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  1. Any changes?
  2. Feel free to add me as a friend for the purpose of this, and to post here to coordinate with and find others.
  3. Does this require PS Plus? edit: I have created a cabal called second.chance, and will focus on these tasks, even by myself, over the next couple of weeks. Feel free to join. It's killing Chaos somethings for encrypted messages, presently. Roughly 10% done.
  4. Not using someone else's save data is a given. This sounds trickier. Is the following absolutely safe, or is there still room for error? 1) Only use your own save data. 2) Always sync your profile (upload your latest trophy data to the PSN) before overwriting your current save data with any of your earlier save data. Thanks, Diivil and Dragon.
  5. "Do not use one of your save files from another console, a different PSN account, or from a different save state in the past to unlock trophy timestamps in an impossible way!" What does "different save state" refer to? I'd particularly appreciate an example. I can't differentiate it from this, which is allowed: "Reloading from a previous save slot - Backing up your own save file and re-loading it in order to earn missable or "choice" trophies (e.g., to quickly get trophies for 2 different endings in a game) or to make games easier (e.g., to save yourself in games with permadeath)."