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  1. Batman Arkham Knight - Monarch Theatre (The Curtain Falls Trophy) Batman: 0:08 Robin: 4:28 Nightwing: 9:18 Catwoman: 13:28 I hope this helps, keep practising and you will get it.
  2. Fixed an issue where a trophy could not be obtained under certain conditions. Fixed an issue where a trophy could not be obtained by exceeding the character's date value. Fixed a progression stopper under certain conditions. Fixed an issue with a Save Crystal.
  3. Bosses from the dojo can drop them. They may also drop smithing texts for each weapon allowing you to forge them.
  4. I can confirm this works and I got the Blue Ribbon Champ trophy right after Taffer's Delight.
  5. No one has reported any glitches and the only missable trophy is Risk-taker. Check my guide for information on how to handle each trophy.
  6. It's random, keep grinding missions with the chocobo symbol next to them until you get one.
  7. Thunderstruck Dingo Canyon and Electron Avenue The Thunderstruck and Dingo Canyon skips are really easy to pull off but Electron Avenue is really inconsistent. Keep practicing and you will eventually beat him, it took me like a week to do all the tracks.
  8. Cool thanks, I will do quick run on easy to get it.
  9. Personally I didn't get the trophy until I maxed out both scythes.
  10. @Griffon234 Where did you get that combo? Was it at a section area or one the final bosses?
  11. @Kristycism That's impressive, my lowest ranks were combos and damage incurred. Where did you get the combo of 437 hits? Was it at a section battle or the final boss?
  12. Kinda disappointing really and I heard that the DLC wasn't even that good. Hopefully it's doesn't cost more than 10 bucks.
  13. No Yes Yes
  14. Got the Kingdom Hearts III platinum so now I have 100% for the whole series. The journey is finally over.... at least for now. How do we get those emblems?
  15. For Kenny to appear either make a new avatar and keep replaying the level 1 mission or do the daily quest with a team of players. If none of you have an ingredient Kenny is almost guaranteed to appear. I had to use the first method for him to show up.
  16. @Kent10201 Can you add me? I have finished all the games that are available so far and even got 100% on all of them. I am so excited for Kingdom Hearts III.
  17. I hope we can complete all missions with other players because the AI is really unreliable in the multiplayer. Also we are lucky considering we don't lose progress and the trophies we have already unlocked. I hope the new content isn't too hard because I am not sure if I have the patience to grind materials for more strength.
  18. I wasn't expecting anyone to vote for one of my guides. Thanks to all the people who did. It's nice knowing they helped you.
  19. Just got the platinum for Demon's Souls so now I have all 5. Please change me from Lord of Cinder to Legend.
  20. You can get both in a single NG+ playthrough. You can also skip the puzzles if you don't want to bother with them again.
  21. #44 - Final Fantasy XV Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Time to Platinum: 50 hours I bought the Royal Edition and enjoyed every single second of playtime. Despite the controversial release the game is 100% worth it at the moment and I am looking forward to the new DLC next year. Currently working on the DLC for 100%, if you have been thinking about getting this game now is the best time since it's also on sale (EU).
  22. Greetings, I hope this is the right place to ask. A few days ago I created a guide about the Lords of the Fallen DLC - Ancient Labyrinth and it hasn't been reviewed yet. This is my first attempt at creating a guide and I am looking for some feedback since I was thinking of creating one for the main game as well. Does the process usually take this long? And yes I have submitted it for review, I am just looking for a rough estimate before it's approved.
  23. Beyond: Two Souls Master
  24. Platinum 43 - Beyond: Two Souls Difficulty 2/10 Enjoyment 9/10 Many improvements from Heavy Rain such as voice acting, story and choice variations. Overall it's a must play if you enjoy story driven games. The only negative is that you have to play the final chapter a few times to get all the endings.
  25. Platinum 42 - Heavy Rain Difficulty 2/10 Enjoyment 8/10 Grinding to get all the endings was a bit annoying but story and character arcs are fantastic. Your choices matter and change the story a lot, character development is well done and each one feels unique. If you are a fan of story driven games be sure to get this one for free with ps plus.