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  1. List looks good to me.... can't wait to begin
  2. you really don't need them.....just upgraded main game weapons and it was a glide.. I never even used any of the ones you had to buy with tokens I would love a bit of teaser today even if we don't see anything till 2023
  3. One more week... I have had my eye on this a very long time... can't wait to just chill and cut shit up
  4. I'm in the "hope there are no trophies" camp... I'm not re-visting it regardless. Had I really enjoyed it I would definitely, but currently my backlog won't allow it
  5. looking quickly....I see a total, at the moment, of 143 owners... with no one having 100% completion... I would summize auto-pop is not a thing
  6. Hardspace Shipbreaker Sept 20 The Callisto Protocol Dec 02
  7. I'm also seeing three here.... but only two lists are populated...error perhaps... Maybe there was a method to their madness... maybe they were hoping to have autopops, which are not yet fixed...and went with regional stacks to entice players into paying for the other stacks assuming they would want to autopop...
  8. I like some here was actually surprised that as many people were playing it as there are, given the history of releases
  9. nice...already implemented
  10. one you realize the leaderboard has lost all meaning the happier you will be
  11. maybe I can help with that... 57.. started out on Atari... had a lot of systems since then... down to PS5 and my VITA
  12. I will pick it up... a plat is not a prerequisite to enjoyment.. but note that there is a sound bug currently according to ACG... and the bug will save on your save file
  13. loved this game.... 100% completion is only 1.79%
  14. I enjoy the combat... but some things just don't make sense.. the end of the world is coming but somehow she finds the time to race and play machine strike, overall the story was much weaker than the first, if not just right out there...
  15. Thank you... as it turns out it wasn't as a big a hinderance as I thought it might be, for anyone that finds themselves in the same boat.. just stick to the main required bosses and do Ranni's quest all the way thru and its easy.... I put in between another 11 to 12 hours to get thru NG+ and the two endings