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  1. Since getting the Yakuza 6 platinum I've managed to track down a copy of Yakuza Dead Souls for PS3, Yakuza 7 and Judgement for PS5, and started Fist of the North Star.


    I don't think I'll be playing any other series, other than Nier, for a while now...

  2. [Platinum milestone #250 and updates]


    Been a while since I posted, simply because here in the UK we're still in lockdowns, and I don't have access to a pc as much as I'd like (typically when I browser forums etc.)


    Anyways - platinum #250 and the end of the Kiryu saga. 

    Yakuza 6 - really happy that SEGA opted for a doable in one run platinum. Typically I do as much as I can anyways. Sad to see the end of the Kiryu saga, but really happy how it ended. I'll probably post about the series again when I beat Yakuza 7, Judgment, Dead Souls and Fist of the North Star


    Platinum #248 - Neptunia Virtual Stars aka VVVtunia

    Going into this one 

    - I've never played a Nep game

    - I don't know any Vtubers who weren't in Azur Lane as event ships

    - I bought because I have a weird fondness of idea factory jank


    Ultimately I really liked this, rough around the edges, however some real stand out features

    - 2D art work from Idea Factory as great as always

    - it seems the game engine Idea Factory has improved

    - I love the songs used in game

    - soundtrack is good too

    - why did no one mention Vert and Makoto Niijima have the same VO?


    Plat #249 PUNCHLINE

    Bought on whim. Fun at the start, however second part of game is way too hands off for me. Maybe the anime was better? Never seen it. 


    (I don't have a lot to say here, as I've played less visual novel type games than the fingers on one hand.)


    Next goals: beat the remaining Yakuza games, and get that backlog down!

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    2. MossyOakRcn42


      Cheers on the plats including the milestone plat, fellow shikikan!

    3. MidnightDragon



    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

  3. [15,000 trophy milestone]

    Persona 5 Strikers platinum



    It sure feels good to hit 15000 trophies with it being the P5S platinum. 


    Persona 5 Strikes mini platinum review: well folks, it's Crystar all over again. Great game, however incredibly grindy completion. Did they even beta test getting to level 99 with bonds? Incredibly full. 

  4. Just beat Yakuza 3, and I gotta say it's a bit of a let down. 


    Sure, I started with Zero and played Kiwami 1 and 2, however I can accept that gameplay and graphics of 3 won't be as good. 


    That said for me, the story is what let it down. Two was almost perfect, so for 3 to begin with Kaoru leaving for reasons that felt contrived, not a good start. 


    And then the main driving force of the story wasn't to great. 


    Tldr, not as bad game, just a bad Yakuza game. 


    Now onto 4....

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    2. Redgrave


      @AndyKazama I started off with the original Yakuza when it came out on PS2 but back then I didn't really understand anything going on and I didn't beat it. Yakuza 0 was the one I jumped back into the series with and I also played them out of order 😅 But in my defense it was before the remasters were announced so I didn't think I would really get to play the rest at the time and so my only experience with the originals were from Let's Plays and other videos.


      I can agree about the gameplay, particularly the combat not being as defined as it is later on and the minigame AI being pretty ridiculous. But yeah, it was one of the first games they put on PS3 so I can't be too hard on it even if it did get pretty frustrating at times. 4 and 5 improve on it a lot though, so that should be something to look forward to. 🙂


      I can understand the stuff about the development and Black Monday showing up though. They are pretty unexpected in terms of plot twists but that kind of stuff happens in the later games too and I think it helps bring a charm to the series. I also feel like they aren't too out there to where they are unbelievable or ridiculous. But overall I still think it doesn't take away anything from the main story.


      But yeah, hope you enjoy 4 and 5 and the later games. 😁 Like I said, they improve the combat in those and I think 5 has the best combat since there's a lot of versatility to it kind of like in Yakuza 0.

    3. AndyKazama


      @Redgrave I'm on 4 rn and it's amazing what they did with the upgrades since 3. 


      So far I'm enjoying the episode format, great change of pace. On Tanimura rn. 

    4. Redgrave


      Nice, glad you like it 🙂 Tanimura has a really good parry move that I felt was fun to pull off.

  5. I got into the Yakuza series way too late! In a space of two weeks I've done Zero and Kiwami, now I'm struggling to find none greatest hits versions of 0, 1 and 2. 


    Really wish greatest hits versions had reversible covers....

    1. Luneth


      I discovered Yakuza: Like a Dragon a couple months ago and now I wanna play the other games too. 

  6. Underrated GUST title Blue Reflection is getting an anime!!!!



    1. HuntingFever


      I really need to go back and finish this but I fear I may already have screwed up so will have to do another playthrough :(.

    2. Angel


      I would have prefer the announcement of a new Blue Reflection game as I love this game so much and still one of my favorites! I will still be checking out this anime though and hopefully there's news about a new game in the future!

    3. AndyKazama


      @Angel I got this from a person on another thread, they mentioned the world ends with you, that got an anime and now getting a new game. 


      Might happen here!

  7. New arrivals
  8. Quick fire platinum review of what I've done since Project Cars 3


    Suicide Guy (PS4 via PS5) - easy but fun puzzle game. Collectibles are easy enough, though the "Easter egg" might be hard to find naturally


    Sly Cooper and Thievius Raccoonus aka Sly Cooper in Europe (PS Vita) - finally finished a game I didn't on ps3. Fun and easy, although I wish you could skip cutscenes. Also didn't find out how to use the thief scope until way late in the game. 


    Chickens on the Road - cheap, filthy, dirty platinum


    Owlboy - decent platformer. The cannon stuff was annoying. 


    The Messenger - amazing game. Amazing music. Great and fair challenge. Play it. 


    Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection - nice of Konami to give this a platinum, however it's really dull points based. Some games like Haunted Castle I'd never have done without save states. 


    Out of this lot, I'd only recommend The Messenger at full price. 

  9. What's going on my dudes? Haven't stopped by in a while, due to spending most my time trying to be number 1 mission completer in my guild and hooked on Yakuza Zero. Man I love Yakuza Zero
  10. Looking at the trophy completion list it appears that do "X in level y" are the only ones not auto popping. I'm torn between re-doing both games or just using the save upload and doing the required levels.
  11. So I got thinking, since I'm playing Sly Raccoon on Vita right now, if that rumoured Metal Gear Solid remake isn't being made by Bluepoint, would people be happy with Sly Raccoon series?


    Personally I feel not a whole lot needs improving, apart from the camera a times, and would make a nice collection considering the reference in Ghost of Tsushima

    1. EcoShifter


      I'd be more happy with them working on Jak. Between the two series, Sly is the one with the most recent installment, Thieves in Time (2013). (Jak's being 2009.) If, however, they were to do Sly, for the sake of my sanity they need to allow cutscenes to be skippable. All the games—including the 8yr later sequel to S3, TiT—have non-skippable cutscenes. The total amount of time being robbed from the player and making the game artificially longer than it should, is utterly unacceptable.

  12. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to the correct forum here. 


    I'm looking at getting a PS Vita slim. 


    I know Japan has a ton of colours, but they're all £240 plus before shipping. 


    Heck I'd settle for a used European model if I could find one. 

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    2. DaivRules


      Vitas are not cheap because they're still in pretty high demand. Arguably, the Vita hacker scene is inflating their pricing and increasing the demand.

    3. Leenewbe
    4. AndyKazama


      Not a fan of CEX although their Vita cards seem reasonably priced. 


      eBay seems route to go with PayPal pay protection in case. 


      @Pray_4_the_End thanks for the price tips. Pound is typically more valuable than dollar so should mean I can "lower" price a bit if I can avoid extra fees

  13. List looks simple fun and appears the players with it haven't platted it because of collectibles. Will wait for a few patches and a collectible guide. Hopefully my dog doesn't bark at the werewolves on screen.
  14. Morning folks. Just logged into my guild today. Somewhere there has said there's some sort of AFK mode coming. Source is Weibo, haven't been able to verify.
  15. Quick platinum trophy review. 


    #229 Need for Speed Hot Pursuit remaster. 

    - really fun and quick. Good online trophies that can be done in private lobbies, cross play also works well. This one is interesting as they seem to have tied dlc in progression, so you'll likely get a lot of the dlc trophies at the same time. 


    #230 Donut County. 

    - easy list. Interesting puzzle mechanics. Get on sale as really quick even if casually played


    #231 Maneater PS5. 

    - another easy list. I hadn't intended to do within two days and even quicker than the PS4 version. I recommend this game. The dlc tiger shark skin will make your journey quicker. 


    #232 Project CARS 3

    - easy list however multiplayer is dead so quick play trophies are more difficult to get than they should be. I'd recommend this racer if getting money was easier. 


    And that's it! Currently working on Owlboy. 


    Also got a ton of visual novels bought cheap. I really need to get these done as they make up most my back log. Might start with Steins gate elite. Does using a guide ruin these games?