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  1. for the most part I like the new app.... except... push notifications aren't working, messaging is slow ass and I really miss the friend's feed.. and I really don't need to see the last 3 games I played... I already know.. as for the wishlist.. there is a push notification setting for wishlist maybe in the future
  2. I plat'd a year and a half ago.... still on frequently. They really have gone the extra mile... If there is a standalone PS5 version I would gladly re-play for a console stack...
  3. I used my phone to photo mine off my computer at work screen just yesterday..... now I am glad I did
  4. the calculations will vary depending on the mix of trophies each person has.. as the value of platinums increased, someone with more platinum will benefit from the new system more than someone with a lot of bronzes.. eg.. take two people... both under the current system have exactly 111,420 points, level 23 Person A has 4,540 bronze, 826 silver, 184 gold and 11 platinum Person has 2022 bronze, 741 silver, 500 gold and 77 platinum under the new system and the NEW math.. Person A would now be level 358 +60% Person B would now be level 367 +40%
  5. 24 to 369
  6. Has this option been removed from the game..?... I have done Artemis, done Atlas, I would like to be able to play once in a while without the storylines popping up all the time while still enjoying the full benefits of the game... that means NOT playing in CREATIVE.
  7. the whole DLC was pants... but yeah, never been so sick of hearing Tannis' voice my solution in the end was to turn up the look speed.. and an infinity pistol..
  8. been listening to this for weeks... on repeat
  9. Occupy Mars....
  10. worst month in recent memory...
  11. It does look like a number of playthroughs for sure,,, I was actually kind of looking forward to this... but cannot stand mulitple playthroughs.. its a wait and see now I guess to see how long a single playthrough takes
  12. My Sony Golds have outlasted 3 pair of Turtle Beach which always break in the same goddamn spot
  13. agreed...and excited
  14. I'm not a completionist... two more runs in a game I have already done two runs in... for a bronze and a silver.. seem like a pass to me.. but who knows
  15. if they receive PS5 releases.. possibly..maybe... Death Stranding, Last of US 2, Days Gone and The Long Dark