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  1. PS4 version it is then. Thanks for the reply Oh that's great, I guess I'll be getting that then. Thanks for the reply
  2. I'm looking to get bioshock series and play all of them as I never got the chance to. Should I buy the PS4 Remaster Collection or PS3 versions
  3. Currently on 98% myself will finish the last trophy tomorrow. My main issue was the gear trophy. The 50 Cache and 100 assignments wasn't as bad but it did pop a bit later than usual. All the other trophies were fine. Yeah this game has a lot of issues, it's been 2 years since release and still very buggy. I had a lot of issues with the menu freezing, enemies not spawning or getting stuck in the wall. The gameplay, leveling up characters and campaign however I did enjoy even though it was short. This game isn't as bad as people say but the grind on this game for trophies reminded me of GTA 4 online trophies were you couldn't track anything aswell as it being so buggy. Which is why I'm glad I can get away from this gamešŸ¤£.
  4. Yeah it did eventually pop around 600/700 for me. Do you mean the 100 assignment one? If so I also had issues with that one. I agree I really enjoyed the game but the trophies became really frustrating.
  5. Luckily it ended up unlocking for me after a whilešŸ˜…. I'm also doing the 100 prisoners alongside the villian sectors right now, just finished 50 hive and Strongboxes. Should hopefully have the platinum by tomorrow.
  6. I was able to do it in 3 days, so I would still go for it but I don't think people have the same amount of time in a day to play this as I did which is a shame.
  7. Yeah kinda sucks how they gave people so little notice, luckily a year ago today I randomly thought of doing them incase they shut down. Because I already missed out on KZ2
  8. Anyone here have any issues with 'Wanting For Nothing' Trophy, I have 500+ gear and no trophy
  9. Update: 30 Warzone Trophy was unlocked however I'm still struggling with the gear trophy. I haven't noticed anyone have a problem so was trying to see if anyone else has the same problem.
  10. Wierd because I was actually enjoying this game despite the hate but these buggy trophies (esp the grindy ones) are doing my head in. I guess I'll just have to carry on and hope for the best.
  11. I have 500+ gears, 500 in my inventory and still no trophy and I've definitely done more than 30 warzones in challenge 3 and no trophy.
  12. I've played the main campaign already, was wondering if anyone knows the best order to play different mission chains and operations. For example when shall I play the Spiderman mission chain or the Monica mission chain. Just wondering so stories aren't confusing.
  13. Okay got youšŸ‘, thanks for the reply
  14. For anyone who's played both games, which order do you recommend playing them?
  15. That's actually very good advice and yeah I agree because back in PS3 I didn't care about trophies and it was just for enjoyment. Like recently I just played RDR2 not really caring for the platinum straight away as I know it requires 200hrs to do and it was a great experience. I've had the Yakuza series sitting on my shelf for a whilešŸ¤£