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  1. Howdy, aaaaaaaaaaaaand it's done! Bad Company 2 100%! Onto Dead Rising 2 (PS3), only have to do single player and it's a lot of clean up! For online I'll be focusing on Battlefield 3 and Black Ops. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 All 73 Trophies 27th March 2021 • Completed in 8 years, 9 months Rarity: 1.07%
  2. Some late night grinding and boosting got me Platinum #44! Still currently boosting to finish Vietnam and Onslaught DLC's, hopefully will be able to finish both this weekend! Battlefield: Bad Company 2 62 of 73 Trophies 26th March 2021 • Platinum in 8 years, 9 months Rarity 6.69%
  3. Game for February COMPLETE! Slowly but surely chipping off the PS3 backlog! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 All 51 Trophies 16th February 2021 • Platinum in 7 years, 6 months 8.03% Platinum/100% Rarity
  4. Made it for January in the nick of time I'd say. So happy to be finally done with this game. Grand Theft Auto IV All 66 Trophies 31st January 2021 • Completed in 8 years, 9 months 0.47% Completion
  5. Sadly I don't think that's the case as the ring trophy never auto-popped for me.
  6. Weekend Warrior auto-popped for me once I logged into 2K21 for the PS5. Unfortunately none others did. My assumption for the Domination and the Gem color one will be that those will autopop on either or because myteam is literally the same between both versions, based on what I've seen
  7. Hey all! I've created a Discord server, mostly for my backlog games and to discuss and easily boost those said games, but also for anyone else that may want to utilize the server to boost games as well. Join if you'd like! And thanks for stopping by!
  8. Ignore, game glitched, progress has been corrected to show M60 as the next gun for me to unlock. think it should work now, closing thread
  9. Finally have risen up from the shadows haha, and what a way with being able to 100% CoD: World at War. Map Pack 2 wasn't that bad. I had some real trouble with Perkaholics Anonymous and Pack Addict for Map Pack 3 DLC. Needless to say that it's done and over with. Call of Duty: World at War All 65 Trophies 19th December 2020 • Completed in 8 years, 1 month 2.21% Rarity
  10. This recent blog post literally answered my questions about if I'm able to play my PS4 digital library on the PS5, looks like I'll be able to part ways with my PS4!
  11. Hey all, gaming and clean up in general, for myself, will be harder to do as I'm in school full time now. I don't wanna consider myself as "inactive" because I will still game every now and then, just not as frequent as I used to be able to. I wish y'all luck in your future trophy hunting !!
  12. Question, will I be able to play the games in my digital library that I have on my PS4, on my PS5? 

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    2. NERVergoproxy


      Yeah a Pro is going to be useless.....just junk. I'll give you $50.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      im keeping my pro. Probably move it into my bedroom, less 4k tv, but to watch movies in bed and play shit backlogged games 😆. Im more wondering cost of expandable storage for ps5.


      there is still so much we dont know about the console. Hoping they do a console deep dive soon and show off the UI, what you can do, how you can customize, expand storage etc... i mean they haven't even said if we can have our own themes yet. I'm gonna miss my persona 5 themes :(

    4. MikeCheck--


      I would think so. That's what I'm planning on. I'm going to wait until someone tests and confirms it now though.

  13. Got my PS5 pre-order in from Target 🙏

    1. AndyKazama


      Amazon UK here. Hype.😄

    2. King Hayes

      King Hayes

      @AndyKazama hell yeah bro 💪 

  14. Whoaaaaa wait a minute, there's another gem color??
  15. Yeah this year's platinum will be a grind.. 594 stars in domination is going to be interesting though, as there's only 297 available to get right now, so I'm interested in how they're going to implement new lists, should be interesting. Already 2 trophies away from Platinum too, obv Domination stars and I just need a GO player for that other trophy collecting a player of each gem stone