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  1. Thanks for the warning. I wouldn't want to shelf the game until they patch it.
  2. Oh, don't worry, you don't even need to go back to every monastery. You'll have enough way before that point.
  3. Unfortunately this requires grinding. You can get some from ordinary (ones that are not marked on the map, like equipment). I had to go back to a few settlements to get them.
  4. Only the trophy is tied to it.
  5. No problem. Sorry it wasn't helpful. Hopefully they fix it soon.
  6. Try to synch all viewpoints, not just in Cent, but the neighboring territories as well. I just finished Cent and remember there being stuff near or on the Suthexe border too.
  7. Currently playing AC Valhalla and attempting to platinum it. The game is massive and fun. Some of the quests are simply hilarious to the point it made me cry. 😂 I hope they fix the bugs soon.

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    2. FearElemental


      Thanks, Oddessy was also very fun. A lot less of a grind too.

    3. funboy1246


      oh i've heard bout valhalla lol. so im gonna take my time and get plat on ac:o and the 100% to boot. and once all dlc is out for valhalla. ill dive into it. one slough at a time lol. 

    4. fresquinho


      I am really looking to get this game when I eventually get a PS5 in the future have fun!!

  8. Unfortunately, the flag won't be removed. But you can hide the game and appear back on the leaderboards.
  9. Looks like the issue is that Charted - Crushing was unlocked before any other difficulty related trophies. This guide marks Normal, Hard, and Crushing as stackable. This means that if it’s done on crushing difficulty first, those 3 trophies should’ve been unlocked together. My question is, why did Charted - Normal/Hard not unlock with Crushing?
  10. What are the flag reasons? It helps us better understand what the problem is. Little Big Planet 2 I haven’t played it, but I know using a save to unlock trophies or to otherwise get ahead isn’t allowed.
  11. Rotation I got lucky on, and Karaoke I was glad to do legitimately, as it made doing it in other games easy. What was also hard and frustrating was the shootout car chase on Legend Difficulty. It was not only hard, but a failure would result in being sent back to the very beginning of the chapter every single time. It drove me mad.
  12. Ouch. I feel your pain. In this and other games of the franchise I would often beat a few battles and forget to back out before turning off my console. I agree that they could’ve implemented the save feature better for this part of the game and decided to keep it this way for Zero and Kiwami. Congrats on 100% completion. Not many game owners have the patience to do that.
  13. It’s about the same in my opinion. What gave me trouble was getting 950 in Karaoke and the shootout on Legend difficulty. Fantasy Zone is what gave me trouble in this game and I nearly dreaded seeing it back in Judgment.
  14. Puro puro was actually fun when I started to figure it out and wins started coming naturally. After round 5, it started to get tedious and I couldn't help myself but lose. Now it's simply exhausting. I think I need to take a break. I made it past round 15 so far. Edit: Beat it. It requires luck, quick decision making, and cat-like relexes. This was the toughest thing I have ever done so far. Getting 32 wins was nuts.
  15. I'll also weigh in on Judgment. It's an awesome game and is independent of the Yakuza series, even though it's also in Kamurocho. Lots more to do and the story is amazing. Definitely look into it. As for Zero, Kiwami, and Kiwami 2, I agree that they are better games overall as compared to 6. It's another reason to start with those 3.