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  1. Near same time, on PS4 find Deathmatch, when it started, find TEAM Deathmatch on PS5. Good luck!
  2. Its real, but if you dont obtain Maxed Out now. For this thing I played in same time. There is about 190exp for lvl 50. First obtain on PS4, at this time playing match on PS5, and obtain again. There is a very low chance, any disconect, game error may crashed this trick.
  3. Maxed Out only on one system, PS4 or PS5
  4. Post same tweets like me, the more tweets - more chances they fix Attach your screenshots to tweet
  5. There no save data, all information on serevers
  6. Trophy progress stop on 55/100 Test on other account - its ok
  7. Same problem
  8. After 1.10 there no trophies can obtain in game.
  9. In Steam there is no one obtain this achivement. Think about it, no one!
  10. Does play in party and win count for this trophy? Or only solo wins?
  11. Same situation. I got I'm Fine. Maybe need unlock all bosses and complete full run.
  12. Everyone Please check, after last patch there is no PROTECTION 100 PROTECTION 200 it is only PROTECTION 200 after getting hit after unhook survivor. Please check this information and confirm Please! Thanks
  13. Try use proxy on PS4 I live in Ukraine, used Russia proxy and leaderbords worked