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  1. You need to change Tactic This seem very complicated and buggy With Mine I have not died once
  2. Fine sure
  3. Please answer my question I was flagged for earning the Trophies BEFORE release when I earned it after the game was out for almost 2 years already! And than I Was Flagged for earning it too fast when It took me 2 years! Come on those flags makes absolutely no sense Explain and tell me trophies are hacked than And tell me how game can be flagged for earning trophies before release when I earned them almost 2 years after release?? These flags are false and make absolutely no sense if so please tell me how is it earned before release? Look on those flags because I would love to know? :/ The only 2 trophies that were earned unlegit were from JD 2016 that was already hidden These were earn legit and I dont see no reason why should they be flagged or hidden? Flags were for Earning before realease and for earning too fast Which makes no sense as I stated reasons above
  4. Hmm.. sorry i dont get it Whats Op? And why were the other 2 games Flagged? One was flaged as before release Which I have no idea Why And other one was earned too fast? It took a 2 years and I dont see any trophies being anyhow weirly close together So can you explain me why exactly? :/ These 2 games were earned legit and I dont see why should they be hidden or flagged Thanks
  5. HawkeSK Just Dance 2015 I dont get it how was this earned before a release?<br /> <br /> No machines were use in order to earn trophies for this game Just Dance 2017 How is 2 years too fast<br /> <br /> No machines were use in order to earn trophies for this game
  6. HawkeSK Just Dance 2016 Game hidden
  7. And what is this about than?
  8. Hey. I just purchased PSNP+ but No features got unlocked for me What am I supposed to do
  9. Is the trophy fixed?
  10. Can You please add me on Psn? I need help with 7 seas and my Buddy Map room. Much appreciated!!
  11. What did you do? I have same problem and it does not work for me no matter what i do
  12. I Earned every single codex and and field manual on all of the Campaign stories I even got trophies for each codexes individualy and field manuals too Why the trophy Master of Adaption for completing all campaing challenges is not poping?..