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  1. Picked up World War Z GOTY Edition on the Black Friday sale, heard good things about it.
  2. My game of the year would be Dreams with The Last of Us Part 2 being a very close second both great games! My platinum of the year would be Doom Eternal because I managed to get the plat before the multiplayer died, and my backlog platinum would be Death Stranding because I genuinely felt like I deserved that plat after what the game puts your through.
  3. It's just trophies...calm down.
  4. Since the PS5 came out I realised there are a whole bunch of PS4 games I don't own or have still yet to play and the two Gravity Rush games are just a few of them, couldn't find the first game in store so gonna have to go online to try and get a physical copy.
  5. Dead Island - Definitive Edition This was a fun game! Though it had some glitches, awkward animations and not very good voice acting I enjoyed it, I love the setting of a zombie apocalypse happening on a resort island and not in a city for the billionth time the game defiantly had a very eerie feeling to it when you play by yourself and the sound the zombies make gave me chills every especially the ones that run after you but play it with others and the game can be quite fun! I was surprised to see that the online for this game is still pretty active, I got all the co-op trophies by just playing with random people. My favourite trophy is called "How many days exactly?" where you have to play the game 28 days later after first playing it, a little reference to one of my favourite films 28 Days Later however it also is my least favourite because have to wait 28 bloody days just to unlock it. I won't lie I cheated with this trophy I set my ps4 date one month ahead and just launched the game, I could not be bothered waiting because I got other things to do and other games to play then wait for one trophy. Now...what on earth is happening with Dead Island 2?
  6. Eventually one day yeah, might wait for some more exclusive games like God of War Ragnarök.
  7. Let's ****ing go!
  8. Plenty of platinum trophies in the sea.
  9. Binding of Issac: Rebirth
  10. Sean Connery has passed away...worst year ever. 

  11. Eh still better then Steam Achievements they just pop up at the bottom corner of the screen like " got a achievement...okay bye."
  12. Multiplayer trophies are pretty straightforward same with zombies, looks like i's gonna be a fun game to plat.
  13. Damn I feel sorry for those looking forward to the game.
  14. Mad Max So funny thing I actually was planning to get this platinum after I got the Far Cry New Dawn plat, but then I heard about the online servers being shutdown so I dropped Far Cry and started playing this. I found this game to be got pretty repetitive fast I enjoyed the gameplay but that's about it, I'm gonna take a break from open world games and play something a bit more liner this game was draining and thankfully I didn't run into any game breaking bugs or glitches other then falling through the world map a bunch of times. Good luck to anyone else going for the plat you got plenty of time still!