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  1. Update 1.05 fixed the 3 that were glitched so its now obtainable
  2. I can confirm that Loadout HK does NOT autopop trophies
  3. I just need 3 for the 2409 trophy - 8-8, 12-8, 24-2 Have tons of duplicates and credits I'd be happy to trade for. If anyone has them, drop me a message on PSN. Thanks
  4. Is there a specific rider to choose in managerial career? I ask in regards to the 2 related trophies (reaching point zone and finishing on podium). In moto3 & moto2 I had Ortega but he would never finish anywhere near me and upon reaching motogp class I went with Larsson and again always finishes towards bottom of the pack. I upgraded my crew level to 3 (max) but that seems to have had no effect either. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Do you have to be a certain level to have vets?
  6. Same boat as you guys. Completed game, did all 24 endings nothing. Started a new game nothing. I have even deleted old save and game, re-dowloaded and started again and still no luck! Asked devs twice about it and no response
  7. Is it easy enough to create/set up a HK account?
  8. Inside Job seems so tricky somewhat glitchy, any tips?
  9. It's not hard but it's 50?50 whether you will get the trophy for completing the game on said setting. I did as did others I know but got no trophy, needs another patch!
  10. Ok I finally got this, I started a new season made sure I stayed same team I also didn't skip any races, prior to that I had skipped some matches so I dont know if that has any influence on it.
  11. Cant be that, in my MXGP season I kept staying with the same team every time I was offered to change.
  12. Same thing has happened to me, won MXGP class by a huge margin and no trophy! I do have a save prior to the last race but doesn't seem to do anything. How have people platted it?
  13. Yes it is, it was boostable on PES15 on PS4 so I'm assuming it's the same. I cant say for sure 100% as I have yet to do it. On PES15 you could create a password locked lobby, invite friend in, start match score hatrick and see out game giving your player MOTM.
  14. Sadly not mate, not glitched it's just the devs accidentally added another 0. I had to do the same grind on PS3 version. Only the PS4 version has the correct number (100000).