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  1. Blue is my favorite color and my favorite shade of blue is Cerulean, I recently changed my username was sick of the 3 at the end of it so I changed it to Prime coming from the villain Superboy-Prime from DC Comics.
  2. The good thing about all these games getting delayed is that I can finally finish games on my backlog.

    1. hugglebunn-e


      It is a relief really, but I was kinda hyped that Cyberpunk was releasing on my birthday, but oh well.

    2. CeruleanPrime


      I'm just hoping Resi 3 won't get delayed I really really wanna play that.

  3. Marvel's Spider-Man So I know pretty much nothing about Spider-Man more of a DC guy personally but I had a fun time with this game! Swinging was so much fun and fast that I pretty much never used the fast travel system, and I really enjoyed the story and characters the game isn't perfect though I found some side stuff a bit repetitive and the sneaking missions with MJ and Miles were a bit eh. I also found the game too easy to the point I changed the difficulty to spectacular but it didn't give me much of a challenge hoping ultimate difficulty on new game+ might give me one. But yeah fun game and the best Spider-Man game we have gotten in a while.
  4. Finally beat the Bell Gargoyle's in Dark Souls,died about 10 times but man it felt good achieving victory.

    1. ferginator88


      Congrats on your victory!

    2. ZoutjeNL


      Congrats! Not the easyiest boss as fighting two at a time can be tricky. Good luck with the rest of the adventure :)

  5. Please please please please please!
  6. God of War 2 My first Platinum for 2020, this year I wanted to see if I can plat all the God of War games so far so good. The game is fairly easy Challenge of the Gods got a tad bit annoying some challenges went on for a bit long, but other then that great game and fun Platinum.
  7. First Platinum of 2020 God of War 2!

  8. Titanfall 2 My last platinum for 2019 and I hate myself for not playing this game sooner, it really is a fantastic FPS and a fairly easy game to platinum. The only trophy that will give you a hard time is the ...Becomes the Master trophy but my advice is to keep trying and to not give up you will eventually get it.
  9. Time to die...
  10. Merry Christmas everyone, hope Santa got you lot's of presents!

  11. The box art is gorgeous!
  12. The 10th Anniversary Steelbook of Bayonetta and Vanquish has me



    1. Copanele


      Just adding to the hype because Nero



  13. So is Persona 5 Royal basically a updated version of Persona 5?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. starcrunch061


      Are we getting any edits on the Western version? Will Ryuji no longer be chased by sex-starved males on the beach? Will he no longer leer at Ann in her bikini?


      Characters in video games have feelings, too!

    3. OhDearDevilRun


      Think of it like Catherine Full Body maybe.

    4. CeruleanPrime


      Ah okay thanks for the clarification! I will just wait for this version to come out been meaning to play it for quite some time.

  14. Alright Death Stranding now has my full attention this game just got really interesting. 

  15. Quick everyone act surprised!