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  1. Just adding my two cents here for people still curious. Started the game towards the end of 2020, became incredibly disinterested, then picked it up again around the recent 1.2 patch because I was sick of it tanking my completion rate(another completionist in this thread, yeah, but I don't bite, promise ). It's still a glitchy dumpster fire and I still don't care about it very much. That said, the bugginess itself is kind of entertaining? I was frustrated at first when things didn't work as intended, but some of the things that happen in this are so ridiculous and janky that I can't help but laugh now or just shrug if it's a minor inconvenience. I've been in the passenger seat of an NPC's car, clipped through the street and drowned(there's a flat plane of water beneath the whole city). I've summoned my own vehicle and had it spawn inside a gas canister, explode, and fly off into space. I've had the texture for Takemura's neck get stuck in a diner table and stretched into oblivion when he got up to leave(didn't stop him, the game eventually crashed though). It's... charming, actually? For the most part, I haven't experienced any game-breaking bugs or things that impede trophy progress outside of some minor inconveniences that were solved by loading the last autosave. If there's anything that's deserving of criticism, it's the crappy systems that are already baked into the game. Picking up items is always inaccurate, not to mention time-consuming. Sometimes it doesn't even work like if a stack of cash spawns halfway inside a desk, you can't collect it. The button for sneaking is also the button for skipping dialogue, so if you're trying to be stealthy and start a conversation with a quest NPC you're in a situation where you can't do anything about your visibility until they're done talking. Speaking of stealth, I've given up on it now whenever possible because it not only takes longer and yields less EXP/loot, but also have had enemies spot me through walls multiple times. The game constantly gives you criminal status for things like defending yourself from aggro street thugs and cops will literally do nothing except watch you get shot at. Or NPCs spawning in the middle of the street while you're driving so you have no choice but to run them over, therefore wasting more time because you have to lose the police. The times the game chooses to autosave are... questionable but at least there's a lot of saves you can roll back to. I've died to a landmine and loaded my last checkpoint which was directly on top of said landmine, causing me to die again. Why does the game insist on making me auto-equip 3 weapons when I only want to use my tech pistol that hits well into 5-digit damage territory and shoots through walls? Why did the devs even patch the infinite money exploit if we can just make infinite money anyway without glitches? Vendors having limited money is dumb because you either find a different vendor or just open the menu, "wait" 24 hours and they restock their money. It just adds extra steps and loading screens to something as simple as unloading all your crap in a game that really likes to make you fill up your weight limit on crap. The list goes on. At the time of this post, I'm currently in the cleanup step around 55~ hours, 32 crashes in on PS4 Pro(most of these were during the story, not many in the postgame), clearing the map of gigs and NCPD hustles with 2/7 districts down. There's so much uninteresting side content peppered everywhere that it's just plain tedious. At least gigs have some semblance of a story, but over a hundred assault in progress markers boil down to shoot 4-5 guys and opening a briefcase to find a note. You can read the datashard but it's always some instant messenger crap like "this guy screwed me lmao bring all your chooms and we'll jump him" and I'm just not invested in generic gang violence, especially when it's copied and pasted everywhere. This step is the most coma-inducing by far and has actually put me to sleep once. With all that said, the end is in sight and there's no more missable trophies which is nice. I'm very patient and will cross the line eventually, but I can't recommend this game, much less this version of the game to anyone. The plot is somewhat interesting at points, graphics are pretty sometimes if everything loads in right and you're at a scenic locale, Keanu Reeves has good color commentary from time to time, but none of those things are actually worth fighting through the game's inherent tedium even if they fix all the bugs. I don't even think it does the sci-fi thing very well because the game seems more interested in shoving raw virtual sex or gratuitous alcohol consumption, or guns in your face all the time. Yeah, I get it, Night City is a wild and degenerate place, but somewhere along the way CDPR forgot they were supposed to be telling a decent story in it too. Instead, you get flashes of greatness amidst all the teenage edgelord fantasies or V just falling over and being unconscious all the time. The makings of a good game are in there, but every facet is just bloated with unnecessary jank and it doesn't even play well in the first place. That's just my opinion or whatever.
  2. Nobody's mentioned it yet, but for the sake of people looking for more information on this in the future, just unlocked Peacekeeper and the requirement is playing 200 years without being at war. Unsure if you need another Empire in the game, but just to be safe I added 1 other Pacifist Empire, no FEs, no primitives, push midgame/lategame start time to the max to avoid crises and other game-ending shenanigans. At that point, if you're only looking for this trophy, you can actually just turn off event pausing from the menu and let the game idle for 8-9 hours on max speed until the trophy pops. Personally, I just let the game run while I was at work and came back to year 2390 or so where my homeworld was wracked with crime but still kicking. You can just leave it completely unsupervised(maybe before you go to sleep or whatever) and it'll take care of itself.
  3. Just got it with knife strats, 19.15 in five runs or so. Sharing here if people want to try something different. If you don't want to be super fast, you don't have to be. I was crossing the finish line consistently at 28-30s, whereas videos/guides for this kept finishing around 25-26s. For the first double kill, aim at the back enemy and strafe until the front one lines up, much more consistent. Melee on the far-right guy in the first set of enemies. For the second set of enemies, you can get a double kill with the enemy in the window and just knife the guy in the doorway. Continue as usual with the M9 until you jump down and switch to Desert Eagle for the final 6. Reload the checkpoint so you get the same pattern every time and faster resets. You can(should?) stop to be accurate as long as you sprint between sets. If you get all the remaining doubles, you can end with a ridiculous accuracy bonus since you're firing two less bullets(my run was 185% accuracy which gives -9.30 to the final time). Good luck for everyone else attempting this.
  4. Closing app doesn't work, it must be leave through menu. That said, you can practice getting faster with the motion during volatile games that you may not want to play like Team Tail Tag, Jinxed, etc. Let stick return to neutral, press Options, tap Up, mash X. For Hex-A-Gone, be ready to abandon sooner rather than later. If you have an unfortunate fall early(several floors or something) and there's people way above you, might be best to quit early if you don't have confidence in it. In my case, most of my wins tend to be Hex-A-Gone because really often, I'm the only one trying to play extremely safe. Avoid people, don't panic if people are running around and cutting you off because they're killing themselves just as much as they're killing you. Stall often with jumping and be ready to make the decision to stay early on. Always mentally path out where you want to land on the level below and don't choose to make hard jumps to survive. Minimizing risk is more important than grabbing a few extra tiles. If you're on the bottom two floors or so, you're in too deep; put your gamer pants on and don't think about stopping to quit because it's too late.
  5. I dislike its existence, but I don't believe it should be altered/removed. Mostly because the people that have the trophy under their belt have legitimately earned it. We can discuss all day until we're blue in the face about how terrible it feels to have to start over because of circumstances beyond our control(bad teams, server issues, etc.) but regardless of opinions on how big of a factor luck is, I think it's also undeniable that it takes a great level of skill and consistency to accompany that luck. Yeah, I've had my moments of hope dashed away. Most recent was a four-win streak that ended to an unfortunate game of Team Tail Tag. I started with my tail and didn't lose it the entire match, but it didn't matter because my team still lost. I don't think I could've done anything more than I did, but I still lost and it's incredibly frustrating. To come so close that you can taste it only to watch it slip from your fingers and you couldn't do anything about it. Losing in this game doesn't feel too bad when it happens, but when you're on a streak, it feels terrible. I can't help but feel profound disappointment that my streak ended and I have to start over again. And that's the biggest issue I think. Not that the trophy itself is particularly unfair, but that it rewards the stars aligning in such a specific way. So even if I can acknowledge that it requires a great deal of skill to achieve in the first place, my envy is less "wow, that's seriously impressive" and more like being jealous of your friend winning big at the roulette table. We want challenge, not lottery tickets. Adding modes to the game such as a fast playlist with fewer players where you play a smaller number of games to make it to the final round would be a fine way to ease up on the requirement by way of encouraging more attempts. Or maybe a playlist that's all races or games like Hex-A-Gone or something. There's plenty of solutions for the dev to keep their intended difficulty since it seems that's what they'd like to do. I would prefer if they change the game to accommodate the trophy in a proper capacity by adding new things, not changing the trophy to accommodate the game. Changing the trophy would just undermine the integrity of the trophy and undersell the effort put in by those who've already achieved it.
  6. The Last of Us Remastered I'm all Naughty Dogged burnt out from the Brutal difficulty campaigns in Uncharted Trilogy recently. I don't even want to think about doing TLoU Grounded anytime this year.
  7. It hasn't. I've tried different weapons ever since Freedom on PSP starting with SnS, dabbling in everything, but there's always been one constant. I ALWAYS go back to either Lance or more frequently Gunlance. Since I knew World was going to be more substantial of an investment(or at least require way more grinding compared to what I was used to because the plat exists) I consciously made the decision to main Gunlance exclusively. And I don't regret it, not one bit. It's in a great spot in Iceborne too. With charged shell styles only requiring four skills to max out DPS(Artillery, Capacity Up, Stonethrower, Focus), the rest can be devoted to comfort. My current build has complete nonsense when it comes to survivability: Health Boost, Evasion, Evade Distance, Guard 5, Divine Blessing, Recovery Up, Flinch Free, Tremor Resist, Heat Guard, you name it. I'm even running heckin' Aquatic/Polar Mobility. And it feels GREAT. I barely even use items anymore outside of Whetstone, Rocksteady Mantle, and the occasional Nulberry because the monster's always tripped or flinching and Health Augment + charged shells just tops you off in 95% of situations. And... it's Gunlance. It just LOOKS awesome. The swaggy reload animations, Wyvern Fire, hobbling around with your grenade launcher, taking attacks to the face and firing back, the true immovable fortress. You see Nergigante doing a big windup, everyone dodging out of the way and sometimes... you just want to assert dominance. Step to me and you get blasted. Bleeding? No problem, more explosions = more healing. Michael Bay, eat your heart out. It's empowering 😆
  8. Gonna have to go with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and their associated Crushing/Brutal difficulties. I could probably dig up more, but these stick out as they're more recent in my memory. Guides for these games will often cite difficulties of 3/10 or so when not counting Brutal as it isn't required for the Platinum. But some of the gunfights in those games are ridiculous, even on Crushing(which is no slouch in and of itself). Uncharted 2 was especially bad about this, sometimes checkpointing you in really weird places without any nearby cover, in areas where super accurate enemies respawn infinitely until you push dangerously forward into them, on a game mode where anywhere in the ballpark of 2-4 bullets could kill you without warning. Not even counting Brutal where it's not unusual to stand around getting spawn-killed for hours until the game decides you can have a real attempt. Regardless, I 100%'d all three lists with Brutal difficulty, speedrun trophies, etc. recently, and I can say with confidence that some moments in those games are downright silly. The number of deaths I had on each game would tally up in the hundreds and some encounters would not only require you to be completely on point but incredibly lucky as well. The enemy AI is quirky enough to be exploitable when you see it enough, but still really weird and sometimes overly aggressive for no reason. Like guys with no sense of self-preservation rushing you, you react and shoot them, but you shot them a little off so they didn't flinch and they just blow your face off. There are little tricks you can do to ease your time through it, such as abusing the game's third-person aiming system to shoot through walls and pillars while remaining in cover. Or learning speedrunning glitches to clip through walls/walk on air to avoid those firefights altogether. But the moment you start considering those things for progression, 3/10 difficulty seems a bit too generous for this kind of ordeal. They're excellent games, regardless(and the speedrun techs are actually super fun), but the gunplay sections are definitely the series' weakest and most frustrating points. Or maybe I'm just bad at shooters or something, I dunno 😆
  9. There's definitely an unfortunate stigma regarding achievement/trophy hunting. Mostly because of dissonant values in what people find enjoyable. For most players, simply playing the game is enough. But for the rest of us, we want something more. Also because achievement systems lead to comparing stats and generally people don't like to be told what to do by a video game or have their console tell them that their friends/randos are "better." Nowadays, the most common things I hear vary between missing the point fundamentally and just plain insults. Most hunters don't go out of their way to talk about it outside of achievement/trophy hunting circles, but there are toxic normies out there who'll say things like "I don't care how many trophies someone has but they're always bragging about it" or worse things like "trophies are for losers who need a game to tell them that they did something good" and "lol u have no life." But these sentiments are so detached from reality that they're better off ignored. My favorite is "I'll just get the trophies the game gives to me" as if that's any different than just playing the game with trophy notifications turned off. They don't care about overachieving and that's fine, but some players tend to get really defensive about it when the topic's brought up. Trophy hunting is niche because the concept of putting in extra effort or actively seeking challenge is foreign to the average mainstream gamer. I don't think this will change because they have enough fun doing their own thing. Difficulty and time investment induce stress, so why would anyone willingly seek those things out? We all have different, valid answers to this question: the simple sense of accomplishment, the compulsive need to complete checklists, satisfy ego, etc. But that's also the beauty of it. We're not obligated to tell other people how to enjoy their games and neither is the average mainstream gamer. Fun is subjective. And our way requires more work than simply picking up the game and just playing. That alone makes it less attractive than the norm.
  10. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T (Episode 10) As often as Index and (more recently) Accelerator have disappointed me, I'm happy I can always rely on each season of Railgun to be immensely entertaining.