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  1. As someone who has plattet the original (well, saving it for a milestone but have the last trophy ready) it's kinda cool to have a different list when playing it again But I am somewhat sad that stuff like "complete the compendium" or "max pur all confidant" are gone since they were great fun and a lot of people will most likely miss out on them now (if they are after the plat and not doing everything the game has to offer) I am especially sad the Trophy for the secret boss ist gone. The secret Boss was and incredible fun challange imo and perfect for a trophy I am glad that the random line Trophy is gone, not gonna lie. This was the only annoying one. So yeah, on one hand it's refreshing to have a new list for people who plattet the original but if Royal is the first Version of P5 someone is playing its sad that they will miss out on the perfectly fun trophy list the standart Edition had to offer
  2. 1. Undertale 2. Persona 5 3. Danganronpa 1 & 2 4. Overwatch 5. FNAF (Whole Series) 6. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Team Sky 7. Dead by Daylight 8. Detroit Become Human 9. Okami 10. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
  3. Overwatch Stand By Me Prevent 4 deaths with a single use of Baptiste's Immortality Field in Quick or Competitive play Rarity: 1.30%
  4. This question was almost a month ago but in case you are still looking for an Answer, This is a (normally rare) bug. Most of the time you can just run back into the Gate (through the tantacles of the entity) and out again and should be good. If this does not help run off the edge of the map. You will enter a falling animation and then spawn somewhere on the map again. Head to an exit and leave, and again, you should be good
  5. I know that trophy unlocks in Mystery mode when you come across a modifier that turns all your blocks golden. However this never happened for me so far. Do I have to survive a long time or pick a high "difficulty" (speed)? Or am I just really unlucky? For the last 2 weeks I playes 1 hour of mystery every day because it annoyed me that the trophy won't happen, making a whopping 7 hours of this game mode without the gold modifier. And more hours I haven't counted before that. Pls help?
  6. Platinum 57 Falcon Age Master Falconer Collect all trophies (15th archiver)
  7. Well, now I feel like a complete idiot :'D Sorry for the nonsense post then. I always got a price so I thought I would be fine! Also because it just said "complete it" in the description. I' ll try this out later, my mistake then, thanks a lot for answering
  8. I did the Bomb Minigame multiple times now and the Trophy won't unlock for me despite destroying all the targets within the 2 minutes. I looked at a video guide to make sure I am at the right spot and I am. Tried it 2 times with VR and 4 Times without VR, restarted the game, reinstalled the game even, and nothing, it won't pop. Anyone else experienced that?
  9. Power Pyx made a video guide I am not sure if they have covered the entire season so far tho. Otherwise you can use Maka91Productions Videos, he made one for every episode and covers both collectibles and missable trophies Have fun, it's an amazing finale
  10. Me and my BF both got the Platinum. For him the max lvl Survivor trophy was buggy, So I used his account of my PS4 and he got it. So if you get a problem with that one maybe reinstall and maybe delete the save files and get new ones. Maybe it's either ultra rare because people Don't know about admin commands or because for 2 of the trophies you have to type A LOT which is not hard but quite annoying
  11. Beat Saber On the Edge Complete any level with the instant fail modificator
  12. Lvl 19 Bottel Hoarder Collect all Bottels in any Level (Sly Cooper 1)
  13. Anyone else get the feeling that Turf Wars is fairly hard? Main-Game itself was pretty easy. And even on the New Game plus playthrough on the highest difficulty I had little to no problems. The bases with the new Shield Enemies and the minigun-brutes are annoying as hell tho, and feel harder on the lowest difficulty than the main game did on the highest one. And I won't even start talking about Screwball a Stealth Missions. Taskmaster and the ones from the first DLC were not half as bad.
  14. I always get bad gateaway when trying to see my profile. Have to load the site again to actually visit it Great work with everything else tho
  15. Here are some I can genuinely reccomand Indie: Undertale (my favorite game ever <3) Oxenfree Planet of Eyes Fe Aer Stories Path of Destiny Seasons after Fall AAA: Spider-Man God of War Horizon Zero Dawn Infamous Second Son The Order 1886 Rocket League Ark Survival Evolved (ingame amin-console) VR: The Inpatient Job Simulator Accounting+ Playroom VR (You'll need a second person tho) Story Based/VNs Root Letter Walking Dead (Telltale, all Seasons) A Wolf Among Us Detroit Become Human Heavy Rain Beyond Two Souls Until Dawn Life is Strange (and LiS Before the storm) Co-Op: A Way Out