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  1. Alright Death Stranding now has my full attention this game just got really interesting. 

  2. Quick everyone act surprised!
  3. So far I am liking Death Stranding hasn't lost me just yet still curious about the story game looks amazing and the music is sublime.

  4. May I ask where you got that physical copy of Dead Island Riptide? Thought that it was only available digitally on PS4.
  5. Going to try and understand what is happening in this game, hope my brain doesn't melt.
  6. The same thing would happen in MGS 5 guess it's something Kojima likes to do, Happy Birthday!
  7. If I ever get a chance to get a physical copy of a game I liked I will take it, played Blasphemous on PC and loved it and was really happy when Limited Run announced they were doing physical copies of it.
  8. Terminator Resistance is getting positive reviews really surprised to see that. 

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    2. Cerulean3


      Didn't see Metacritic reviews saw a bunch on Steam, saying it has problems but the passion and effort is there.

    3. DamagingRob


      Well, not sure how reliable Steam reviews are. But maybe it's not as bad as Metacritic makes it seem..

    4. Cerulean3


      I personally find Steam reviews reliable like when a game is bad people on Steam will not hesitate to tell you to stay away from it,  But then again people have different opinions maybe this game is meant for Terminator fans. 

  9. Nope ever since I played the remake I didn't see a point in going back and playing the original or the HD remastered.
  10. Ah you beat me to it!
  11. Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Really easy and straight forward trophies I really enjoyed the story,characters and that ending I had a huge smile on my face. And the game looks amazing on PS4 Pro. Anyway here is a pic of Price smiling to brighten up your day.
  12. This is Cerulean...going dark.
  13. Heard good things about this game, haven't seen any trailers or gameplay of it so I am going into it blind.
  14. Picked up Observer on the Halloween sale for $11, it's a cyberpunk horror game and Rutger Hauer voices the main protagonist.
  15. 1. Resistance Trilogy. 2. Alice Madness Returns. 3. Singularity.