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  1. I dont want to be that guy, but i told ya! On the other hand screw 2k for toying with our feelings xd!
  2. Are you joking?? No you cant be serious right???
  3. You will buy call of duty and buy the season pass god speaker GameSpot has spoken!
  4. Boy if you care about ign and gamespot scores you have much to learn
  5. So wait is the list boostable or not? Because i too enjoyed the prelude but i dont want to fork over money for a trophy lol
  6. All aboard the hype train!
  7. Right when that ps4 exclusive and metro 2035 and anthem release... Niiiiiicccceeee
  8. Oh that does sound interesting! Square, you raised my curiousity But now you have my attention aswell
  9. Gotta beat hard first to unlock nightmare then beat nightmare to unlock cataclysm
  10. Thanks folks for the advices, i think i'll just focus on one game from now and powerthrough it and if i get burned out go hit the gym or watch a tv show (Wich i'm sure to have seeing i still cant believe i hit only 1 gold medal after 5-7hours of trying on nfs 2015)
  11. 'I've gotten all of the crown drops within the 100hour easy peasy XD!" never change gamefaqs!
  12. This is how i feel like right now haha Have my upvote!
  13. As the title suggests, what do you folks do when you are burned out of a game? Been struggling lately with the 2015 need for speed prestige challenges, oh man after wasting around 7 hours i think i only managed to get one golden medal, 41 more to go f*ck yeah?! And now i feel so burned out of it that i just dont feel like doing it again anymore... Ps; if this is on the wrong place, sorry!
  14. I dont have the game nor did i download it at the time, but i do agree with cenasong. People can write about anything on the forums wether it is about how happy or sad they are about the game or how cool that new gameplay trailer looks, but judging a game after one playsession is a bit harsh imo BUT i havent played the game so i wouldnt know, 😅