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  1. Jojo bizarre adventure is the main anime been trying to watch atm midway into season 2 and I enjoy it a lot just been busy with game backlog and other tv shows to really get back into it again gonna try this week to finish more episodes.
  2. Psvr2 Horizon bundle
  3. Resistance 2 I did resistance 3 and regret not being able to do the platinum for the second one since it’s unobtainable
  4. 270 Call of duty world at war 271 syphon filter ps5
  5. Yes I love my ps3 and vita still have many online games to finish even then still gotta finish up some of the offline games love the ps3 one of my favorite consoles.
  6. That’s crazy they’d make u contact Psn support don’t know what they’d do with a code for a game that was delisted years ago lol
  7. I don’t think many will do psvr2 guides not many have one considering they cost more than the ps5 itself when it gets a little cheaper I’m sure it will sell more for now it’s more for enthusiasts.
  8. Just tried and I can’t seem to do anything either it won’t let me change the server region either when I played this last I played in Australia and I can’t change it also tried making a private game just out of curiosity can’t do that either
  9. Oh wow that sucks my main issue is the sitting mode in psvr2 is really small I keep hitting the out of bounds I found methods to fix it but they still should’ve made the space larger
  10. platinum #270 call of duty world at war fantastic game loved the story but god am I glad to be done with this game I’m gonna have nightmares of heart of the reich on veteran. so many grenades!!!!
  11. Did u try making a France Psn and then try redeeming it? If it don’t work when doing that I’d just contact Amazon and see what’s up maybe they sent u a bad code.
  12. What vr2 games so far have been tough? Heard crazy stuff about kayak and the trial trophy in horizon but that’s about it just got my vr so haven’t played it much
  13. That is def weird just did it with some friends on ps3 about a month ago with no issues I could check later and see if I can search for any matches
  14. Thanks a lot for the guides noticed u been putting a lot out lately and I appreciate it especially the psvr2 guides
  15. Def agree reich was just a madhouse but man did I love the story for this cod