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  1. I had to talk more with Meg as a boss. The solution was in the difficulty modificators. Set first region to have harder boss fight (so that Meg is almost guaranteed to show even if as a addition), win the fight, die and repeat until Meg gives her dialogue in main hub area.
  2. So there is a workaround, it's not mentioned in a guide so I thought there's nothing you can do. Good to know.
  3. Yeah, even if... There's a trophy that requires 3 weeks of waiting, as you need to do 3 missions that reset weekly. Not to mention this is the first Far Cry game I didn't enjoy at all and deleted after 2 hours.
  4. Is it possible to obtain trophies on free weekends (based on earlier games)? Never had a chance to use this to play so have no clue. Would be fun to try and plat the game before free weekend expires though.
  5. Found what blocked me.
  6. Short and sweet. I'm after epilogue. I have the prophecy. Tried multiple times to activate Nyx/Hades/Meg to talk about Sisyphus and neither wants to talk about him*. Checked the Chamber for documents but nothing spawns. Anyone had this problem or similar? Is this really that much of a rng? Edit* - they talk a lot, but none about this. I have maxed affinty with every character mentioned above (keylock on Sis obviously)
  7. I just got the plat You have to upgrade every single passive in 5 different blessings - now I can confirm this. I did Syrania, Teleos and Baraka with Wolf and Lion (the cheapest for sader). I highly recommend doing that 3 livelihood, they're the easiest and take the least amount of time
  8. If there's "so many people" to struggle with it then maybe it's not that easy? I mean, I played through every Dark Souls and for me it's fairly easy now, yet a lot of players struggle with it. And the general consensus is that this games are hard based on overall experience, not the pinnacle of players who played through and now think it's fairly easy. This may be easy with a team, but I don't believe it's easy with randoms, there's more luck to it than skill with random team. And as I said, I don't like escape from tarkov type of gameplay so this isn't something I want to grind for in a team, I'd rather go solo and worry only for myself.
  9. What chat? There's in this game? Were you playing with or without crossplay?
  10. That sucks... Guess I can not give a fudge about this plat then. I don't like nor enjoy this mode enough to look for 4-man squad and tryhard it that way. Thanks.
  11. Any way to enter hazard zone game without being matched with other players in a squad? Would be better for me to solo run this game mode, especially for the Clean Exit trophy.
  12. Yeah. I even managed to max out 2 blessings now but my theory was invalid. All the blessings you had maxed out before update - they don't count for trophy. I had 3 maxed out back then and the trophy didn't pop for me.
  13. I forgot to tag you, sorry
  14. So it took longer than I hoped for but I have the results and... you definitely need to upgrade all passives in 5 different blessings to get that trophy. I have 3 passives in Syrania blessing and 2 in Lion maxed out. No trophy popped and I don't believe it's bugged either. So basically a shit ton of grind and star seeds spent in order to get this trophy. Good luck
  15. Great, I know what I'm aiming for after I'm done with Bless Unleashed