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  1. dude, you've just woke up thread from 10 years, ain't you got job to do? (its a joke btw)
  2. This thread looks to similiar to that one:
  3. I don't have to because I don't plat every game I've played.
  4. I'll stick to basic version, but I have an idea to buy an upgrade for 3 months only, play some games, especially ones that'll have some easy plats.
  5. I tried to make one about trophy thoughts, but they took it down like twin towers.
  6. Fuck, it's hard. Uncharted 1, since you've played other games from trilogy beside that one.
  7. What a tremendous record. Though "Superunknown" is my number 1 since junior high, that album and "Badmotorfinger" are still fighting for number 2 spot.
  8. I had one for about 2 years, in my opinion, it is worth if you spend many hours sitting on it, e.g. you're working from home - then it's very useful. I've slept on it way too many times, very comfortable.
  9. Sometimes when I'm gaming, I get angry, sweaty, and curse on every dumb mothefucker in my eyesight, but no. Gaming is not a sport. E-sport is not a sport.
  10. Some Unified Neanderthals T I T S
  11. Even though I do not have children and I am not planning them, it seems to me that there should be a golden mean in this asspect. A good parent should be able to balance the child's time while playing games and other activities such as school, contact with friends or household chores.
  12. I just did 11 kilometers of walk, 17.050 steps, 5 cigarettes.My foots looked like red crushed tomatoes.

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      "Smokers are jokers, boozerz are loozerz" 😂


      For the record i am not straight edge lol

    3. Troz


      Your walk stats:


      On average, 0.64 meters per step. Thats about 2 feet per step.


      On average, 2200 meters per cigarette. Thats 1.36 miles per cigarette.


      Good stats, but will only earn you a bronze. :bronze:

    4. Baranov_925


      @Infected EliteSmoke on the Water.

      @Troz my step can be longer since im 6ft7

      @gamercris066 i started smoking when I was 18, and never had any health problems 

  13. Fallout Shelter - my friends (who platted it) convinced me to plat it because it's easy. I got bored after an hour. Control - same case as above, but I got bored after 20 minutes. Rocket League - okay, I convinced myslef to that, becase of number of platinums earned. But when I realized that collecting 150 items on digital version is time-consuming, it was too late. Anthem - got nothing to play to, so choosed this from EA Asses, Booring as U2 music. Dirt Rally 2.0 - online challenges that forced me to wait weeks to play it. Fuck it.
  14. I had one in a billion chance, I've earned online trophies without boosting session. But since it was very rare, I'd like to recomend you to do online trophies first. Prepare yourself mentally for this trophy: Disk Space Full Unlock every song with the SongSneak app