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  1. That "Blondie" movie on Netflix is...phew...tough one.

  2. Sleeping Dogs sequel.
  3. So, Edward Snowden received russian citizenship. There's a 50% chance, they'll kill him in next few months, and other 50% that they bring him into russian army.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Baranov_925


      @Solid-Fisch Why they would kill him? Because it's russia. And why they woukd bring him into army? Because it's russia and they losin' war.

      @Nebnit He got some skills, so they can found him useful.


    3. Silver-I-Chariot


      He has been living in Russia for almost 10 years. Why would they kill him, it's not like he whistleblowed on them or something. I'd say he's safer in Russia than in USA 🤣They also only draft people who did military service, which Snowden didn't.

    4. Baranov_925


      @Silver-I-Chariot They protected him from USA so right now, he owes the something. This current draft for those who already served is "partial", but in near future, it'll affect the rest of people. They need literally anyone, and since desertion and protesting mobilization is punishable by imprisonment, the russians can't do anything but go to this fucking war.

  4. My examples: When you have to grind to certain level, when at the moment, you're at 10% of that required level. When you have to grind money to buy something but the price is going up once every while.
  5. Well I believe that 5yo with ather... would create more enjoyable game, but that's just rhetorical terms I cannot name, because I forgot how to explain it.
  6. Thank, now you remind me what to do when I'm back at home. And speaking of this hedgehog. I think I wouldn't be that mad about those kind of games if their quality was, at least, average. But all of those games are disgusting as fuck. They look like they were made by 5 year old boy with atherosclerosis. The worst part is that those games are bought in a bulk by "those who pretend to be badass but they're just easy-going".
  7. Stroke?
  8. Despite all my rage, I'm still raging at FPS's. And now I was playing COD and when I get killed like 5-6 times, I just lost it and threw empty can of ice ten in the wall.
  9. I just got max rank in COD MW2 open beta, and don't feel to come back to it, though beta will comes to an end on monday. All I can say is that I had pretty good time with it. 

  10. Seeing those women protesting in Iran makes me proud of them. I believe this is just a beginning of taking down dictatorship of that country.

    1. funboy1246


      agree. very proud of them, but considering where they are, im also scared for them. 

  11. Teleport. I would've sold my car and don't even think about buses.
  12. 1:00 AM - 3 2:00 AM - 7 3:00 AM - 0 4:00 AM - 0 5:00 AM - 3 6:00 AM - 25 7:00 AM - 136 8:00 AM - 270 9:00 AM - 439
  13. I have multiple 999's on my friends list.