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  1. Just want to point out that if you're going for the plat you have to do almost half of NG+ anyhow Regardless of how well or poorly you crush NG. If I could do it again I'd Just do playthrough 1 blind but trying to max as many confidants as possible then take a break to play something different (I didn't and I was 1000% sick of the game by time I got to the last trophy in NG+) come back in a week or two or few days and use the NG+ to wrap up all the missed trophies.
  2. Cool, i'm not particularly familiar with XCOM, I played enemy unknown a bit on PC but never actually finished it so i'll probably start out with at least part of the standard plat and grab the DLC later! thanks for the advice!
  3. I'm thinking about starting this sometime soon but I have a question with the 50% off code sitting in my inbox...If someone were to start this game from 0% would you recommend starting with the DLC enabled or do the base game plat before getting and doing the DLC? I ask because it looks like WotC changes a lot and while I do want to enjoy the content I don't want to make other trophies harder/impossible to get especially as it seems to be a very long, fairly difficult plat as is. any advice is greatly appreciated!
  4. Just saw this on the playstation blog today and preordered (its like $10) i'm pretty excited for it! the theme looks nice too!
  5. Only accessory I've got is one of these Hori pouches, interested in a power grip but is there a case that'll hold the vita with the grip still attached? I mostly like the vita because I can just go to lunch, unzip the case and go.
  6. I haven't beaten many games yet (actually don't even have a single plat) but so far my favorite 100% was Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon I'm a sucker for Castlevania-style games.
  7. for sure! maybe better time than at the start with how cheap some of them are haha, I actually bought the PS3 because at the time GameStop had some deal or another and I bought a ton of PS3 games for cheap. I'll have to go back to them soon! thanks for the welcome :-)
  8. I honestly think I'm just going to romance as many as possible on the second play just because its an option 😂
  9. Out of those two? Makoto but I ended up with Tae 😂
  10. Thanks! I did mostly blind (avoided story spoilers) but I eventually decided to look up the responses for Social Links and which vending machines were where for that trophy. Standing at the gate to the final boss now! pretty excited! only sad thing is I missed one confidant (empress) by one rank so I gotta do those again in NG+ :-\ but thats something to worry about for another time (probably tomorrow lol)! good luck on cleaning up p5! its a lot longer than I expected.
  11. I grabbed Danganronpa and YS Origin(first YS game!) digitally on the recent sale, probably gonna start Danganronpa soon as I've heard a lot of good about it!
  12. thanks! I'm loving all the guides (and creeping on my friend's trophies haha) its a fantastic site!
  13. hey everyone! feel free to add me, i'm up for multiplayer, Boosting, leaderboards, or helping however I can! PSN ID GovtShutdowns PS Systems PS3, PS4, PSVita Accepts Blank Friend Requests NO, please include a message, any message. tell me your favorite Pie?
  14. Hello all! I got a PS1 near release for my birthday as a kid, and adored my PS2 when I got it. I skipped out on 3 for the halo machine and then gave up gaming a while...last November I decided to pick up a ps3 since it was cheap and catch up on some RPGs I missed, this was the fatal mistake. I quickly remembered why I loved my Playstation and shortly thereafter had a PS4 and a Vita and a huge(relative) backlog. Pretty excited to start picking up these newfangled trophy things! Going to start with Persona5 (about to finish my first play through, then just gotta do some cleanup in NG+) as my first plat, 150 hours in (probably closer to 120, I fell asleep more than a few times with it running) and still in love with the game! then clean out some shorter trophies (maybe some lego games? Horizon?) anyhow feel free to add me on PSN and invite me to play! Please leave a message though, I get a lot of blank spam requests or you can always chat with me here, looking forward to hanging around!