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  1. It’s been happening to me as well, been like this for a few months. It’s almost unusable on mobile.
  2. Been happening to me for months now. I clear my safari cache and it’s mostly fixes the problem. Not always though.
  3. You still on about mad max. Geez give it a rest already...On topic thought game looks fun.
  4. Not sure if it was a glitch but I have found the m40 sniper in multiple regular military crates in the beginning of matches. So take its for what it’s worth.
  5. I was searching around the internet for a solution for you and found a lot of people have this problem. Some just reset modem/router and it worked for them as it did me. A few others said they manually typed there ip info in and it fixed the issue. Not sure if you tried this yet but maybe a solution?.
  6. I have a ps4 pro and I been using a cat6 for almost a year now. I had the same problem as you at first. I just reset my modem and it worked fine. It used to kick me off saying connection not found. Since the latest ps4 update it stopped saying that and now works fine. My cord length is 25 feet. Wish I could help more. Good luck. Could be the cord though I just remembered I bough a 50 foot cat6 from Walmart and it didn’t read my connection so I took it back and bough a 25 foot cord from target and it worked fine. Just had to move my modem a lot closer to room.
  7. Someone thought of the concept, got a team together and put the concept into action. They made a pretty good game too.
  8. I’ve had no problem with aiming. Driving on the other hand is atrocious as well as trying to loot or pick something up. The prompt button is a pain to get to show up. Gotta move around until it decides to show up.
  9. I trust no one with my personal information. Not family nor friends. Don’t care how long I’ve know someone. I’ve never been “hacked”.
  10. I wish it had a platinum but game looks amazing so I’ll be getting it. Love old school games like this. Turning down a game because it has no platinum never made sense to me. This is a trophy hunting site so not judging anyone else I’m just saying a good game is a good game platinum or not.
  11. Hope this is a proper vampire games. Looks fun. Platinum don’t look to difficult but you never real know until it’s released.
  12. I have fond memories of the older metal gears games, some of the best. This shit should have never been created. Not ever game needs to have a shitty zombie mode attacted to it. When i think metal gear I don’t think zombies.
  13. I agree that there should be more enemy types and action, but this is definitely my favorite God of war game. There will be 4 more so maybe the action will get better as the series progresses.
  14. One of my favorite games by rockstar, Manhunt multiple cheats to be used making the game a breeze on earning stars on hard.
  15. The game is still worth it in my opinion.
  16. I agree about the combat and FoV. Haven’t beat it fully so I can’t really judge the story. Another thing is the game can be very dark in some places as in I can’t see anything very well. I’ve change my setting on my monitor many times but nothing really helps.
  17. No. Pretty straightforward.
  18. I played multiplayer against other people (not arcade hunter) Mostly team deathmatch it popped for me at 110 kills.
  19. Sorry to hear that. So sad.