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  1. Picked up Observer on the Halloween sale for $11, it's a cyberpunk horror game and Rutger Hauer voices the main protagonist.
  2. 1. Resistance Trilogy. 2. Alice Madness Returns. 3. Singularity.
  3. I think For Honor is going to be my first Platinum curse, doesn't really help that the game is dead and some game modes have no one playing them, but now my PS4 for some reason won't connect to the WiFi! Everything else does like my PC,Phone and even my Switch, ugh think after I get the Platinum for this I am going to stay away from online only type games. 

    1. Spaz


      The online is dead?


      The game released two years ago and is a Ubisoft game.

    2. Copanele


      Apart from Elimination and Skirmish, game is more active than ever. However it pairs you by continent first, in Europe it doesn't take me that long to connect, maximum of 5 minutes for a skirmish. Tribute mode is dead and buried indeed , however you don't need that for any trophy.

      HOWEVER I do recommend you slap some good old LAN cable from your router to the PS4. Even with top Wi-Fi, For Honor has the bad habit of disconnecting you as soon as it feels that the ping is not appropriate enough ( and this is on dedicated servers For Honor, you don't wanna know how awful it was on P2P For Honor xD )

      Just keep trying! You should find some matches eventually.


  4. Since it's the month of terror I needed a horror game to play at night saw Resi 7 for 24 bucks and said "This will do."
  5. Spooky scary giveaway send shivers down my spine! Good luck to everyone!
  6. Yakuza 0 I had heard of the Yakuza games since the first one came out on PS2 but I never really showed interest till 0 came out, I heard it was a prequel and good way to introduce people to the series so I went ahead and got it and I am so glad I did. This was my first Yakuza game and while I haven't played 3,4,5 and 6 this is my favourite so far I love everything about this game the story,characters,setting,game play it's all so good! So far this has been the hardest game for me to platinum and it was mainly because of the mini games they were mostly luck based rather then skilled based which I hate in video games especially the cat fight club...I hated that mini game. If I could give some advice to anyone going for the platinum it's this, take it slow and don't give up if the game is giving you a hard time with one of the challenges or mini games stop playing it and come back to it at a later date, one reason why this took me so long to plat is because I took a week sometimes a month long break from the game to stop myself from raging. And my last bit of advice...if you haven't played this game yet do it you won't regret it!
  7. I finally got all the completion points for Mahjong in Yakuza 0! Now all I have to finish is the fishing, collecting some of the cards,watching 30 videos and then I will unlock the 100% Completion trophy. Then I gotta play it on Legendary difficulty which I hear isn't too bad and then the Platinum trophy will be mine!      

  8. From the developers of that horrible Rambo game, yeah think I am gonna pass.
  9. Take my money!
  10. Finished Judgement last night and I had a great time with the game, a good spin-off from the Yakuza series. If you are looking for a good murder mystery story I recommend it, now here's hoping that sooner or later Yakuza 3-5 remasters get released outside Japan.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cerulean3


      Nice I did a few side cases and friendship events but I just ran through the main story wanting to get it finished, I have a bit of a backlog of other games I need to finish. 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Ahh gotcha. I'm planning on making it my #125 as a milestone so I'm sticking with it till the end! Anyway, hope you enjoy your next game. Take it easy. 


    4. Cerulean3


      Thanks you too!

  11. Australian Classification Bored in a nutshell: "So this game DayZ has some violence in it blood,gore,guns,zombies you know all that stuff."

    "Hmm so looks like to be a MA rating anything else?"

    "It also has marijuana in it."

    "My God....ban it...ban it now!"

    Bloody stupid.


    1. Conker


      [email protected] agree The Australian classification board is full of fuckheads,like why did we even bother to lobby to get a R rating for games if this still happens.....

    2. MidnightDragon


      Is it run by soccer moms or something? 

    3. Cerulean3


      More like a bunch of old people that need to grow a spine. 

  12. Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered Really enjoyed replaying this game never really understood the hate this game got when it first came out, fairly straight forward game to platinum although can be time consuming.
  13. Got these two the other day really looking forward to playing them this weekend!
  14. I had the original PS4 but it broke on me so I ended up getting a Pro, I do quite like it though it can be a bit noisy when playing some high end games like God of War.
  15. Wished they showed off some gameplay felt pretty underwhelming to be honest.