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  1. If I got challenge mode can I purchase them staright away or go to the planet it's on
  2. Thanks you for this break down make sense, so is the definitive series every title you mentioned above?Also how would you recommend me playing it. Is the definitive series all the titles above it
  3. Hi, can anyone explain to me the walking dead trophy lists it's very confusing as they're are so many of them especially the definitive edition
  4. Hi, I want to get the physical copy of this trilogy but noticed its currently only for PS4 version is there and difference in the games between the consoles.
  5. That why I was thinking of doing the ps3 versions since they are taking ages with the remakes we never know if they will remake more or even when if they do. 100% agree I thought the reveal trailer was a big disappointment and hope it will improve massively That was I'm hearing alot, I did all the god of war games last year and they aged really well still felt very nice to play, However alot of people are saying PoP didn't play as good as it used to. Also I don't mind playing older games as they bring back nostalgia my only concern is the constant delay in the remake makes me wonder shall I just play the ps3 version as I would like to keep the story going instead of waiting. Very disappointing to hear, I found cheap copies online however I'll wait till I get more opinions
  6. What do you mean by that, as in they aren't good? I just might, don't know when others would be made tbh, will you be picking it up yourself? Currently dont own but true don't know how long they'll take to make them
  7. So unfortunately I've never played the prince of Persia games and have always wonder why. However since there is a remake coming soon, do you think they will remake the others, or is it best to just play all the ps3 versions
  8. Does deadlocked come with QForce physical copy
  9. Gotcha thanks for the help
  10. Oh okay so you have to basically initiate some sort of side quest, it doesn't happen randomly, if I'm correct?
  11. How did you avoid the romance trophy, I've never played it so was wondering incase I accidentally start one
  12. Does anyone know if the Croft Edition has the dlc on the disc or is it a code? I'm not talking about the definitive edition btw
  13. I got my platinum in 11hours with no boosting at all for online, very easy
  14. Yeah it was exactly that and the trophy did pop when I tried the original ones
  15. Good to hear, looks like I'll be getting it