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  1. What did you do? I have same problem and it does not work for me no matter what i do
  2. This is the only trophy I need to unlock and it is quite annoying since I wanna be the fastest achiever of 100% I wanna ask - Does the day counts if I will go sleep ? - Does my world has to be offline ? - Are those days counting together trough all of the world? - If I accidentally deleted the world with 20+ days are those days gone? Thanks for an answer :3
  3. I literally just did waves 1-75 on crucible and when I came to that guy he gave me chest without even asking me After that he wanted me to start all over Why?
  4. I Earned every single codex and and field manual on all of the Campaign stories I even got trophies for each codexes individualy and field manuals too Why the trophy Master of Adaption for completing all campaing challenges is not poping?..
  5. As I saw in event menu They just lauched all of the events at once I Know that there are events for most of the monsters from which I earned crowns. But I saw there also quests for elder dragons Is there and higher chance of getting crowns on those quests or not If there is even a chance
  6. Okay so I was searching literally an hour now on this site trying to find where can I hide some games trophies Can you please tell me where it is?
  7. Well some people actually have badge saying how many of their trophies they have hidden so you can most likeli hide those too
  8. I acidentally turned on goldy possesions before I knew they were taken as cheats and put on costume aswell I was confused why I am not getting any trophies and after that i found out that those godly possesions and costumes disable trophies How can I make the trophies pop again? Should I start a new game without any godly possesions and default costume?
  9. GTA VI New Infamous game
  10. Hey does anyone know when probably Christmas event will be launched for consoles?
  11. I have recently earned 10 mini golden crowns for those monsters - Great Jagras - Pukei-Pukei - Tobi-Kadachi - Anjanath - Rathalos - Dodogame - Devijho - Lavasioth - Uragaan - Azure Rathalos That means I have 10 mini golden crowns Yet I did not get a trophy for 10 mini crowns I am really scared that it is bugged and I will have to it all over again What should I do?
  12. Hey guys I was trying to complete my last trophy on this game which is to kill 2 margwas in 1 round I watched YouTube video and he told to finish rituals number 2 and 4 I always start the game with ritual number 1 and after that I get items and make way trough those other 2 But when I am about to finish those 2 rituals in 1 round 1 margwa spawn and 1 will not I even tried to switch the order but always first spawns and the other one wont Any idea how to fix this issue?
  13. But on others videos or guides they told I can spawn 2 margwas trough rituals in same round I guess that ainĀ“t true than
  14. I reloaded safe alredy 4 times now and I still cant get it Any ideas?
  15. I cannot pick up pics field manual in mission 3.. I literally reinstalled the game 2 times and it doesnt let me pick up the manual What am I supposed to do :/
  16. I picked up item that allows me to switch worm infinite time but I am trying to switch them for like hour now and I cannot get it to work How am i supposed to change a worm?
  17. Yeah true Even though I havent tried darksiders 1 I think it may be better Backtracking those runes made me so so mad
  18. i was able to go from 75-100 now I thought I had to complete it on one sitting heh So its alright
  19. lvl 30
  20. Hey people ! I have all of the decorations medals rn except Duty calls , Master of arms and Full honors I literally just finished making all acollades But I havent got the medal for finishing all campaign challenges Even tho I have everything except Decorator III which I have on 9/11 If I would go and grind Medal Master of arms I would still have 10/11 and I would miss one dumb medal Is that right or no Because I dont want to grind all those kills and than just restart everything back again Thanks
  21. Hey people ! I am trying to get trophy Hold still! and I am supposed to kill 6 enemies affected by Firefly Swamp I did unlocked Firefly Swamp but when I went to mission (3 or 4) and i clicked Dpad down I have there only martial skills and I cant equip Anything else I tried to click everything and do many things What am i supposed to do to change it to orange still so i can equip firerly swamp? Thanks
  22. Alright I have finished all of my trophies in goatville so now I wanted to go to goat city Unfortunately I just cannot find How to get there. I was searching for over 15 minutes now and writing to google aswell Do someone know where it is? :/
  23. Hey people I would like to ask something about Share Races or something like that I still have to finish 2 activities on 3 stars ( 1 drift and 1 speed run ) Idk how does those ShareRaces work? Thanks!