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  1. Most of us use this human ability called "critical thinking" (the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.) After a year, its pretty safe to say they aren't coming back. We don't need clarification from Ubisoft. Their lack of a statement IS their statement.
  2. I'm not gonna apologize for being grounded in reality. This isn't a "fixable" issue here. It's not like there's a glitch in the system that took challenges offline and they're working diligently night and day to get them back up. Ubisoft took them down...intentionally and they aren't coming back. I think all of us in this group care about our trophies...but to tell people to contact the Better Business Bureau is a bit much.
  3. Yes....but they've been down now for almost a year. They aren't coming back.
  4. Sure it would have been nice to get a heads up from Ubi about the shutdown. Even a quick Twitter post or something "Hey, we're going to cease challenges on Blacklist so go get that platinum" or something but either way, the Better Business Bureau will laugh at anyone storming their offices demanding they get Ubisoft to bring challenges back online so we can get a trophy.
  5. Pretty sure the BBB dgaf about people not being able to get trophies. The thing is, the game is 6 years old. Anyone, including myself, who waited this long to play it are SOL.
  6. I love the Sniper Elite series. The hardest difficulty trophy can be a challenge but i found that the best way to do it was to do a normal playthrough to get all the other trophies then on Sniper Elite (or authentic, whichever the harder was), just run in guns blazing. No need for stealth when you've already got the trophies. I'm currently thinking about buying V2 remastered but I'm not sure because of the co-op trophies. No one on my friends list plays.
  7. Theres a cabin in the top right corner above Annesburg where you help some lady who just buried her husband. I went back to help her learn to shoot and went i left, the moose was by that lake at the bottom of the hill.
  8. Seriously? Theres really no reason to take damage from the wolves. Auto aim is the default setting....and theres only like 6 of them.
  9. Seriously, OP....is this your first video game? Most games like this start out slow. The Prologue/Chapter is usually more to set the story and serve as a tutorial. If you expected to boot up the game and jump in guns blazing, robbing banks and stealing horses, you should probably quit now and go back to something more your speed.
  10. If the fan doesn't kick on when you're playing, you don't have the HDR on, you don't have a 4K tv/4K HDMI cable or you aren't playing Pro enhanced games.. The fan is supposed to turn on when there is a graphics boost to prevent the console from overheating.
  11. One thing that pisses me off about this trophy is the fact that i can NEVER GET IT. I have friends that don't care about trophies at all and somehow they manage to get it 5 minutes after they get the game. I'm still playing last years trying to get this stupid trophy too.
  12. Block them. That should automatically unfollow.
  13. I'm generally not a "friend collector" and i don't add people unless we have games in common and we're actually gonna game sometime. I had a friend that has like 3000 PSN "friends" and you know damn well he plays with the same 5 people all the time. That being said, my current games are : GTA5, Earthfall, The Division, Destiny 2. (and a ton of single player games) Future games : Red Dead Redemption 2, Days Gone, Anthem, The Division 2, WWE 2k19, Spiderman, AC Odyssey PSN ID : Easy_Duhz_it_
  14. Pretty sure the easiest way to get someone to stop following you is to block them. Also, go to your settings and make sure the Follow option is set to Friends Only.
  15. WWE definitely needs a tag title and/or a mid tier title (Womens US/IC) They get so many people on the roster and they can only seem to focus on the champion and the hand picked #1 contender....everyone else ends up jobbing to them or working 10 women matches.