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  1. Excellent work on the add-on. It will be very useful in the future.
  2. I got more than enough guilders just by selling all the junk from the Labyrinth. Equip the good weapons you find and sell everything else. Floors 61-80 and 81-100 will get you very high level and rare equipment. Just by selling those you will make millions.
  3. For Legends everyone started from scratch so excluding some cosmetics which unlock through the campaign you will start the same way everyone else did.
  4. I would just like to add that Yoshitsune is immune to fire, water and lightning. However you can apply poison, corruption and purity. He is immune to poison only when the shield from his guardian spirit is up which can be removed by using either shuriken or kunai. Be careful because they are deflected back to you and can stagger you for 1-2 seconds. Also for those struggling make a ki damage build which is currently the meta for solo play on Dream of the Demon. Even the dlc bosses will get destroyed.
  5. Fixed an issue where a trophy could not be obtained under certain conditions. Fixed an issue where a trophy could not be obtained by exceeding the character's date value. Fixed a progression stopper under certain conditions. Fixed an issue with a Save Crystal.
  6. Bosses from the dojo can drop them. They may also drop smithing texts for each weapon allowing you to forge them.
  7. Batman Arkham Knight - Monarch Theatre (The Curtain Falls Trophy) Batman: 0:08 Robin: 4:28 Nightwing: 9:18 Catwoman: 13:28 I hope this helps, keep practising and you will get it.
  8. I can confirm this works and I got the Blue Ribbon Champ trophy right after Taffer's Delight.
  9. No one has reported any glitches and the only missable trophy is Risk-taker. Check my guide for information on how to handle each trophy.
  10. It's random, keep grinding missions with the chocobo symbol next to them until you get one.
  11. Thunderstruck Dingo Canyon and Electron Avenue The Thunderstruck and Dingo Canyon skips are really easy to pull off but Electron Avenue is really inconsistent. Keep practicing and you will eventually beat him, it took me like a week to do all the tracks.
  12. Cool thanks, I will do quick run on easy to get it.
  13. Personally I didn't get the trophy until I maxed out both scythes.
  14. @Griffon234 Where did you get that combo? Was it at a section area or one the final bosses?
  15. @Kristycism That's impressive, my lowest ranks were combos and damage incurred. Where did you get the combo of 437 hits? Was it at a section battle or the final boss?