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  1. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello. I have a uk account which i play from but i live in greece. If i subscribe to PS NOW, will i be able to play the games included although i live in greece? Also, my uk account doesn't allow me to add my paypal or credit card due to them being greek. Are there any solutions for that?
  3. Is special issue weaponry bugged? I got X8 harvest medals (scythe) , X2 Tag and Bag (vision pulse), X1 Boomer (war machine), X1 overdone Purifier) which equals to 12 medals but still i can't make it pop
  4. Will black out 50v50 mode ever come back?? And also does the black out playlist still updates or it will always be this way?
  5. Looking to join a 50lvl crew for the trophy . If anyone can help me out, i'd appreciate it. PSN : uira9999