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  1. signed up....cant use the themes myself, but don't mind helping people earn them for their PS4 consoles
  2. I just finished both the PS4 AND the PS5 games and ALL DLC.... I had zero issues in either version... game or any DLC loading my PS4 save into PS5 popped Tales from the Eridian Slab A Hundred names for Sand Swamped City Slicker Exoarchaeolo—You Get the Gist Master of All you Survey all other trophies were obtained on a full playthru on a new character.....
  3. just three short weeks away now... such a long wait for this..
  4. the above reviews are rather disheartening... guess I will let it go...shame..
  5. just a quick note for the future... the moment you comment on a public make it everyone's business
  6. Far Cry 3.... 4 years 11 months between trophies
  7. trophies are still popping.... I haven't had an issue yet
  8. I had the same thing happen...counting seems to be off for a lot of the achievements.... my side missions didn't actually pop till I hit 23. I am currently doing the Bounty of Blood DLC and it isn't tracking anything... all my stats are showing as zero even though I have completed side mssions etc...
  9. you can still add it to your library until you do have one... any PS5 PS+ offering
  10. same...enjoyed both games, both stories... even played thru TLoU2...3 times and I'm out....
  11. it isn't so much Star Wars as it is....PARKOUR THE GAME... star wars edition... just looking through your backlog... I would have said Death Stranding... beautiful game, DLC
  12. I would also be playing on PS5... but until it returns to the store its a no go... I just know that buying the pS4 ver will allow the free PS5 upgrade... so was just curious if anyone had heard anything at all
  13. any rumblings on when this might even be put back in the digital store ?
  14. I saw suggestions that some were betting on Terminator Resistance.... a reworked PS5 version
  15. games I enjoy(ed) the most... some i still play just for the fun of it