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  1. For me, the only one I struggle a lot is 4 with the Minotaurs since the technique that is recommended to use was not working for me all the way though. I decided to use the Ultimate Shots with and buttons to activate it and than killing them off as much as possible usually 3 of 4 required for the challenge. Without killing any soldiers of course and took me around 30 mins at least. Challenge 10 wasn't as bad as 4 due to and attack being super efficient for this challenge and it only took me around 15 mins to finish this one. The rest was not too bad with only a few attempts. Not more than 3 attempts with the rest of them.
  2. Another one I loved is Burnout 3 Takedown with a lot of great rock songs in that soundtrack without forgetting Lazy Generation by The F-Ups as such a memorable song that I still listen to in present day. The rest of the OST is just as awesome as this
  3. Talking the Need For Speed series, Most Wanted 2005 as such a memorable soundtrack that I still remember on how great it really was. If I have to choose one song it has to be this one by far Nine Thou by Style Of Beyond. That one is that people remember the most about this game soundtrack.
  4. First time, I do this type of stuff. Add me as Squishy Vanquisher for now since I don't have Rift Apart and a PS5. But my rank will be updated to Lombax Praetorian when I will get a PS5 and finished the game with plat. I do have all the other plats in the entire R&C series. https://psnprofiles.com/series/31-ratchet-clank/daxter1421
  5. I need this kart if somebody has a code. It will highly appreciate