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  1. people can't be trusted...none of them.. especially anyone who is being compensated to tell you what they think... play it yourself or don't I am going to because I think it looks interesting for me
  2. Personally I have found it much easier now then before... and it's due to the trader role. Don't wait till you have a full wagon of goods, just sell it everytime you get back to your camp and keep resupplying on your way back by picking up another carcass. THIS IS QUICK EASY XP The downside.... Rockstar STILL has not fixed the camps... they are such a @#$%^ pain in the ass. Cripps will pack up anytime he feels like or your camp will just up and disappear. The only fix I have found is to quite and hope to come back where you can place your camp in the first couple tries.... not 10
  3. completed NG+ Survival 2... deleted... I enjoyed story mode but F the challenges
  4. I'm doing NG+ Survival II currently after briefly looking at and passing on the challenges.. way too arcade for me... but I did manage to score a patch on my challenge visit and it is ON my vest in my I would assume that they do indeed carry over
  5. nothing of note or interest....
  6. interesting...
  7. no... they were also 23... but in the reveal gameplay they scaled to the players what have we missed in set-up ?
  8. Was playing coop with a friend last night... I'm currently level 30...he hosted at level 23... but my loot was dropping at level 23... I thought it was supposed to drop at MY level... and yes we were definitely playing cooperative not competitive.
  9. fired 6 shots with it to trophy and went back to MG55
  10. I can confirm that doing Oracle will get you what you need to complete the Whole Story trophy.. I had all the kingslayer files.. completed everything and was showing 96%... trophy popped on picking up kingslayer files in first Oracle mission
  11. I for one was very excited for the game's release...but haven't touched a single challenge... little too arcade for my liking... someday I might get around to it
  12. I'm happy that there are no new trophies... this and The Long Dark are my two guilty pleasures where I can just go and play and get lost and just have some fun
  13. it isn't necessary that you get the cube there... find one one if you have to. As long as you turn in a cube the mission will progress
  14. you can all have a great laugh at mine.... Old Man's Journey, Smooth Ride (gold)... completed by no less than 82.86% of players...but oh no... not me