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  1. Not that old, but a Timefall shelter is my favourite way to make BTs go away.
  2. As others already mentioned, Premium deliveries must be done. It's probably also worth noting that the game needs to be on hard from taking the delivery to its finish.
  3. I’ll be making this game my 75th plat...all I need is my 74th plat first lol. As for miscellaneous orders, I usually just make BTs go away with a Timefall Shelter and pass time. It doesn’t work with all areas, but most of the time it does the trick. It’s way less of a pain than dealing with mules or terrorists. Sometimes I come upon weird structures, like redundant bridges and badly placed zip lines. However, the players that put up really good zip lines I make contracts with; this means I can see more of their work in other places!
  4. A little luck is needed, since there’s no cheat items. Once I got a triple dragon, all I had to do was steal.
  5. All great advice! I just used scotch tape. Just be careful on the type of TV.
  6. I just pon’d 3 dragon tiles and then stole everything else. Took a while, but luck smiled upon me. Unfortunately that doesn’t qualify as a valid hand due to the sequence AND double 7. If your hand was hidden, which would null the trophy, it would’ve been a win. Keep in mind that winning is much harder with an open hand. Try getting 3 dragon tiles (you can Pon one), then try stealing and you should be able to win.
  7. Unfortunately the developers seemed to have increased the sensitivity of the spin while pulling back on R3. Looking at the controller and trying to keep it straight should be priority.
  8. You’re trying to do the coliseum on Legend? 😵That’s hardcore! I honestly would do it on NG+ on easy like suggested.
  9. That's right folks! It's back, and just as finicky as ever! Seems the Remaster Developers thought Pool was too easy in the PS3 version. 😂 It's not going to stop me getting the Platinum though. I just thought I should put out a small warning about this feature. For those going for the Platinum, I wish you luck an encouragement.
  10. Zero I had one place where I struggled to get the plat. This game? 3 places. The car chase is easily one of them. Don’t give up! It’s pretty simple, but It’s probably worth mentioning that if you are forced to take damage, make sure the car takes it instead of yourself. I remember getting past with a sliver of health on both Kiryu and the car.
  11. Zero, in my opinion comes pretty close in terms of difficulty, but I must throw my hat on this one.
  12. I can confirm this is correct.
  13. I actually had fun with the platinum, for the most part. Is it hard? I can agree with that, yes. I recently got the Yakuza 3 Remastered Platinum and I personally found it way more boring; it may have actually been harder than this game too. So far this game is my favourite in the series. The only thing I really struggled with was one of the arcade games (I forgot which one), but it’s doable. If you love the game as much as I do, I urge you to at least give this plat I try. Is it worth the trouble? No words can describe the overwhelming satisfaction on hearing, seeing, and tasting this Platinum pop.
  14. Just got the platinum tonight and I must say that it was well worth it. I can only offer advice that’s already been offered: keep trying, keep going, and don’t give up! After all is said and done, you’ll be very happy to have this in your collection.
  15. Exposed dragon, really tedious trophy. Not too bad with a dragon triple though.