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  1. I can confirm that doing Oracle will get you what you need to complete the Whole Story trophy.. I had all the kingslayer files.. completed everything and was showing 96%... trophy popped on picking up kingslayer files in first Oracle mission
  2. I for one was very excited for the game's release...but haven't touched a single challenge... little too arcade for my liking... someday I might get around to it
  3. I'm happy that there are no new trophies... this and The Long Dark are my two guilty pleasures where I can just go and play and get lost and just have some fun
  4. it isn't necessary that you get the cube there... find one one if you have to. As long as you turn in a cube the mission will progress
  5. you can all have a great laugh at mine.... Old Man's Journey, Smooth Ride (gold)... completed by no less than 82.86% of players...but oh no... not me
  6. watched the trailer... WOW... trophies or not...I'm heading back in
  7. I'm looking forward to Beyond...I wouldn't mind more trophies but I will be playing anyway... I haven't really stopped to be honest. I would just like to know what the third pillar is outside of 1. Multiplayer aspect and 2. VR
  8. Southern Shelf....Ebonfloe was where mine popped...I had missed it and IT ISN'T part or the Arctic Explorer achievement
  9. No Man's Sky... you're almost there
  10. To Live Forever (0.81%) Reach the Centre of the Galaxy in Permadeath Mode the hard way...711,000 l/yrs, 382 warps, no black holes, no taxi service...
  11. Platinum 55... No Man's Sky.. now working on getting to center of the galaxy in Permadeath... no taxi service, no black holes
  12. I'm not even halfway through my first run yet and I have already knocked this off... the key is NOT to pick up everything you see and always leave room in your inventory so that you can pick up from NPC's you take out. The other thing I haven't done yet is fast travel... this takes away a lot from your opportunities to find NPC's
  13. gunzerker... dpuh, grog nozzle, bee shield...first run...less than a minute your mileage may vary.....
  14. I too will wait.. I never buy right away... although.... I might if it offered backwards compatibility to PS3 so I could work on cleaning up the 350 trophies I will never get done....but that seems highly UNLIKELY