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  1. Yes, they pop as soon as the main menu loads.
  2. I think I used the fast travel and then a bunch popped.
  3. I've got the trophy for the 100% but like others have reported many of the apex predator kills as well as the 50% of evolutions didn't pop. When I played the PS4 version there were issues with the trophies for the collectibles, I did a second playthrough and it didn't pop any of them so I wouldn't recommend a second playthrough of this to anyone having trophy issues. If you haven't started this game yet, I'd give it a few weeks as the game is in a bad place. I've had screen tearing, infinite loading screens where I've had to close the application and other bugs. This feels like they have just re-released the PS4 patch 1.0 game and said its a PS5 update. There are hefty loading screens before and after every cut scene as well as when entering a new area for the first time and when re-entering some of the later areas of the game. The fast travel system is anything but. Playing this really has taken the shine off of "next gen" for me.
  4. I had 2 collectibles showing on the map that were not there, one at Sapphire Bay and one at Crawfish Bay, once I loaded up the game I swam to the map marker and as usual nothing was there. Usually at this point I close the game in frustration but I decided to fast travel to the other end of the map to check that map marker and to my delight upon fast travelling the last 4 trophies all popped for me! I might just be very lucky but try fast travelling, it might work for you too!
  5. So this just popped for me after I maxed out the Kawa class for Bzaro? Phew!
  6. Hi, I’m having the same issue as you had but I see you’ve now managed to obtain this trophy? Is there a work around you’re aware of?
  7. Ayeup pal, If you go onto the UK Playstation store on your computer or phone its there, and you can set it download to your PS4 once you've bought it. I also can't see it on the PS4 or Vita version of the stores but this worked for me.
  8. Happened to me 4 times in same mission but kept letting me rejoin it, I've changed to playing private and its not kicked me off for the last twenty or so minutes, so switching to private seems to be a work around at the minute that or they've fixed it.
  9. Hi, I think I can help you get this bugged trophy to pop. I had over 250 games played on this console (I don't think stats carry over onto other consoles). Like others, I've not had an item drop for what feels like an eternity! I had 82 of 88 trophies, 2 of the missing being "Stocked" and the platinum, so surely I must have played enough to have unlocked this? I have googled every variation of "Rocket league" and "Stocked" and I've read every forum post and watched every video on the subject but nothing helped. 😞 Anyway, before I finish off my life story, install Rocket League on a different console, log in to your PSN account and fire the game up. "Stocked" and then the Platinum instantly popped for me. I know not everyone has access to 2 consoles but I'm sure you must have a friend or relative you trust enough to help you out with this. I'm sorry if this isn't very coherent, but I've been in a rut about this trophy for ages and I'm just so happy its finally popped! I genuinely hope this works for you because I know the pain of it slowly becoming a mouldering resentment.