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  1. Maybe next year 🙂 I don't buy a PS5, for 1000€ on Ebay 😁😁😁
  2. finaly.. I got the platinum 😁😁😁 After 3 Werks or so.... Coop and Rivals Milestone completed
  3. 25 € for nothing. This game sucks. I can no longer join a game. it always crashes...
  4. I think, it is the game 😩 My PS4 Version, crashed maybe 20 or 30 Times...
  5. The game is Good, but I get too many blue screens 😩😩😩
  6. I'm Downloading the PS4 Version 🙂 12,7 GB
  7. completed 6 Milestone and no Trophy 😩😩😩
  8. sry for my bad English 😩 but i won my 5 ranked matches and i'm in Division 2 😊 When i knew, I Lose a game, I close the Application and the Match doesn't count and you can try IT again... I think you only need 4 wins, for Division 3
  9. mach dir nen ami Account und zieh's dir aus dem Store...
  10. Maybe it works for the 10 and 5 Minutes Trophies 😁 I won so far every match in the career Mode, with this Method 😁
  11. First off all... Sry for my bad English 😩 The Maximum Break in This Game is really easy 😊 When you miss a shot, you can go to the main menu and try it again 😊 And you can do this, how many you want... I got so my first Maximum Break and 4 Trophies 😊 Including 2 Gold Trophies for the Maximum...
  12. its a own list, but can't sync the trophies
  13. 30€ in Germany 😊
  14. Easiest Platinum: Slyde Hardest Platinum: CoD WaW