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  1. Fine sure
  2. Please answer my question I was flagged for earning the Trophies BEFORE release when I earned it after the game was out for almost 2 years already! And than I Was Flagged for earning it too fast when It took me 2 years! Come on those flags makes absolutely no sense Explain and tell me trophies are hacked than And tell me how game can be flagged for earning trophies before release when I earned them almost 2 years after release?? These flags are false and make absolutely no sense if so please tell me how is it earned before release? Look on those flags because I would love to know? :/ The only 2 trophies that were earned unlegit were from JD 2016 that was already hidden These were earn legit and I dont see no reason why should they be flagged or hidden? Flags were for Earning before realease and for earning too fast Which makes no sense as I stated reasons above
  3. Hmm.. sorry i dont get it Whats Op? And why were the other 2 games Flagged? One was flaged as before release Which I have no idea Why And other one was earned too fast? It took a 2 years and I dont see any trophies being anyhow weirly close together So can you explain me why exactly? :/ These 2 games were earned legit and I dont see why should they be hidden or flagged Thanks
  4. HawkeSK Just Dance 2015 I dont get it how was this earned before a release?<br /> <br /> No machines were use in order to earn trophies for this game Just Dance 2017 How is 2 years too fast<br /> <br /> No machines were use in order to earn trophies for this game
  5. HawkeSK Just Dance 2016 Game hidden
  6. And what is this about than?
  7. Hey. I just purchased PSNP+ but No features got unlocked for me What am I supposed to do
  8. Is the trophy fixed?
  9. Can You please add me on Psn? I need help with 7 seas and my Buddy Map room. Much appreciated!!
  10. What did you do? I have same problem and it does not work for me no matter what i do
  11. I Earned every single codex and and field manual on all of the Campaign stories I even got trophies for each codexes individualy and field manuals too Why the trophy Master of Adaption for completing all campaing challenges is not poping?..
  12. Well some people actually have badge saying how many of their trophies they have hidden so you can most likeli hide those too