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  1. Very underrated game I would love a sequel but I doubt it will ever happen unfortunately 😔
  2. The game can be played in English
  3. The online is easy to do but suggest finding people with multiple systems also the game has a lot of weird connection issues all in all a fun game but boring online trophies
  4. can help you I had to do that when they wanted me to verify my account
  5. Ok thanks for that I’ll get it today
  6. There was a Kickstarter for this game years ago I backed it was up for over a month to back the game then playasia made some waiting for my copy
  7. No I didn’t have to but I had to do the method others have posted on here and other forums it’s only happening to me with ps3 AFAIK.
  8. That’s crazy because it happened to me too but only way it worked for me was by adding two step verification on and entering in device setup password for ps3 and vita
  9. Thanks I do play late at night maybe time zone is reason i didn’t deal with many randoms some joined but not to the point where I wasn’t able to do this method without interruptions. I went over 10+ matches without randoms so idk all I know is from my experience this is miles better than arcade lol I’m thinking close to when the servers are about to close it may get hectic though
  10. Yeah did exactly this an went from 40-50 so fast I was also smashing out grinds in the process getting the x amount of kills for the sniper rifles and headshot grinds boosted me a lot think with grinds and kills I got almost 10,000 xp alone in a match from doing some. This method if you have an extra ps3 is miles better than arcade mode
  11. I tried this method that you posted watched the video and it works very well I followed exactly how the video is free aim team death match and I got over 70 kills by doing this method I got to level 40 a lot faster very good method I will be using this with my friends to help them level up faster thanks!!! 😊
  12. Loved max payne 3 shame to see the servers close been having fun with the online
  13. U can do it with 4 ppl but 6 is recommended to lock a lobby some challenges are annoying to do legit so it’s recommended to boost I had issues with try hards when boosting trying to be number one in the leaderboards no idea why lol so I just got extra people and locked lobbies
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a Korean copy of this game? I can’t find it on the Korean psn store it looks like it’s been delisted is there anyway to get a copy physically I looked on eBay and searched online and I can’t seem to find one.
  15. It’s the japan stack I just did it yesterday