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  1. same.... To Live Forever (0.91%) Reach the Centre of the Galaxy in Permadeath Mode and I did it the hard way almost a year ago...711,000 l/yrs, 382 warps, no black holes, no taxi service...
  2. or did I miss it somewhere...?
  3. it would need to have Salvador or I would have zero interest....
  4. Recovering to the garage does NOT count.. you must use vehicle carrier service parts or parts from service trailers etc..
  5. I'm pretty sure you can edit all the truck trophies as you don't need to own all at the same time...
  6. its utterly shameful and yes its on my list... because what others think really doesn't matter
  7. as I suspected..... this certainly makes things a whole lot easier
  8. my thoughts exactly... time will tell
  9. That is my intention. I am running 4 trucks at the moment, only 3 are American and i have sold everything else. In game tracking has my American vehicles owned still showing a percentage as if I owned all of them.
  10. No one is questioning whether you need to buy them,... that's a given.. we question whether it's actually necessary to own all of them at the same time as that is not how the game is tracking it....
  11. Is it actually a requirement to own all of the trucks at the same time... the in game tracker had me at 38% for American vehicles owned... I sold a bunch off and it still sits at 38%
  12. The Duel Trophy... I just got this using the International Scout.. painted the Red and White that’s at the bottom’ish of the paint list... so try that colour
  13. Not surprised to see Farm Sim after the infinitely better Snowrunner dropped yesterday... what can you do though... Giants refuses to let go of its 10 year old engine.. which I will gladly play for free
  14. Cant wait to play this....I loved Mudrunner, completed every map 1 star hardcore
  15. Seriously is this a thing..??. Tried to share a link to youtube new gameplay / dev diary with friends...something we have done a hundred times, now the link is instantly hidden
  16. yeah the phone one is the one I am talking about....
  17. yeah....that was a year ago... and then it was fixed.. it did work as of last week
  18. anyone hear who won the platinum trophy ?
  19. Borderlands 2 and Salvador was the shit Borderlands 3 has been more "Bore"derlands
  20. I'm working.... but finished Skyrim SE...currently working on Division 2
  21. I just finished this not long ago... just quicksave before asking Vex or Delvin...if you don't like where the mission is... reload and ask again... and get a job from both if you can to save on time coming back
  22. I have a difficult time believing anyone who is compensated to provide their review...of anything
  23. Death far...sucked me in and I played the shit out of it. I didn't rush to the end game and just enjoyed the journey. When the end came I had completed everything short of a few memory sticks and a couple interviews.
  24. yes there are....they were extremely helpful as I always play in headphones and usually they also denote BT direction
  25. Total Games Played 29 Top 3 games: 1. RDR2 / 413 hours 2. No Man's Sky / 262 hours (jumped to the center of the galaxy, no taxi service) 3. Borderlands The Handsome Collection / 220 hours Days played: 327 Days played (addiction?) at 1685 hours clocked. With my longest streak at 11 hours Trophies earned: Total: 518 Trophies earned Platinum: 15 Gold: 133 Silver: 112 Bronze: 258 2