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  1. Yeah I import on amazon a lot love it I just happen to stumble on a Japanese mafia copy on eBay I didn’t know it was z rated but this is a great alternative at the very least
  2. If you don’t have a Japanese credit card you should be able to import a physical copy. I seen some on eBay for about $60.
  3. I’m past the second day airing out books and catching the leaves but Hanhui never taught me lunging strike I don’t know what to do is this a bug or what will this affect my 15 master skills trophy thanks in advance edit: never mind turns out u gotta air out all books two days in a row to unlock it
  4. Oh ok so that’s how they fixed it then huh? That’s good to know
  5. Germany mask in Arthur playthrough is not counting for me I’m at 71/88 does it normally do that?
  6. The Germany mask is not counting for me in the spreading the news mission still says 71/88 for me
  7. Yeah it’s weird I think it has to do with the fact the trophy pops when u reach 44 it did for me but later I went to sleep woke up at 4pm again and the 45th jack show popped for me so the game is really messed up when it comes to tracking
  8. I got my final one in an episode that I already got the tracking is so broken for this game lol and it’s a shame about collectibles hopefully they fix it soon and fix tracking for jack shows
  9. I’m almost done with this on my second account all I’m missing is I hear you simon says but when I get to 4pm and simon says is on it will not register I reloaded saves for all characters still nothing it’s gettingnreally annoying I don’t know what to do Never mind I got simon says but it was a different play with jack episode this game is broken lol
  10. Sorry didn’t see your message till now good that u got the trophies done though 😁
  11. Shame I really liked the contracts mode if anyone needs contracts done I made some super easy ones myself
  12. Lol that’s good to know thought I was the only one 😄
  13. I updated my profile now so it’s there
  14. It’s called step into the light
  15. I decided to knock online trophies outta the way in hitman absolution and do a contract where I left the mine and a trophy popped which is story related yet I’m only on chapter 2 does this normally happen I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a bad glitch or something. I found this forum post so it must be a common thing