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  1. Really hope it fixed most of the crashes on ps5... I'm about to get the platinum and I've crashed a total of 44 times lol.
  2. Played for about 6 hours on the PS5 and had 2 crashes, tons of visual bugs, looks really blurry and low res.
  3. If anyone can host a world on PC and inv me, that would be much appreciated. PSN: busypwnin123
  4. Went from Level 41 to Level 513. 198 Platinums
  5. Didn't work for me Update: Oh nvm, tried a few more times and when I logged back on to my psn account, Thrifty and No Respect trophies just automatically popped and I got the platinum . I didn't even have to do them again lol. Thank you!!!
  6. LETS GOOOOOOOOO I DID IT!!!! 1 FALL MOUNTAIN AND 4 HEX. The last one came down to a 1v1 on the Final blue platform for hex and I barely clutched it up! So intense. Now I can go back to having fun on this game again! lmao
  7. Yup, happened to me on hoopsie daisy last night
  8. Just got 4 wins in a row and lost in the crown race on the 5th game... I quit......