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  1. You need some help with your OCD if you feel you are "stuck" or have to do that many wins for a meaningless trophy that no one really cares about other than your OCD.
  2. Does this work the other way around, like if I was to play the PS5 version and complete trophies on that and load up the PS4 version, will the trophies autopop?
  3. The people with loads of basically "pay for platinum" shovel ware feel attacked but they know it's true 😬
  4. Is literally paying money for trophies really a "virtual success" though?
  5. Lol what a sad way to play games. Too scared to start a game on main account because a trophy is too hard.
  6. Hey there, I am wondering if you still doing this? Haven't played it in years and just came back to it edit: got it
  7. Germany to win.
  8. Watchdogs 2 for 8 bucks
  9. PS4, Many of PS3 games that are not exclusive play better on the 360.
  10. God of War , enjoyable plat!
  11. Might play a bit this weekend so!
  12. I had this done in the first week but got stuck with only 14 trophies poping, hopefully they will be retro as I can't be bothered to play more of this game.
  13. Trying to plat some of my fav games right now, The Last of Us Re and Uncharted 4. Almost done with the first.
  14. Ah right I get ya. Bethesda published games alway seem to drop pretty fast.