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  1. I took a break. Restarted a new session and after 17 laps of incredibly consistent laps (all within. 0.1,and consistent sectors too), it finally clicked. On Lap 16,I got a very brief green 99 flash, meaning I had improved my own Personal Best Consistency (from previous attempt) and then following lap it was another green flash and the trophy popped. My recommendations for others is, if you find yourself drifting too far from a consistent pace, or have a bad lap during an attempt, probably just worth restarting.
  2. I've been doing this for over 2 and a half hours. I have done 52 laps. I have had Green at 99 many times Still not unlocked. Not sure if I should continue in this session or just stop. I had a bad lap due to my FFB Resetting after a slight pause and being ridiculously heavy until I reset my wheel again. I haven't even unlocked the 'Drive 2 Hours in a session' trophy during this
  3. Here is my 73 MPH run. It was spectacular although still not perfect near the end.
  4. Congrats Maybe join a Racenet Club? Or try a different rally game?
  5. I've got it! Thanks for the reference times on some of the multi stage events. I had to learn the entirety of Greece as I was awful before. Also I had the misery of averaging 69.9 MPH on the final challenge at Scotland when I needed 70 MPH. Took another hour to get it, with 73 MPH
  6. Anybody know of either A legitimate way to do this without it glitching that definitely works. Or A way to do this offline just so I can do it in my own time. I have won stage(s) on Authentic in Quick Play, and then tried completing other stages but not working. Is there a way outside of the online mode that definitely works? I'm fine winning the stage online and then doing a quick play stage if it works but I'd prefer an alternative, preferably very legitimate way.
  7. Yes but many people have specific bought the Mitsubishi and not unlocked, including myself originally.
  8. Posting this for everyone So I had bought all 4 cars before, multiple times. This is what I did: 1) Started a My Team Championship with a Group A Car (let's say Subaru) 2) Buy another Subaru 3) If the trophy doesn't unlock, then abandon the championship. 4) Repeat with each car choice for a Championship and buying the same car. I got this on my 4th car, Mitsubishi. Maybe if I tried it first, it would have worked as my 1st attempt. This eventually worked for me but I cannot promise it will work for you. Make sure the car you use is available to purchase in the garage to save time. You can sell the cars that don't work to gain money back.
  9. I don't have the Group A trophy even though I have bought them all. I have currently bought a 2nd one of 3 out of 4, and still nothing yet.
  10. If I wish to get this, I need to do the equivalent of 45 Indy 500's on top of my current distance.