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  1. I have had one physical release... RDR2 my wife got me for my birthday... so I am not much of a judge but it looks fine to me
  2. I am sure this is the result of the idea of "more accessibility". Yes this is a trophy hunting site, yes we would like to see more difficult trophies.. In the end isn't accessibility to all more important if it generates the revenue required to keep making better games with better stories for all to enjoy
  3. For a game that was brought out based on being very inclusive to all I wouldn't bet on a grounded mode... just my two cents
  4. same.... To Live Forever (0.91%) Reach the Centre of the Galaxy in Permadeath Mode and I did it the hard way almost a year ago...711,000 l/yrs, 382 warps, no black holes, no taxi service...
  5. it would need to have Salvador or I would have zero interest....
  6. or did I miss it somewhere...?
  7. Recovering to the garage does NOT count.. you must use vehicle carrier service parts or parts from service trailers etc..
  8. I'm pretty sure you can edit all the truck trophies as you don't need to own all at the same time...
  9. its utterly shameful and yes its on my list... because what others think really doesn't matter
  10. as I suspected..... this certainly makes things a whole lot easier
  11. my thoughts exactly... time will tell
  12. That is my intention. I am running 4 trucks at the moment, only 3 are American and i have sold everything else. In game tracking has my American vehicles owned still showing a percentage as if I owned all of them.
  13. No one is questioning whether you need to buy them,... that's a given.. we question whether it's actually necessary to own all of them at the same time as that is not how the game is tracking it....
  14. Is it actually a requirement to own all of the trucks at the same time... the in game tracker had me at 38% for American vehicles owned... I sold a bunch off and it still sits at 38%
  15. The Duel Trophy... I just got this using the International Scout.. painted the Red and White that’s at the bottom’ish of the paint list... so try that colour