you befriend someone nearby their causality link, forcing you to scout them around the maps. This is a HUGE problem because you have no idea where they could be, zero, and this is where a guide is recommended because you are required to get the class leaders quests for a trophy, as well as complete 100 of them. The only positive here is that their quests are usually fairly simple and won't take too long to complete but a lot of the items and bosses you need to fight are only unlocked later and becomes difficult to keep track of them. Especially when you can't search by trauma, which would've helped a LOT! And lastly, but totally not least, the game graphics are decent but damn there's so much recycling even here...dungeons look cheaply made, there's a lot of assets being recycled throughout the whole place, and even the characters look like garbage (they rarely make expressions and don't even move their mouths!). And again, due to how the game recycles a lot of stuff, it feels the game is very cheaply made, despite being a remake with more content than the vita version. Sorry for the long wall but still...I really liked this game! For all the flaws it threw at me I still kept going forward! I wanted to know why this character is like that, or why the musicians are like this, or who's the person behind that mask - as you discover that, being a fake world, anything is possible! Plus I really liked the music - nothing amazing but it was catchy and I liked to listen to it while running through the dungeons - and the voice acting was....good I guess? If I knew Japanese maybe I could say more but I don't, so I assume it's good. Trophy wise the game is also very easy: there are no missables for the most part unless you purposedly skip dialogues. I would recommend going for the Ostinato route first as you can get all the cutscenes for both parts since you still can choose the good ending regardless of your affiliation. It's just an extra part after each dungeon where you play as Lucid but that's about it. The go-home route, the original from the vita game, is basically the same game but without you playing as Lucid. Overall, I highly recommend it if you can get it cheap: it's a game that surprised me how Traumas can define a person to that core and makes you feel bad for them (Ayana, in particular, made me feel even worse after going for the bad ending, as a female protagonist, since your gender does affect dialogues and even some cutscenes). It's nothing amazing or anything that will ascend to greatness, but it's a good jrpg with some good story and some pretty decent characters - and not too hard trophies. I recommend it if you find it cheap! Now it's time to wait for the sequel!
  9. Yeah I forgot to update this, but as of 26 of August the online still works. But do make sure to have someone with you, as the online is super dead. There's no need to win, only to fight.
  10. Assuming bad online, I guess also because nobody plays it. Even when I had it I found nobody. Valhalla knights isn't exactly a famous franchise afaik. I played the first on psp and it was mediocre at best! 3 was a little better but I did lose my files for some reason. Too bad.
  11. I didn't even know this had an online trophy. I could see if it's possible since my vita still works and I played this game a while ago. I'll let you know. Edit: apparently it's still possible, after the first tutorial bits you can already queue. unfortunately there's nobody but if anyone else is after reading this let me know, i could use this and then take my time with the rest!
  12. The weird part is, I did Angelic Ruins with 4 people, and i had no crash whatsoever. Now that guy was still with me, but the other 2 kept leaving and returning, some being replaced, and eventually I was worried too but I still had no crash. Anyway in your case you should be good then, modded weapons help tremendously, especially shields. I did legit for hell-burbia and i can safely say it was hard as it is. I would've used the modded weapons too but I didn't know how. Good luck in your attempts, just try to melt if you can, or burn them. I'm not sure but it worked to me. Somehow.
  13. #115 Alchemist of Legend (Arc of Alchemist) Difficulty: Besides some difficulty fights, it's pretty easy Time to Complete: 17 hours Recommended: It's short Total Score: 4/10 Welp, a long time ago I wanted to buy this physical and I really liked the idea of a base and action jrpg, reminding me a lot of dark clouds and dark cloud 2 (or dark chronicle for Europeans like me), so I was going to buy it but then I waited...until I saw the reviews and I saw it on a sale a long time after. And all I can think is "GOOD GOD, I dodged a bullet with this one". Let's not beat around the bush: the game is mediocre at best. The combat is very slow and clunky, the magic system is meh and has limited use until you have to return to the base, you cannot change equipment or characters unless you return to the base (smells like type-0 here...) and the story itself is...just uninvolving really. Even when the major plot bomb arrives the story was very uninspiring and boring, and the character interactions are just forgettable at best. It's a shame though because I could see potential here: I really like the art style used, a chibi art style that makes each character look very unique and I really liked that, and I like the idea that they have made huge areas to explore with your base as your hub, making the hub-based exploration "sensical", since that's your only safe place. I also really like the protagonist Quinn, she's a mature (and pretty beautiful if you ask me!) woman and she shows capable leadership skills but is human enough to show her fears and being worried about her group (which tops during the true ending scene, so to speak). And I like the idea that Quinn can use any weapon and be somewhat good at it, and there were a few scenes of interactions between characters that were fairly interesting, even if very short. But again, it's hard to say this game is good: it feels as if they cut corners everywhere they could or flat out removed content or skits to make it work. I just could hardly care about half of the cast of characters! I couldn't care about Micah and Axel crush, or Rune and Sandra's motherly relationship or Sharon having secrets or Darius loving to cook, and Ace's personal revenge, because they never finish those stories with a satisfying ending and just remain open for...nothing really! And the worst offender is the villain...which there is none. Yeah, there's no villain! Okay, the automatons are the villains, sorta, but they have no personality or anything redeeming factor whatsoever - infact their design is very forgettable - and even the ONE character that could've been a possible villain just disappears later on. Even the final boss feels out of place cause there's no real villain! None! Unless....we, humans, are the villain? Naaah, I don't think it's THAT deep! The moral of the story, Arc of Alchemist is a fairly mediocre action jrpg that has the only redeeming quality of being easy to platinum and, well, it actually never crashed on me. It had frame rate drops but it never crashed or bugged out so at least it's working fine (which can't say for other games I played). The platinum is fairly easy but will require some grinding later on. If you're looking for an easy platinum, I can recommend this just fine, but beyond that, I would say just skip it.
  14. #114 Advent of the Akiba God (Akiba's Trip) Difficulty: Mostly easy. Otaku difficulty had some annoying parts but nothing unbearable Time to Complete: 22 hours split among 5 playthroughs (12 + 2 hours each, more or less) Recommended: Yes, it's short and fun Total Score: 7.5/10 Welp this was a real trip into the past: Akiba's Trip was one of the first platinum I did - my fourth if I'm correct - and back then I was still new to the concept of "platinum games for fun" and all that, and I remember playing this game casually but then seeing how I was basically halfway through the list...so I did it, and for the time I was so happy about it, considering I wasn't really into trophy hunting back then. And now 5 years later, and 110 trophies later, I decided to do the ps4 version and It was...maybe a little less fun than I remembered? It's still a lot of fun, but I suppose I expected a little too much. So how to describe Akiba's Trip? Well it's sort of like a Yakuza of the poor...and I do mean very poor, since Akiba's full of mini areas to explore and it's not even ALL of Akiba (I can only defend this as this was a ps vita game too, but I'm not sure if it's good enough). The combat itself is kind of fun, albeit not well balanced at times: most of the weapons aren't all that great, in the sense that their only difference is in their animation since you can upgrade them to 999 and have the same stats as every other weapon. I used the final boss sword and practically never took it off. But to be fair, what makes this game fun is the customization. Unfortunately, you have to finish the game AT LEAST once in order to unlock more options, but when you do it's pretty much real free estate: you can change almost anything, from gender, animation, and even voices. You can even crossdress in many ways and let's just say that seeing an old man with an idol dress and cat ears, walking like your sister, with a cutesy voice it's probably the scariest thing you will ever see in this game! It's a shame that the story will always consider us males (well, one character does call us "sister" but that's it) so there's no difference in the story depending on who you are. You can literally be the final boss (literally, you can strip his clothes and wear them up in ng+) and you'll still be considered the same as before. Or do just like me and become a white knight princess! Anyway let's talk about... the stripping, it's about doing it on vampires so they can die under the sun...kinda, one character even returns after supposedly dying under the sun, so I'm not sure. Plus you can see yourself in the sun all the time and nothing happens so..."heh", game logic. Other than that it's fairly simple: strip enemies of their clothing and you beat them. Strip in a chain and you also gain their underwear - properly censored by a flash of light. The best part is the many ways to strip enemies: some animations are just hilarious, such as the obvious "ora ora ora" animation, or the "kamehameha" one from another. Again, customization is fantastic and it's probably the highlight of this game, and they're not too hard to get either. In all honesty, my issue is that...I kinda hoped for more? The ps3 version was fine, but I was expecting a little extra from this newer version: Kati is still the only girl not having an ending (which is weird considering she has some moments), and they could've added the above mentioned female route so that, who knows, we could've dated the guys (who also have their own strip cut-in...hey can't say this game isn't inclusive!) and maybe could've had more areas. Alas, it's the same exact game as the ps3 version, but with better loading times and a mode called Toybox, which basically unlocks everything from the start (I think, I didn't try it in full, as it doesn't unlock any trophies or anything) Beyond that, the game is still fun! And the best part is that despite the stripping theme it never really takes itself seriously: the stripping is merely a joke and the fun part is how ridiculous it can get, and seeing big badass enemies getting stripped into their underwear it's both hilarious and stupid! Even the concept of chain stripping, or having telekinesis stripping, and all that, makes this game just too funny and too ridiculous to take seriously which is how I recommend getting into this game: just play it for fun, think of this game as one of those animes with fanservice, and enjoy it for what it is! I still there's gonna be a proper sequel to this (not counting Akiba's Beat which is a spin off, and the recent Akiba's Trip is actually the previous game) because the plot can still potentially be expanded more, and even if there's no cliffhanger (which is good IMO) there's a possibility for more to come. I totally recommend this, it's just a fun trip to madness that I wish it lasted a little longer!
  15. I was lucky to have found someone to help me doing Angelic Ruins and the Gully - i think he was modded, he never lost his shield - so it was very easy with him. I eventually did Hell-burbia on my own, wasn't easy at all while alone, and eventually I got it. The guy was a life savior! Honestly, i can only recommend two things: "do it with AT LEAST someone else, whether you wanna do the low level exploit, or legit" and "DO USE A FIRE/CORROSIVE GUN!" With my Mordecai I managed to have no crashes thanks to my guns: i had a fire elemental and Corrosive gun, and their procs were super high, so 2 times out of 3 they melted. I think that helped a lot because I never had a single crash in my attempts. I could potentially try and help you because as long as you have at least one character with good weapons (corrosive work best, but fire are okay too), it's really a lot easier since the other guy can help from the tower, and of course, as long as one is alive it's not game over. I have some weapons that are really useful for that, a sniper rifle and a revolve with extremely high corrosive power (although i lost a mod that regenerated ammo for it, damn)