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  1. [Platinum 176 and 100%]


    Saints Row The Third Remastered. 


    Time: 30 hours. 


    Man how far open world games have come, not aged that well imo. 


    [Trophy milestone: 12345]



    Help wanted: Nioh 2

  2. Roon was built. I just look into this stuff more than I normally would as my mate plays WoW and not this and me opposite. How do you manage ships with limited dock? I'm at 280 ships unique and keep one of each, if even I don't use.
  3. On the matter skins: I buy 1 or 2 every season. As it's free to play I need to support the game somehow. And I have a £1 per hour of gameplay minimum rule. I've done 1000 hours plus of AL and probably spent £150 on the game so far. To put that into perspective: Resi 2 remake I spent £210 ish for the CE. Played 19 hours of the game. My intended post: occasionally I Google information on in games ships, and usually they're spot on in AL. E.g. shipyard kansen never got finished irl. However, for Sovetskaya Rossiya: from wiki "Sovetskaya Rossiya (Russian: Советская Россия–Soviet Russia) was laid down on 22 July 1940 in Shipyard Nr. 402 in Molotovsk. After the end of the war she was only 0.97% complete, with 2,125 metric tons (2,091 long tons) of steel assembled. She was ordered scrapped on 27 March 1947" She should be a priority ship imo 🤔
  4. She should be here in a month or two when that figure finally releases. 😅
  5. Platinum #175 [milestone]

    Fallout 3 via PS Now. 


    IGT: 25 hours 56 minutes. 


    What an experience. Playing a buggy PS3 game via PS Now! I still love this game and it's still the best modern Fallout, yes New Vegas is great, I just prefer the setting here. 


    Shame it doesn't include the DLC, so ima pick up a disc and download my save to go for 💯%


    Now the race to 200 before year's end...! 


    P.s. PS Now was okay running this via cloud, I suspect this meh of Fallout 3 caused most the issues. 

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    2. ferginator88


      Congrats! A great game indded.

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  6. More Takao skins needed. Takao is life.
  7. New game pickups this week. Shame I cannot play any just yet as I'm working in Fallout 3 via PS Now (I must hate myself) on my #175 platinum



    1. charxsetsuna


      They released a physical version of warriors orochi 4 ultimate? That's great,  it's too expensive on the store so at least I can wait till it goes down in price physically.

      Does it have a separate trophy list? I already have the original.

    2. AndyKazama


      @charxsetsunathis copy was £31.  Dlc alone on the store costs more!

      Also it's the same trophy list but with a dlc section. 

    3. charxsetsuna


      Makes sense, I collect musou games so I'll probably get it for the collection when it's cheaper. The added dlc is a nice bonus.

  8. Crosswave just got announced for Switch in Japan. I hope it doesn't have a different CE to the PS4 ver bc I'll want it.
  9. Platinum #174 Monkey King: Hero is Back. 


    IGT: 9 hours 26 mins 40 seconds


    A fun movie based game about Sun Wukong as he fights to free himself from his curse. 


    Fun game. Fun platinum. Recommended to be played in Chinese for that authentic Sun Wukong experience. 


    Some say martial arts master is glitched. I got it first go: just make sure you've purged and one on one-d all enemy types Inc last boss and you should get. 


    Highly recommended, although I do not intend to go for 100%. The bloom lighting did get annoying tho. 🤔


    Useful YouTube playlist for collectables etc 


    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    2. ihadalifeb4this



  10. #173 Arc of Alchemist. Okay, but great platinum image. (Alchemist of Legend)
  11. Platinum 173 Arc of Alchemist


    My Iffy platinum continues. Time taken: 16hr 55 min. 


    It's nice to see Galapagos keeping on experimenting, however this one falls a little flat. Only DERQ has been great from Iffy so far. 


    Pros of this game: 

    Music, character design, story (what there is of it.)


    It's a dinner plat than Sakura Wars as the grind ain't so long. 

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    2. AndyKazama


      I promise I put "dinner" instead of "dinner". Autocorrect...

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  12. For sure. They actually patched it as it was so bad. No issues I can see. Platinum is just as annoying as Xanadu.
  13. At least it's not NISA (used to be bad) levels of localisation. Ys VIII's "big hole" 😂
  14. Hey, uh, probably not the best for advise giving lol. I tend to use ships that achieve a goal, eg. Using eagle union vanguard to get Seattle rn. Maybe once I've got all PRs I'll focus on meta haha But I can say Ryouhou is a great ship.
  15. Time for a long post from the office of AndyKazama, Avrora server. This chronicles the events of the Amagi event and the Tortu event. Images in order that imgur put them. Bought the mystery box and got this outfit More Sakura ships. I like Ashigara best. Kaga BB via drop. Didn't need points Best fox waifu That's all Hiei skins Married Yui Ish.... I mean Enty More ships. Tosa is fave of this bunch Bought for reasons Waste of resources Please can we see from front? 60 runs later 60 more runs later of 7-3 New priority build New retro Hammann is broken into the top 10 for me more ships Really like this one for some reason tho I have three of these now Another retro. Working on two more