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    Sorry old chap, but I didn't need to do a "Set up or join a Gaming Session:P for the "Choose your path" trophy boosting.

    Even though you closed my topic, people messaged me on my PSN, when they read my post, and we organized the boosting session my way, thru a PSN Party.

    So you see, there is no "right way". Only the way that suits your needs best.

    Have a great future ;)

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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      ^The heck? o.o

    3. Dragon-Archon


      @Nexuds121 I don't get why people get frustrated about being told to use gaming sessions tbh. If you're that tired of "Stevieboy's speech" as you put it, then don't create boosting threads and go straight for the gaming session page. Seems like a simple enough solution imo.

    4. --Deleted--



      They most likely are used to doing that at .org. They then probably feel that, since it's done that way on that site, it must be done that way on this site.

  2. Hey, I looking for 7 ppl + me to boost together this stupid trophy. As assists don't count, this got super annoying. If we don't get 8 ppl, it is possible to do with less, but we will have some randoms. But as we all will be in a PSN Party, we can communicate and do this. I know some will say - just play the game! But many of those ppl got the trophy before the patch: when assist kill did count, when ppl used rubber bands for XP boosting, so they where easy kills when the NERF hammer did not yet hit. Because at this point this trophy is just bad - I want to boost it. I'm in Europe, my PSN ID is Onslaught_PL But I can play with the US time zones if needed. If you want to boost this trophy send me a msg with some kind of text like "SWB2 boost" or something. We will try to get together, if not during the week, then maybe on the weekend or so.