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  1. #72 Sekiro (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice) Difficulty: VERY difficulty alright! Time to Complete: About 50-60 hours (had to grind for the last trophies) Recommended: If you're looking for a challenge, yeah! Total score: 7/10 I'm very...VERY debated on this game and I can't shake the feeling that this game didn't fully click with me. I'll explain why but let me put this way: I didn't fully enjoy this game When I first saw this game I had Tenchu vibes all over: I loved Tenchu back in the ps1 and ps2 era and I wish we had another one because it was super fun! But oh well I wanted to play Sekiro a lot and I knew it was going to be hard but still I wanted to play a cool looking ninja doing stealth kills and sword fights. Well, the ninja stuff was fun for sure but the combat....not so much. Let me start with the pros: exploration is top-notch, definitely the best part of the game and the verticality added to the movement made an already big place to explore even bigger - maybe even too big? Some areas were just so damn well hidden. I also loved the areas and how varied they were - even though it recycled the last 2 areas but it's alright - and the animation was fluid and overall, It gave me a great sense of discovery that only these games really do. If there was one thing I loved in BB, was the exploration! But here's my cons and these are 1000% SUBJECTIVE (added an extra zero because its serious business yo!): I did not like the boss fights. At all. The main reason for that is mainly due to how spammy they get with their unblockables and how barely of a moment I got to counter each of them and considering there are basically 3 types of them (Sweeps, Thrusts and Grapples) I could never - EVER - figure the right one in time. I would do a boss fight for hours and the only thing that actually killed me was that damned unblockable sweep that came from nowhere! I could do the thrusts fine and STILL sometimes I would get the full hit even when doing at the right time - which means I did something wrong, or it cannot be mikiri countered! I'm probably the minority but that's just me. I also really disliked the dragonrot gimmick...mainly because it was pretty meaningless on the long run. I played ultra safe for most of the game, resting every time I would accidentally die and ress, just so i could avoid the dragonrot but even when it triggered I really didn't see much...so I was just an idiot who got scared of a gimmick that basically has no real repercussion to the game itself, minus some minor npc. Oh and I lose half of my money and hard-earned exp without having a chance to recover them! That's nice! And I was going to put this on pros but, honestly, what's the point of these skills anyway? I barely used any of them, maybe the Double Ichimonji and the whirlwind slash the most cause they were short and didn't block you in animation - at least the ichimonji can be stopped midway! The tools were good but I only ever used the firecrackers, the umbrella (amazing for the isshin fight!) and the Axe, so I felt a bit underwhelmed by how incredibly situational most items were. I dunno, I went into with good hopes and dreams, wanting to love the game but I simply didn't as much as the others did. I'm glad I got the platinum because exploration was the thing that kept me going and it was exciting to visit some of these places - Fountainhead palace was incredibly gorgeous!. But unlike BB or even Code Vein where I felt legitimately sad to part ways and move on, with BB gothic places and CV nice characters, I probably won't be missing Sekiro all that much... At least the endings are nice! I'll stick with the Purification one as canon!
  2. #71 Honorary S.O.S. Member (428: Shibuya Scramble) Difficulty: Very easy, especially if you use a guide Time to Complete: 30 hours Recommended: if you're not into VN games, it's an easy plat at least! Total score: 7/10 I remember a friend mentioning this game on discord and I had no idea about its existence until I saw a copy of it on a local Gamestop. I didn't buy it there though cause it was 50 euros and frankly I'm scared of VN games: due to their lack of gameplay they sole reliance is on their story which means that if the story doesn't click with me, it's practically garbage for me. That's why I prefer rpgs: if their story suck, and sometimes they do, then at least I get to play the game! Thankfully Shibuya Scramble has "some" gameplay elements (sorta): the story is about 5 characters (later you get a couple more) and how their actions will change the fate of the other 4 and so on, which is what I was talking about gameplay element: each decision may or may not lead to a bad end in another route which gives a sort of "puzzle game" vibe to the game, forcing you to think how to proceed. The only mechanic I hated was the jump: occasionally the game will "keep you out" until you unlock it via another route by "jumping" to another character, which allows you to proceed with the story. This mechanic may sound nice at first but it ends up being very frustrating and not very intuitive as some jumps are hidden behind some very obscure choices. For example to Jump to another character, I had to choose another, very similar option, with the only difference that he spoke a name WHICH was the jump! I'm not going to lie that I had to use a guide once or twice because it wasn't very easy sometimes, but not all that bad. What else to say, it's not too bad, my sister and I really enjoyed it and had some very nice twists near the end. The side-content was a bit of a hit or miss and unlocking all bad ends was boring but necessary to get all endings. But the platinum is fairly easy and if you don't care about following its story you can just skip it and go for the trophies using a guide. Definitely not bad and I hope the next VN I may play will be as good if not better!
  3. #69 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Victor! (Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory....wow that's a mouthful) Difficulty: Fairly easy but very time consuming Time to Complete: about 70 hours (it's mostly grinding) Recommended: with a guide, yes. Without? Eeeh... Hey this is the first time I get to do 2 plats in a day! I was planning to give the 69th spot for this game considering the game - and the fact that half of the cast is a bunch of half-naked goddesses is also part of this - so after a 7-year pause I finally got myself into playing this and get the plat...and boy it was a chore. I forgot why I originally quit in the first place: the scouts system and the fact the game totally relies on RNG made it just annoying to play without a guide and the quests gave absolutely no clue on where to go for completing them. Not only that but scouts are also necessary for unlocking dungeons and additional enemies, EVERYTHING! As I said without a guide this game can take from a week to probably weeks, MONTHS if you got no clue. Even with 20+ scouts with me I still had to reload my save several times...Oh well at least the game is short and the endings took me only a few hours to get. The only reason I got the platinum for this is that I wanted to give the 69 spot to some specific and I thought this one fit the bill...but if it was for me I wouldn't have tried right now and got something else. Oh well, at least with this I'm finally done with the original trilogy on ps3! #70 Superhuman (Amplitude) Difficulty: Very hard depending on your music game skills Time to Complete: shouldn't take more than a few weeks if you're skilled with this kind of games! Recommended: If you're a fan of the original - and guitar hero too - yes! And this is my second plat! Done a few hours after Neptunia, this one was already done for the plat: I already did the hardest trophies like finishing all songs in Super and the 15 song campaign without failing, so only thing missing was multiplayer where I mostly did solo - my sister did help for a couple of them, so cheers lil sis! What else to say, the game isn't tough in itself actually but the main trophy that gave me trouble was Fluid Intelligence as it took me a lot of time to get it right - Astrosight and Digital Paralisys were the songs that gave me the most trouble - while clearing the songs in super took me a few days, with a few songs giving me a bit of a problem - Attack on Psychofortress is insane! And with these, I'll be needing a break...Amplitude might have taken the longest but Neptunia Victory was the one that was hard for me to play as I kept looking on guides for even the slightest thing I needed. Hoping VII is better...but I might do that another time!
  4. #68 World War One Hero (Battlefield 1) Difficulty: Beyond hard mode campaign, the online might take a while. Time to Complete: 1 week (didn't 100%) Recommended: yeah but mind the online trophies I haven't purchased a proper battlefield game since BF4 on pc, even though I still have great memories of 3 on my ps3 (bear with me, my pc was crap!) so it's been a while since I wanted to try battlefield again (not counting starwars battlefront for now) and I saw this on sale: what a great chance to jump in am I right? Well...so and so. For starters, I really enjoyed the campaign: the gritty atmosphere of WW1 felt really immersive and it definitely had me hooked, even though I wasn't really into the idea of starting out as a tank but whatever. I started out in hard mode and it wasn't so difficulty which was a relief after the struggle of modern warfare remastered. Finishing the campaign was pretty easy and after that I went with collectibles - a guide is very welcome, cause some manuals are well hidden - and challenges, which oddly enough only the first campaign levels had very tough ones (the 36 field cannons and the 10 planes in 30 seconds) while the rest was fairly easy. So overall it wasn't hard...but then comes the online, and here comes my big gripe with the game. I didn't really enjoy the multiplayer a whole lot: for one it felt my guns very underpowered against the ones of the enemies, in particular high leveled ones, so i felt like I was gimped from the start. Secondly, during modes like conquest or operations, there was a heavy usage of vehicles which is both fun and annoying: it's fun to drive a tank and kill enemy soldiers but less fun when said enemy soldiers can easily destroy it with a few bombs. Granted, I can see that's the balance there: bigger targets mean more hp but easier to hit, but it also meant that if nobody took care of them you could die so easily because any vehicle can most likely 1 shot you and believe me it wasn't fun getting bombed from yet another plane! This is where the only trophy rant comes: getting all infantry class to 2 is not hard but it is grindy and will take a while, at least a few hours, which I feel it's intentional as you can BUY levels with real money, and I felt only the scout and support to be the most fun class to use, with medic being the third only because they had really crappy starting weapons but at least they can heal and resurrect. Assault was boring and unless you played against vehicles they felt really underwhelming. In addition, being an older battlefield game, I don't think I'll even bother with 100% it: I tried to do an expansion map and there was literally nobody playing it so I had to go back to the ones people play, making the rest of the game "kinda dead". I could find players though, probably about a thousand but not sure, so if you play to get the plat with this game either do it now that people still play it, especially the classes, or don't bother at all because when the next BF comes out it might be dead...er? Enough with my rambling: time to think of my 69th plat. And this time I know what to pick!
  5. #67 Super Super Trophy (Horizon Chase Turbo) Difficulty: World Tour is a breeze, but the Tournaments and Endurance modes were frustrating at times Time to Complete: 8 months (played it very casually until very recently) Recommended? if you're into 90s style arcade racing games sure! Started this game back in august but only after clearing the world tour, I decided to play full time and get the last trophies, specifically tournament mode and endurance mode. Still, I really enjoyed this little game: considering I grew up with games like Hang-on and similar it was a nice throwback to the 90s where I used to play my megadrive with the exception that it's all 3d and of course it's smoother (there's even a retro mode but it's painful to the eyes!) Honestly, all I can say is tournament mode was a pain in the butt: if world tour felt like a nice little trip Tournament mode was like a hike to the mountains! Enemy cars were so aggressive and kept getting in the way, making me lose speed and time. In fact, the only thing I truly dislike of the game is how there are too many cars and how it's easy to bump into them (the trophy for NOT bumping into any car was harder than I thought!) and how some tracks have tight roads! It's a mess and it's not funny how easy it is. Other than that, music is spectacular and graphically speaking I really like the minimalistic and cartoonish way, just like old times - even though I didn't play many racing games on my megadrive. I suggest playing this game slowly and take your time: It's a fun game on occasion but it can become boring really quick if you play for longer sessions!
  6. #66 Platinum Columbia (Bioshock Infinite) Difficulty: Harder of the three games, especially because of 1999 mode. Time to Complete: took me about 2 playthroughs and a half so I'm guessing about 30-40 hours Recommended? Well...there's worse but there's also better? And with this, I've finally platinum the Bioshock trilogy - not 100% yet because I haven't started Infinite DLC - and boy what a ride, and not in a good way. Just like Bioshock 1 and 2 I also played this game before on pc, twice like BS1, but I honestly never ever got into the changes they made for the game which is why this one is my least favorite in terms of gameplay while for story it has a pretty good ending and the DLC Burial at Sea is amazing on its own (I haven't touched them but I did play them on pc) Honestly, my biggest gripe is the limitations with your weapons and the fact you can't carry medkits and salts with you, without mentioning how you have less "plasmids" and only a few of them were really that helpful. Having 2 weapons only extremely limits your options, especially in 1999 mode: I essentially played the entire game with the hand cannon and the sniper rifle, especially the sniper rifle, because every other weapon isn't all that great. Because of only 2 weapons you can only upgrade so much and this time you use money instead of workshops which felt just annoying and "grindy", but not in a satisfactory way. Most vigors are hit or miss: Possession is the most useful but also very underwhelming with how it's not permanent and since you can't hack turrets or robots this is your only option and it's not the best. Other ones like Devil's Kiss or Return to Sender were very situational, while Bucking Bronco and Shock Jokey were a little more useful, and Undertow was pretty useful to avoid wasting ammo. But overall, it's not as varied or "Fun" as Bioshock 1 and 2 where you could legitimately combo your plasmids with weapons, it just feels like an extra hand. A lot of the exploration is also gone and the game is very linear. Sure you can still explore few parts but it's very, VERY linear and you can't backtrack like BS1, which means you need to explore properly before proceeding to avoid missing the, well, missables like voxophones or safes to unlock or secret passages to discover and potions that can upgrade your stats. Oh that's right: since this game tried to be a modern fps instead of, you know, Bioshock, you have now a recharging shield alongside your health so now you have to take cover! Just like in Modern Warfare! Minus the fun factor. Honestly, I would say to go and play this for the story but since this is a trophy hunting site all I can say is "good luck, be patient, you'll die a lot" because 1999 mode is the epitome of unfun. Now granted the difficulty itself didn't bother me but it did bother me how you lose a lot more money and risk a total game over if you got none left. You also have to play the entire game in 1999 mode without buying from the Dollar Bill vendors which means you literally need to scavenge for health and salts and ammo so it felt like "Hard mode with extra steps". If 1999 mode could've been done without avoiding the Dollar Bill vendors (THANKFULLY you can use the other 2) and removed the money drain from dying I think it would've been an enjoyable run, especially since you can't save your game manually but it has autosaves and checkpoints....like a modern fps I guess? TL;DR it's a fun game, a bit less to platinum, and if you plan to do the 1999 run then take your time, read a guide and spam "Restart from checkpoint" to avoid wasting money. I'm gonna need a break after this...again!
  7. #65 I Am the Night (Batman: The Enemy Within) Difficulty: It's a Telltale game...nuff said! Time to complete: I took it slow because I wanted to enjoy it, so maybe 2-3 days Recommended? Well it's a nice story and a very easy platinum so... I honestly won't be long with this: the main reason why I got it this one was that I had the first one through PSN+ and I fairly enjoyed that one, so I waited for the time to grab this one and use my "choices" into the sequel. I'm not a huge fan of Telltale works after the walking dead - loved the first 2 seasons and the wolf among us the most - but It was fairly enjoyable and a much better improvement over the first in terms of technicalities (the first game glitched and even crashed a few times). Either way, me and my sister enjoyed going through and most chapters were pretty good: each chapter should be about 2-3 hours and the ending is pretty satisfying. What can I say, if you want a very quick Platinum but also enjoy a good story without much effort - and sometimes we want some relaxing games - it's worth a shot, especially if you can get it cheap. And now after a well deserved break, back to Bioshock Infinite!
  8. #64 Platinum Trophy (Bioshock 2) Difficulty: Easier than the first, but annoying at times. Time to complete: About 2 days, I guess 20 hours. It's a little shorter than Bioshock 1 Recommended? Yes! The QoL alone makes it so much better! Unlike Bioshock 1 and Bioshock Infinite, this is the only game I didn't replay twice but that's because I never bought the second when it came out, hearing it was bad or something...then I forgot review magazines can be trash and essentially bashed the game for "not being Bioshock enough". Well let me just say that while this game doesn't have a story like the original the gameplay is SUPERB and the changes made the game so much enjoyable that it reminds me of Serious Sam 2, great game but "eeew don't touch it it's gross". Crap where to start, you can FINALLY dual-wield your weapon AND plasmids and they work independently, meaning that you can reload your weapon and shoot a plasmid and vice versa! This also means you can combo your plasmids and weapons and later on you can get some nice tonics that can literally give you builds! Most tonics are back, some are reworked, some were removed, but overall there's a lot more choice! Gone are the tonic types: you can put 30 tonic of any type in any way you want and they made some incredibly useful tonics too, like healing on water, repairing your turrets (YES!) healing and Eve restoration from healing points, better drill damage and so many more. There's a lot of experimentation you can do and they can all work! Also gone the old camera and now you can get research points by actually attacking...granted it's a bit clunky and should've been automatic but it's really useful and much faster too! On top of that they give some very useful boosts like a bigger wallet (and this time 3 digits!) more EVE, more ammo to carry and etc. The last level is always a plasmid but they're hit or miss. And hacking, OH MY GOD the hacking it's sooooo much better and faster now! Gone is that annoying tube minigame and now you have a small, quick minigame about pressing on the right spot and if you happen to land on the Blue you get bonuses! The only downside is that the game isn't paused so you have to do it in real-time BUT you can run and do the hacking while you jump around. And what's most important to mention is that this game is a lot easier than Bioshock 1...but I will say that I found some difficulty spikes where it shouldn't happen: in Siren Alley it was very common to get a Brute out of nowhere, especially during a big daddy fight, and it was much harder to lure them into turrets since they seem to be much rare now. You can make turrets now but they're timed and being on Hard they can run out very fast. Also the game CRASHED very often and I don't know why (I have a ps4 pro btw) Overall, great and fun game, criminally underrated if you ask me. This version has no multiplayer and thank God for that because I hate doing online trophies with a passion! I don't want to do like I did with Paladins! Now go on and have fun, very easy to plat too (hard mode isn't like survivor from Bioshock 1 and if you're fine restarting you can use vita chambers too) and still a fun game. totally worth it! PS: Protector's Trial DLC is okay, very repetitive though, but Minerva's Den Is worth it!
  9. #63 Platinum Trophy (Bioshock) Difficulty: Surprisingly easier than I thought Time to complete: About 3 days of play, I assume 20 or 25 hours Recommended? Absolutely! Now here's a story of how about I played this game many times before: I started it out on Xbox360 (still got my copy) then got it on my pc and finished it TWICE and one day when I saw the collection on ps4 I was so wanting to get it but my sister would go "don't buy it again, you got it on pc and you finished like, 2 times! Well last month this gem was available on PSN plus so I thought "it's destiny that I must grab it!". Only difference is that I never attempted 100% it so I was concerned about the game played on the highest difficulty without vita chambers but it turned out to be much easier than I thought: after a while, I could easily 1 shot enemies with a headshot and saves felt like I was playing an old pc game from the 90s-2000. Good times. Anyway, what makes the trophy a bit harder is the missables: there are a few that are only obtainable early on, especially diaries, and the Cohen's room being one thing I never found out until today. The rest was fairly simple and finishing the game on Survivor without ressing gave me 4 trophies in a row. After that, I just went and completed the diaries and I was done, infact finishing the game on Survivor was the hardest part because you start off very rough and you realize how enemies are much tougher - I nearly died at the very first enemy! But as soon as you get some plasmids like Decoy (SO GOOD AGAINST BIG DADDIES) and better weapons (shotty and crossbow ftw) you're pretty much on the roll. The story is very good but I ain't gonna spoil it: the guide on the site says that you should play the first time for the story but I think you can do on survivor too. Game is only hard at the beginning. Main issues are the game is clunky, like plasmids and weapons can't be BOTH equipped together (you can in the sequel!) and the odd fact it crashed more times than I wanted...also why the money counter shows 4 digits but the maximum amount of money is 500?! Still, a great game, one of my faves and I plan to play the second soon, which my favorite (when it comes to gameplay) and eventually Infinite. So, would you kindly give this game a try?
  10. #62: Just another day at the office (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered) Difficulty: Frustrating but doable - guides might be helpful Time to complete: Took me 2 days, I assume about 20-30 hours Recommended: Yep! So, I accidentally wanted to play the multiplayer but it would take longer so I downloaded the campaign first, while waiting for the multiplayer, and I couldn't stop there: had a lot more fun than I initially imagined and I really didn't expect this considering I'm more a fan of old school shooters like DOOM or Bioshock. However, when I did the first training part and gave me Veteran as a recommended difficulty I was like "Are you kidding? I can't even complete Titanfall 2, how can I do this game?" So, of course, I got in after hours and hours of tries on some missions - in particular One Shot, One Kill, Heat, "No fighting in the War room" and of course the all-time loved Mile High Club, I managed to complete the campaign on veteran and I was very happy about it! I didn't think I would make it and sure I had to use some tricks in some parts to get through (especially in one shot one kill and Heat) but if anything this boosted my morale on trying to complete harder games! Anyway, what else to say, it's an FPS with really linear yet satisfying shoot galleries, the weapons are kinda well done although I think it lacks some variety (I'm just used to more weapons) and difficulty spikes aside the levels were really enjoyable to do and being on Veteran I had to be extra careful...although sometimes I felt like I was playing a puzzle game: go there, WRONG, you die, repeat. Enemies sometimes won't die even if I shot in the head - or hitbox maybe screwed up - and MHC was such a mess I can't believe it passed the testing: I had no idea how I did it but the stars were aligned and enemies didn't shoot me at the end of the area before the execution took place. I don't think I could ever do this again...it was so random that I would often die right at the start, and my flashbangs would either work or completely fail! Anyway, glad it's over, time to move on the next game. I probably take a break and finish off the neptunia series now!
  11. #61 Neptunia Master System mk2 (Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2) Difficulty: fairly easy, but time-consuming Time to complete: around 55 to 60 hours (the game itself is about 40) Recommended: perhaps... It's been a while since I didn't touch this one, 8 years infact! Back then I wasn't big into getting platinums and while I enjoyed the game I wasn't in the mood to replay the game a second time. Times have changed and now I enjoy replaying a lot more and since this game was nearly done I thought it would be nice to put some closure into this, especially when the original Hyperdimension Neptunia (yes, the shitty one) was my very first platinum. Anyway, the game is technically a sequel to the original but it changed so much that it feels more like a reboot: there was a lot of retconning done through the game, such as reworking the story of how IF and Compa met, or how suddenly the CPU have sisters, but I doubt anyone will mind! The game is OBJECTIVELY much better than the original and everything is improved. Well almost. So for one the combat is a lot better, much faster and has more depth; you have more characters than before and you'll recruit much earlier than the original game; gone is the horrible travelling system used in the original and replaced by a simple cursor you move around the map; crafting is added too, and probably much more than I could remember. If anything my biggest gripe with the game, it's the story that tries too hard to be serious and it's really unfitting plus Nepgear, who is the new protagonist, isn't as enjoyable as Neptune - or even Noire from Hyperdevotion - so the overall game is very dull at times. Also gone are the satirical nature of the first game which was probably the only "nice" thing, instead, we're talking of world's end scenario and other things which tops up with the Conquest route which is probably the darkest story I've seen in a Neptunia game (and Neptunia VII starts out dark too, but this ending takes the freaking cake). But don't worry, you get your fair share of fanservice too! Either way, the game is an immense improvement over the original and the trophies are fairly easy but to get the endings you'll have to put a lot of time to get the shares right - probably the only thing that I didn't need from the original. If anything I'm not sure if this game is worth more or less than the current Re;birth 2 game, which is a proper reboot with better combat and other new features. If anything it's a nice jump in the past as you will meet some old characters that are now gone (RIP Gust and Nisa...the characters, not the companies!)
  12. #60 Final Words (NieR: Automata) Enjoyment: 8 Difficulty: normal (did not buy trophies) Time to complete: around 65 hours Recommended: Yes So, at last, I got to finally complete this: after finishing Nier Gestalt (a painful yet enjoyable experience) and Drakengard 3 (a VERY painful and LESS enjoyable experience) I thought that going for the latest nier was a good idea and as such I finally managed to get this done, as the 60th trophy no less! Overall it's a great improvement over the original Nier: better combat, better graphics (well not that it took a lot!) better leveling system, better (almost) everything, and the grind was less frustrating too! I must have grinded only a few mats while the rest was purchasable, what a great difference from the 30 hours of grinding from before! Most of the time I used was mostly for getting the game on and quests but the game itself is a lot more contained and easier to complete than the original Nier. The game allows you to buy trophies if you're lazy or just want a quick plat but that's not my rule of thumb and I went all the way to get all of the trophies the legit way, which they're not overly hard either. Afterall my rule is to enjoy the game first! The game's not exempt from flaws but the overall experience was so much better that it's easy to forget the original Nier sometimes...even though in my personal opinion Nier Gestalt was slightly better when it comes to story and characters and I found most of Automata cast not as enjoyable for me. Let me put this way: Automata is a lot better in many aspects, gameplay wise especially, but I found the overall story just not as impactful as I found in Gestalt. I just found myself more intrigued by a father wanting to save his daughter! Still, it's definitely a game to check out and unlike Nier Gestalt, which was old by the time it came out, this game looks and plays a lot better and story-wise it has its good moments. And Pascal is a good boy and don't you forget it! I PERSONALLY enjoyed this less than Nier Gestalt but that's personal opinions: a very good game, a must try!
  13. #59 Pragmatism's Last Reward (Ultra Despair Girls) Enjoyment: 8 Difficulty: Very easy despite multiple choices Time to complete: About 20 hours Recommended? YES! UDG is a spin-off of the Danganronpa series that was originally on PSVITA and thankfully you don't need to play any of the other games to understand it. The game is set between the first and second game and it's very noticeable due to many returning characters - heck your co-protagonist was in the first game, alongside a couple others - and facts that are heavily tied to the first game. Still, you will not lose much if you plan to play this game first so you'll be fine! Game is essentially a third-person fps but it plays more like a puzzle game - with literal puzzle rooms to clear later. Enemies have often different approaches and your hacking gun can use multiple bullets, so it's very interesting and varied on that regard. Game is very linear but it has parts where you are given some exploration and the levels are fairly huge. There are only 5 chapters but each one can last a couple of hours if not more: the game itself is about 15-16 hours to complete and there are a lot of collectibles, abilities, and secrets to get. And of course, the story is intriguing and very dark: I did feel very awkward a few times for how creepy it can get. Only issues I had were mostly of design rather than technical: you can only save at specific points and they're not well spread (some chapters have too many, some have too few), there's not a minimap on your screen - which it was the same on vita, however this forces you to pause the game and look at the map. Levelling only grants skill points for skills but most of them are pretty generic, albeit useful (like life upgrades or higher money). Genocide Jack mode is good but the game is so easy I barely used her. And puzzle rooms, while well done, can be erratic due to RNG and retrying costs you points, forcing you to either do it on one go or reload the closest save from before (and they're already few in between so good luck!) But still, I had a blast playing and I had a lot of fun thanks to the better controls and stable framerate. It's not perfect but it's fun, which is what matters! Maybe I should get back to the original trilogy and complete those... And now onto the 60th!
  14. Oh I know that, but I have to enjoy the game first or else I don't bother completing: my rule of thumb is to enjoy the game first and completing last and when I played the first time I wasn't really all excited about it, but it's been 2 years or something so I probably plan to try the game again at one point and have my mind changed. I might buy a trophy if I happen to be exhausted and just want to be done with it (the joke endings one is kinda painful).
  15. #58: The Final Verse (Nier) Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: varies (hard is told to increase drop rate) Time to complete: 64h (completion) + 6h (speedrun trophy) = 70 hours Recommended platinum? Urgh, no, just play for the story. This was truly a tiring trophy to get: it wasn't particularly difficult or annoying but it required me a lot of time to get the weapons upgraded and some of the drops were really low, forcing me to kill enemies for hours. The Forging Master alone took me 30 hours to complete because of how grindy it was, while the rest is overall straightforward. Still, knowing that Ending D would delete my save files and since I really enjoyed the story and characters I felt I had to do it. Yes I know I could've saved the files on an USB or online but damn it I wanted to make it memorable! Overall, it's a nice game but it's not aged well: graphically looks like early-mid ps2, combat is sloppy, weapon variety is overall lacking (only 2handed swords, 1handed swords, and spear), magic is useful but I only ever used lance and blast, and the world itself is very small with not much else to do. However for someone like me who is a fan of Drakengard this game was very enjoyable and it does give some insight for the future, which is Nier automata, although it's completely unrelated so you lose nothing. Definitely worth a check if you're curious, especially after Automata, but apparently copies are rare nowadays so good luck with that, or wait for a possible remaster which includes also Replicant. This was tiring, but I feel very proud on this one...maybe I should get back and complete Automata someday, but for now it's time for a break and play some other jrpg. Possibly with less grind!