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  1. Yeah that's very true. I'll find out tonight or tomorrow if I have to do that.
  2. Yeah I've been using then as much as I can and I haven't repaired a single one since they were upgraded. This sucks lol
  3. I thought I was but I guess not enough lol
  4. I have no idea. I was just running around doing quests and it happened so fast I didn't even realize. I didn't think it would be possible honestly.
  5. I currently upgraded every tool to its 2nd level and didn't even realize. Does the repair basic tool trophy stack or do I need to start over?
  6. Thank you for the quick response. I wasn't sure if getting to the point of his lounge would make it missable since he has a falling out with Astrid. That's a relief I'll definitely keep at it. Appreciate it
  7. So I'm having trouble getting giovanni to ecstatic mood. I got Mikey and Bruce out of there so they stop bullying everyone. I only have Astrid, Gustav, giovanni and Elena on board. I haven't had any trouble with anyone else. I give him his beef fondue and alternate it with a stimulant and top it with a hug when he wants one. I'm at the point where I have to tell or keep his night excursions a secret from Astrid. I didn't want to progess past that without knowing if that's like a point of no return for his mood. I would imagine building his house/lounge can make the difference to boost his mood. Everything I see online makes it seem like he's not an issue to get to ecstatic what's so ever so I'm really just at a lose here. Any tips at all would be awesome
  8. To be honest I barely paid attention to it and got it in less than 20 tries. I was with hatuka in premium adventure. I picked the heart border one which I think is the easiest since the prompts are towards the end. My only tip is dont focus too much on it and it should be simple. This game is frustrating and you'll accomplish more when you least expect it. Sorry I know it's not that helpful. Good luck you got this
  9. I'm almost positive it does since you're technically restarting from a checkpoint. I would play on easy to easily avoid that though.
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=921154508 This guide worked flawlessly for me but if you mess up along the way just quit to main menu and continue day. Dont load just continue. Also dont stress too much about answering certain calls. Forget favors except for the mob so you dont get killed and dont even bother with investigations to save you time. I didnt even do protests because I wasnt sending out the paddy wagon and I actually found it to be easier. They'll cut your pay but who cares. They might even cut your staff in half but itll build back up in no time. Good luck
  11. So for no one left behind since everyone was confused I answered every single call and I mean everything. All favors, investigations, false alarms, etc. Literally everything. It didnt matter if officers died or civilians and it popped at the end of the playthrough. For no bs I followed a steam guide for all false alarms and didnt send out swat or paddy wagons and all other trophies popped. So I didnt encounter any glitches what's so ever. The trophy descriptions are correct. Hope this helps with this unnecessarily confusing trophy list
  12. Yeah well once people starting getting refunds I guess it scared them alittle bit lol. Either way I'm cool with it since I dont think I'd want to play this through twice anyways.
  13. Woah that sucks. I appreciate the heads up. I would've been so bummed out if I found that out the hard way. I have no idea why you lose all skills and items. That's the whole point of new game + wtf
  14. Just saw thief updated and it states that they fixed the issue with the trophy "A what?" Not popping. So platinum should now be obtainable and I can finally start this game.
  15. What do you mean by it not popping if any other trophy pops first? Do you mean if you unlock any trophy in a that playthrough? So should you do no BS on a second playthrough and answer all legitimate calls on the first?