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  1. I always wanted to play this and now since it's on PS plus, I figured I'd give it a try. And yes it was a pain to get through just like FC3 Classic mainly because of the almost unplayable input lag. I don't get how or why it's never been fixed but the lag is as bad as if you were streaming a game through psnow or worse. The updated graphics look nice but what's the point if the game runs like trash. I also had a glitch where my audio cut out and then 1 minute later my whole game froze.
  2. I'm level 47 right now and I know this may sound weird but I think the most fast and efficient way of leveling is to Queue up in solo and then leave session right when you spawn in. For some reason you get exp for just joining a game. I noticed games where I would get 10+ kills and win would equal the same amount of exp as just leaving right away 2-3 times. Each time you queue up and leave right away takes around 2 minutes and those games where I would get to the end and win or get a lot of kills last around 12-15 minutes. And obviously most people aren't going to get a lot of kills or place top 5 every single game. I've been doing this since I was level 25 yesterday and I'm already about to hit level 50 tonight.
  3. Jump into the water on the left side of the map and a shark will eat you.
  4. I've joined 3 different coop sessions doing the "A Place To Call Home" mission and the trophy still didn't pop for me.
  5. I'm glad I came here and found out about this. Thank you! Worked first try for me and got the platinum.
  6. If anyone has the Tarnished Ring and could let me join to get the trophy?
  7. I'm really hoping they do a double xp weekend or something like that, because I do not want to do another 20-30 solo sagas lol.
  8. I tried this a few times and I think it actually did increase my chances of finding the collectibles. So thank you for saving me many hours of running through the biomes over and over lol.
  9. My 100th platinum was Bioshock 1 Remastered. I never played the original back on ps3 so I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be really good and one of my favorite games of all time.
  10. Wow I was thinking about buying FF7 Remake, so this is perfect for me.
  11. 😃
  12. I just speed ran through this game since I already did it on PS5, and got the fastest time for 100% on the PS4 edition! 9 Hours and 24 minutes. Assist mode made this super easy and fun lol.
  13. Lol yeah this would've flopped hard if it released as a launch title for $70. Smart move to make it a free Ps plus game for 2 months. Seems like they're going the games as service route, which is fine if it's going to be free. But I just wonder what the price tag is going to be after it gets removed off Ps Plus. Since I got the platinum already, I probably won't be touching this game for awhile lol.
  14. I would usually just run around until there was around 4-5 people left, then call in her car. Also you can hit someone's car that they just jumped out of and get Ult energy but once it starts counting down it wont give you any.
  15. I was having trouble with the box head trophy too because it was hard to tell if the drones were actually getting attached or not when slamming another player. All I can say is keep playing mayhem since there's more people and just hope you get lucky lol. I'm not entirely sure on the flamethrower trophy, but I saw someone else say it worked for them in another thread. Yes all you should have to do is slam them. Do you know if the last guy had an extra life? Because when I was going for the No Escape trophy, the last guy had 2 lives and I used Ratu's ult on him which took away one life but it didn't give me the trophy and then I died. So I think it counted for 2 players since he had 2 lives. Might be the same for Cerberus.