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  1. hey, i would really appreciate it if i could get invited to a level 50 crew so i can get the platinum for this game. PSN: Ferzatche Thanks!!!
  2. I'm working on my platinum right now and I'm at 98% completion of the story. I was supposed to finish everything for single-player tonight but I can't advance through It's Art trophy. I sent in the carcasses for hunting request 5 and I'm not getting any mail or invites from Ms. Hobbs to continue this mission and get the trophy. Has anybody else encountered this? And is there a way to fix it? I would really appreciate any help!
  3. I used this video to go for the 100 packages and for some reason one of them wasn't available.
  4. Hello guys, I'm missing 1 package and I can't seem to find it. I'm at 99% and I need this last package to get the platinum. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  5. Fastest Overwatch 100%