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  1. So I got thinking, since I'm playing Sly Raccoon on Vita right now, if that rumoured Metal Gear Solid remake isn't being made by Bluepoint, would people be happy with Sly Raccoon series?


    Personally I feel not a whole lot needs improving, apart from the camera a times, and would make a nice collection considering the reference in Ghost of Tsushima

    1. EcoShifter


      I'd be more happy with them working on Jak. Between the two series, Sly is the one with the most recent installment, Thieves in Time (2013). (Jak's being 2009.) If, however, they were to do Sly, for the sake of my sanity they need to allow cutscenes to be skippable. All the games—including the 8yr later sequel to S3, TiT—have non-skippable cutscenes. The total amount of time being robbed from the player and making the game artificially longer than it should, is utterly unacceptable.

  2. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to the correct forum here. 


    I'm looking at getting a PS Vita slim. 


    I know Japan has a ton of colours, but they're all £240 plus before shipping. 


    Heck I'd settle for a used European model if I could find one. 

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    2. DaivRules


      Vitas are not cheap because they're still in pretty high demand. Arguably, the Vita hacker scene is inflating their pricing and increasing the demand.

    3. Leenewbe
    4. AndyKazama


      Not a fan of CEX although their Vita cards seem reasonably priced. 


      eBay seems route to go with PayPal pay protection in case. 


      @Pray_4_the_End thanks for the price tips. Pound is typically more valuable than dollar so should mean I can "lower" price a bit if I can avoid extra fees

  3. List looks simple fun and appears the players with it haven't platted it because of collectibles. Will wait for a few patches and a collectible guide. Hopefully my dog doesn't bark at the werewolves on screen.
  4. Morning folks. Just logged into my guild today. Somewhere there has said there's some sort of AFK mode coming. Source is Weibo, haven't been able to verify.
  5. Quick platinum trophy review. 


    #229 Need for Speed Hot Pursuit remaster. 

    - really fun and quick. Good online trophies that can be done in private lobbies, cross play also works well. This one is interesting as they seem to have tied dlc in progression, so you'll likely get a lot of the dlc trophies at the same time. 


    #230 Donut County. 

    - easy list. Interesting puzzle mechanics. Get on sale as really quick even if casually played


    #231 Maneater PS5. 

    - another easy list. I hadn't intended to do within two days and even quicker than the PS4 version. I recommend this game. The dlc tiger shark skin will make your journey quicker. 


    #232 Project CARS 3

    - easy list however multiplayer is dead so quick play trophies are more difficult to get than they should be. I'd recommend this racer if getting money was easier. 


    And that's it! Currently working on Owlboy. 


    Also got a ton of visual novels bought cheap. I really need to get these done as they make up most my back log. Might start with Steins gate elite. Does using a guide ruin these games?

  6. I can confirm this. Got it in 6 days. Glad I didn't need to wait.
  7. We're in the phase 1. the actual event starts 21st Jan,
  8. Working on Project Cars 3 and damn multiplayer is dead. 


    10 races for quick play trophy gonna be harder than it needs to be. 

  9. Good stuff. I was worried if retry would void it.
  10. Is the episode really that short? Thanks for link I'll Jean Bart now. Btw Empyreal Tragicomedy re run soon. @AlchemistWer Formidable soon. Trento for me.
  11. Platinum #228

    8 to Glory


    In 8 to Glory you play the 2018 season of PBR, professional bull riding. 


    The game is repetitive, but quick, and after the last few platinum trophies, that's welcome. 


    I didn't hate, i kinda liked it.  


    Time: 6 hrs

    Difficulty: 3/10

    Platinum enjoyment: 6/10

    Game quality: inoffensive

  12. Anyone reading this in 2021 you might get only two packs or so in one character. Just do another enough to be rank 15 or higher to be able to enter Vegas. Beat one and the pack should unlock stuff
  13. Quick plat review


    Ghost of Tsushima. Fun and simple. Recommended. 



    Destroy all humans! (2020)

    Rubbish. Don't bother with it. 

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      That was quick. 



    3. MossyOakRcn42


      Congrats, fellow shikikan!

    4. AndyKazama


      @ihadalifeb4this getting easy plats out of the way to clear my back log. I've got 5/6 100+ hour plats to do this year. 

  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't all Yostar games waifu games? Ones enough for me. I know what I'm like. As soon as I'm really into something , I sink irl money in merch. It's for my own good I don't play another.
  15. Yikes I didn't. My bad. Or could be that my iPad belongs to work and I'm playing too much. 😅