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  1. If you stick with Sorc as your main, I recommend full Lightning. I tried the Frozen Orb build and things just didn't click for me with that one. Got to 99 on full Lightning. It's definitely not the fastest class but you'll get there..eventually. 😅
  2. Confirming this happened to me just last night on the AS PS5 version. Thought it was a syncing problem as well and tried redoing the game, popping a trophy from a different game and resyncing, deleting and replaying. Slept on it and this morning it synced normally. Since it was on PS5 even the platinum trophy video was recorded the moment I correctly completed the game but the list stayed 15/17 until this morning it reflected as full completion.
  3. Appreciate this info very much! Thank you!
  4. You could probably start with an appeal on shovelware rules or games wrongly tagged as shovelware versus assuming a "staff member is f*cking up" with the tags. We don't know how heavy their workload is behind the scenes.
  5. Thanks for the link Smashero. It doesn't come up on the PS5 search interface. Had to grab it via desktop.
  6. Can confirm that as of 2022, the glitch is still live and well as it just happened to me. I had to repeat that horrible level 22 again and it took me while to beat it again. Painful.
  7. It's at the lower right of the title screen. Very simple level. Three bronze trophy Christmas gifts from the devs.
  8. Sounds like some ending remarks on the Game Awards.
  9. Imagine my unnecessary stress when those lower level trophies popped 😅 . I saved video evidence right away to avoid any unnecessary short platinum game drama. Pity because this is quite a fun one and I hope more people discover and enjoy this one.
  10. Encountered a level skip bug in the game just playing it naturally on the PS5 which makes the trophies for beating certain levels quite messy. This happened to me specifically on level 3 and level 6 which I only realized later on due to the plat not popping at the intended level 12 as anticipated. This is tricky because the bug occurs upon clicking level 3 (1:57 in the video) , but the game boots up level 4 instead. Same for level 6 as I unknowingly skipped it and went straight to level 7. Kept video proof of my full platinum run showing these occurrences.
  11. @WaddysWDS thanks for the video guide. Which part of the game do you encounter The Jackal for the trophy involving him? Is he a boss in a particular level? That's the only thing that is unclear to me. Edit: I didn't understand it too much but I saw you unlock it at Chapter 6 - Payback Part 2. I'll get to that point then.
  12. PS4 and PS5 Trophy Stacking Obtaining the platinum on the alternative console version after getting platinum first on a PS4 or PS5 and switching to the next stack is not a straight forward auto pop. You will have access to chapter select and you will have to trigger all miscellaneous trophies again. Just jump to the section they are located as indicated in this guide. The 🏆 Minigame Megalamomania pops when you trigger any minigame again and the 🏆 It Took Two pops when you replay and finish the last section of the game. - if you accomplish this really fast and plan your route then you can possibly clear it in an hour.
  13. After JD 2021 PS4 and PS5 versions lock each other out from trophy progression on the other version, the bug on JD22 for users of previous editions, they now want to try this. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  14. Guessing Sept 23, 2012 making him just turn 10. Good luck on your journey!
  15. You can still play the character on the PS5 but stay on the PS4 version. If you are trying to find a loophole to auto pop the PS5 version though, it won't work that way with the offline character. One Diablo 2R plat Is meaningful enough imo