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  1. Happy to finally see this feature but I'm gonna wait and platinum a few more of my games before I change my name, I don't want to risk losing all my progress on them.
  2. Hope it's true I always wanted a AC game set during the Viking Age I can picture the main character wielding a axe in one hand and a hidden blade in the other.
  3. Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain...never again I will never get the platinum trophy for this game ever again. Getting all S ranks on the missions and the having to bloody replay them on a harder difficulty setting just to get another bloody S rank, developing 300 items that cost so much resources and had to take in game time to make, completing all mission tasks multiple times on normal and harder missions, fully upgrading mother base,raising all staff teams to level 50 and then extracting all wild animals that some are complete random so you may or may not get the specific animal you wanted and in order to find out what animals you got you have to go back into the helicopter to just see which ones you captured. I definitely do not recommend getting the platinum trophy for this game way to time consuming and repetitive it's not worth it.
  4. Assassin's Creed 4 and Unity: I have always wanted to platinum all the AC games and due to the remasters without the multiplayer trophies being in them I finally am able to but I can't because of multiplayer trophies for Black Flag, which is a shame cause Black Flag is my favourite game in the series, hoping that maybe one day when Ubisoft close down the servers that they might end up removing the online/multiplayer trophies. If developers can add new trophies why can't they remove them? And with Unity...yeah I hate it the worst one in the series and it has coop trophies don't want to waste my time with it when I can platinum a game that I enjoy.
  5. I agree with you and hopefully if there ever is a squeal the game will focus more on the Lycans/Half Breeds rather then just a rebellion type plot we seen before. The whole Half Breed thing is what got me interested in the game to begin with.
  6. Assassin's Creed: The first Assassin's Creed was the first PS3 game I had for the system, feel in love with the series since. I love the sci-fi fantasy theme it has I love the idea of exploring historic places, learning how the world worked all those years ago and playing as some cool characters. I know the series has had it's up and down's and people tend to hate on them but hey pretty much any other series has it's problems and haters, plus I can't help but get excited and wonder when the next game is going to take place. Resident Evil: This series holds a special place in my heart, Resident Evil 2 was the first horror game I ever played and beaten by myself when I was a kid. Uncharted: Just a fun series all around Nathan Drake is hands down one of the most likeable characters ever the gameplay was fun,stories were simple and straightforward and had some of the most memorable moments. God of War: Introduced me to the Hack and Slash genre of video games without it I would of probably have never gotten into Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, that and I am a sucker for Greek and Norse mythology. Dishonored: I think this series is very underrated especially Dishonored 2 so much replay ability in these games you can do your task anyway you want, the magic abilities are cool and weird, they make you get creative with them and I find the lore fascinating.
  7. Wolfenstein: The new ones I couldn't get into purely because of the characters bland,boring,unmemorable and just unlikable and the story was just meh. Tomb Raider Reboot Trilogy: I think the reboot trilogy is fine but they ain't Tomb Raider games, they try to make the stories all dark and brooding and they just don't work and the gameplay is basically Uncharted with a female lead and the puzzle are so simple. I know someone is going to say the games show how Lara becomes the woman we all know but they really don't, she stays the same throughout the trilogy. She doesn't become more confidant or sassy through the games she basically just yells and screams that she is going to kill everyone and everything whenever someone makes her mad. Telltale games: Your choices didn't matter....they never bloody matter. Life is Strange: Like Telltale Games choices didn't matter and the characters and writing were horrible.
  8. Wow looks to be a really simple easy if a bit of a grind game to plat. I just might get this game because of how easy it looks, but then again I am worried about the DLC trophies and what they could turn out like.
  9. I'm still waiting for FromSoftware to make a Berserk game that be a dream come true.
  10. I suggest maybe play a bit more of the game and if nothing really changes or peaks your interest the game simply might not be for you, for me personally this game was good from the moment I started playing.
  11. I would love to see a remake of the first Killzone game.
  12. Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice A extremely easy platinum trophy all the trophies are story related except for one which is collecting all 44 lore stones, I had to replay the game to find the remaining ones I missed but man I am glad I played this game. It is such a beautiful and disturbing game the story had me hooked from the start and Senua was a character I genuinely cared about, and I won't lie the ending made me shed a tear. I definitely recommend this game to anyone looking for a easy platinum, a good story, good characters,interesting lore or if anyone suffers from a mental illness or disorder.
  13. Darksiders 3 Fairly simple Platinum a little bit of a grind with collecting 1,000,000 Souls and killing 666 enemies in Havoc Form but I had fun with this game, I enjoyed it just a tad bit more then Darksiders 2.
  14. Multiplayer without a doubt I don't mind if there are something simple like "Win 5 rounds online" That's fine but some games have ridiculous online trophies,that and eventually games with multiplayer modes are going to get shutdown making the platinum trophy unobtainable.
  15. I always keep my physical copies of games, I will only sell a copy if I didn't like it or I have no intention of ever playing it again after I finished it.