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  1. Not too sure to be honest, maybe like a week or so I think.
  2. I've been getting the same thing but only when updating other people's profiles. I'm also a premium member so no idea what's up. 😕
  3. No it hasn't
  4. You're quitting too late I think.
  5. Maybe just bad luck? I'm not sure. I quit once on hexagon while I was falling and didn't get any kudos.
  6. Leave the match.
  7. No idea, but I quit quite a few times after my fourth win to make sure I only got games I liked for the fifth win.
  8. Finally just done it. My only tip would to be keep a note of your kudos before you go into a match to make sure you aren't getting any when you quit. That's a day of my life I won't get back. 😬
  9. Looking for level 50 crew for trophy PSN: topgamer6
  10. No worries, well done on getting it 😀
  11. This website shows the daily events. Looks like it's La Merced.
  12. Yeah top 50%. Taking into account how many people don't seem to finish, it shouldn't be too bad.
  13. Now's your chance to get the trophy! If you have a relatively clean run you should get in tier 1 today. It's the Argentina 1.77 mile track if anyone is wondering.