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  1. Yes it is , but ive already killer 2 times a player with a 15 killstreak. But no Trophy.
  2. #Uniteinspeed Driveclub platinum.
  3. Driveclub 100%
  4. I think tour best shot is looking on YouTube. I don't think iets working ons ps4 but only on PC. Nut if so post it here.
  5. Driveclub my first game and wil be the first 100% alsof.
  6. Hmm is if free on mobile? If zo will it be on psn?
  7. This seems very easy , i migth just taken some time to het the new area's.
  8. Im from Belgium zo lets hope they play a good tournament! We have killer strikers! Batsman Lukaku Mertens Hazard De Bruyne......
  9. A DTM Race Driver Trilogy would be great!
  10. Hi im thinking to put 50 Euro in my wallet. And buy Flatout 9.99 € Battlefield 1 with all dlc 19.99 € Sleeping Dogs 4.49 € GTA Trilogy. 13.99 € This would get me 6 platinums. Any other good games would be great for feedback. Only games with plat!
  11. This would be amazing i loved this when i was a kid.
  12. Looking for friends who play SMITE and for the rest im looking for players who also go for 100% so we can help each other. Other players are welcone 2 iM-iConZz-Be
  13. Flanders Brakel near the famous Berendries of the cycling.
  14. Im back after a while. Now i have to choose play only ganes with plats or also psn games. I want to get and stay on a 100% account. But don't like to mess it up. Platinums easy or only hard? Psn games yes/no. Needing help here to make a choice! Thx
  15. Driveclub First Of Many A nice trophy to start fresh!