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  1. It's been ages since I've posted on my page, however I just wanted to mention how annoying the Panzer Dragoon Remake platinum is. 


    1/2 hours playing the game. 97 hours sitting on the menu getting to 100hours 

  2. I'd also be sure back up your save. Persistence crashed on me and wiped four hours of progress due to save corruption
  3. Looks like same director as Spectre woods. Lynch inspired esoteric indie games are fine, however these games are for nothing but trophies.
  4. Decent mix of your usual SK and Neptunia lists. Tempted to do guide tbh since I enjoy these games.
  5. Didn't realise there were issues in the UK around release. Got mine on Amazon UK in September
  6. Because some people may follow the work Lance MacDonald does. It's incredibly interesting to see what's been cut and what could be restored. The modder even considered small details such as if you've never beaten Cleric Beast, adding a fog wall as to not break game logic. Maybe I'm just a saddo 😅
  7. Sorry if already posted. However haven't seen a recent thread update since June for this game. Note: you won't be able to do this shortcut on vanilla PlayStation, it's a mod. Anyway: so a while back Lance MacDonald proved the Cleric Beast door in Central Yharnam connects with the Cathedral Ward. Some madlad got it working via modding I'd love to see this game come to PS5 with minor fixes such as this, and the cut boss rush mode. (I believe these can access these via codes in release game, however love to see these official.)
  8. I didn't even touch those trophies for the most part.
  9. Got in on order from ebay. Hopefully arrives today/tomorrow/ Doesn't look so bad, as people said, typically grindy list for the series. Still not as a good a list as WO4 (probably best list in the series so far)
  10. Been reading on this and there doesn't seem to be an "easy" or quick method. Personally, at this stage I am level 22 and I don't mind the grind. I only worry about having good creations to play running out. Currently I am going to search, under tags, choosing game-> single player and going through what comes up. If I like, obviously leave a like, and if I love it, leave a review. The game should default to Dreams you haven't played yet, so dw about duplicates for the most part. Only doing an hour an evening.
  11. Quick game update since my Dragon Quest XI S platinum. Maybe should have name dropped that...



    Terminator Resistance Enhanced - okay PS5 port. Platinum just as easy


    Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom - really fun Metroidvania. Fun platinum. 


    Doom Eternal PS5 - fantastic in 120fps. Probably gonna not platinum. Don't feel like playing again any time soon. 


    WWE 2K Battlegrounds - terrible


    Fast and Furious Crossroads - why?


    Aragami - fun game. Get on sale. Easy enough to platinum

  12. A couple of bands that have albums coming out Friday Wizardthrone (members of Alestorm, Aether Realm and Gloryhammer) Powerwolf
  13. Just platinumed this masterpiece in around 75 and it might be my favourite platinum trophy I've earned. Really got earn it with those super bosses, even with Veronica's OP spell! Casino stuff was a bit grind the Hough. 


    Incredible game and an easy to do trophy list that ensures you cover all in game activities. 


    Music is wonderful. Characters are wonderful. #TeamJade. Graphics are wonderful (especially for a port of a port.)


    I cannot recommend enough. I need to rethink my top 10 game list....

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      Oh very nice

      What is your top 10 game list?

  14. Haha I know nothing about idol master.except it exists. I bought Neptunia Virtual Stars despite not knowing any v tubers, but thanks to Azur Lane I recognised 3 🤣 I was kinda hoping my buddy who likes Idol master would stop be mad at azur lane because of some kantai collection reasons, but naw. 😅
  15. New collaboration Still waiting for the Senran Kagura or Atelier Ryza one 😜 Great exposure for AL tho