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  1. Keep it and if any of the challenges gives you too much trouble use it to bypass it.
  2. 2 mastery challenges dlc's were unnecessary because those challenges only pointed out the flaws in stealth and combat system that otherwise weren't that obvious and Ragnarok and Forgotten saga dlc's, like the person before me said it has absolutely nothing to do with assassin's, that's 4 dlc's that is gonna take players around 60 hours to finish on top of the game that is already long enough on it's own and honestly most people that own the game won't even touch those dlc's. You can't just drop shit in game to make it long for the fuck of it, I'm all for support and adding content if content is good, I played Destiny 2 for over 4000 hours paid multiple season passes until they fell off and seasons became repetitive. Point is that new AC is in the making and developers instead of making sure that the game comes out polished instead of the glitchy and buggy mess they keep adding stuff to the game that is out for 2 years now and over 90% of people won't even touch it . I I'm fan of AC but honestly if I weren't completionist I wouldn't touch those dlc's at all.
  3. My thoughts exactly, it's pure fantasy now fighting gods and mythical creatures. But honestly this game is already way too long it took me 170 hours to finish everything so far with the last dlc but I have few friends that are in it way over 200 hours, one of them is closing in on 300 hours and still not finished. They should really leave this game to rest and focus all manpower and resources towards brand new game.
  4. Starting with death march on 1st playthrough is the easiest way to go even though game starts really hard, death march on new game + starts a bit easier but at the end of the game it becomes extremely brutal. Fighting Eredin on ng+ on death march is nightmare can't even compare it, final boss on 1st playthrough death march is 4/10 difficulty, on ng+ on death march is 9/10. For all future players wondering about it go for death march straight away.
  5. Raid mechanics are pretty simple to follow, I had no issues with Division 2 raids but I would say it's easier then Division 2, find 3 dedicated trophy hunters with mics and you'll get it done in few hours. I would recommend strong build with max 120 lvl for easier time in raid but it isn't necessary. I was 120 my team mates were 110. Amazing experience definitely worth the time, they designed raids pretty damn well.
  6. Story related trophy are glitchy on both PS4 and PS5 version but it's totally random in my experience if it's gonna pop or not. Treat story related trophies like they are missable and use manual save before those missions
  7. It's my favourite game ever. I completed it multiple times on blank account I was going for speedrun with GOTY version, kept the other version in case I get the appetite to play it again, so I was thinking the same thing, just forget about this one and wait for PS5 version. I completed it regardless week ago, kept the save file in case auto pop is gonna be enabled, if it's gonna be I'll just continue with that save file to new game +. If you're really interested in the game I would say do the PS4 version and if you fall in love with it do it again on PS5. The game is really something special!
  8. For that trophy only the maps from main game count if memory serves me well. Basically for platinum dlc's are not needed.
  9. I played it last year and online is pretty much dead. Some trophies can be done with 2 players but for some you gonna need all 4. At the start there were 3 of us that was boosting we were hoping to find 4th one with matchmaking but it was really hard to find someone, we were matchmaking for hours and sometimes when someone joins usually they leave in the middle of the match. So without having 3 other players with you to boost that it will be next to impossible to earn those trophies. Trophy requirements aren't that difficult when boosting but it will take a lot of time especially if you're returning favour to other players so they can earn those trophies as well you're looking at good 30 to 40 hours of boosting.
  10. If you continued from the same save file it should unlock, it's the same game you played back on PS4, the fact that you're using PS5 now doesn't make any difference it's still PS4 game.
  11. We came to the point where dlc's and season passes cost more then game itself and when you put main game and dlc's together you can have one decent game we just paid it double price. They are not supporting the game, they're milking their fan base for every cent they can.
  12. I played these challenges last week and these are some of the bugs I experienced while playing it; in challenge where you need to put guards to sleep they woke up straight away before I even left the bush, in stealth sections I was spotted by guards through wall while hiding in the bushes, when I whistle to get their attention instead of coming to me they walked off to the opposite side of the map, where I needed kills with exploding jars all jars automatically exploded before I even shot arrow anywhere, in some challenges there weren't enough enemies spawned for me to complete the challenge, in arena where you can't jump down where you have to shoot enemies weak point and kill them indirectly most of them wanders off to section where you can't shoot them from any angle, not to even mention how buggy the abilities are for some of these challenges. The game doesn't work properly and even these requirements aren't that hard they are fair but makes them annoying to play because the game is screwing experience for to you hence it's really not needed they should just let game rest and focus on new game. I can only imagine what shit show it was to play when it 1st came out.
  13. The only thing these challenges do is pointing out flaws in combat / stealth system. Because of huge variety of abilities and weapons I applaud to developers that they didn't limit us with how we should play the game like they did back in the day with full sync requirements, if you want go stealth you can do that, or maybe just with range shooting everyone with arrows, spears, dual wiled axes, what ever you want and how ever you want it's up to you and as you go through the game you don't really notice the flaws, you notice things from time to time but you don't get punished for it. When it comes to these challenges it only shows how developers were more focused on 2 things, that game looks pretty and that it's overwhelmingly long, they just keep dropping content without keeping in mind is it any good or is it something that community wants. This is unnecessary and the game is already too long without any additional content.
  14. Fastest way to get players in supers is when you invade them not the other way around, players use supers to take out ads, most reliable weapon for that was always exotic linear fusion rifle Sleeper Simulant, it's easy to use, accurate and strong as fuck, it will demolish any guardian while he is super. Don't wait for them to come to you, you go to them and ofc you can't really tell when they are using super and when not, that part is luck based but usually all players charge their supers at about same time, so 2 to 3 minutes in the match if you have super charged most likely your opponents have too, if you have heavy ammo on you and you have a chance to go through portal, invade and don't look for players straight away, look for where the ads are and work your way around to reach there because that's where you'll find players that are using super to clear ads. Still grindy, still gonna take long time but it's much faster then waiting and hoping they'll come to your side using supers.
  15. There are no missions in Genki Bowl XII DLC only activities that can be replayed, search for them on the map they should be greyed out as completed but if you go there you can start the activity. For example at the airport there is Super Ethical PR Opportunity that is the very 1st activity in DLC, others are Apocalypse Genki, Sad Panda Skyblazing and Sexy Kitten Yarngasm, each of those should have 2 actvities easy and medium, just search the map icons you'll find it.